Martell Holt Addresses Recent & Very Controversial Accusations Made by Melody Shari

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Some LAMH fans are calling out Martell Holt due to accusations made by Melody Shari.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt has been receiving a lot of backlash on social media. A petition was even created calling for Martell to be removed from the show. However, accusations made by Melody Shari earned him even more criticism. As we reported, Melody alleged that Martell threatened to leak an intimate video of them. Interestingly enough, days prior a woman who appeared on the show alleged that Martell asked his mistress to leak it. Melody was tearful as she told her followers that she believes the woman told the truth. And she alleged that Martell sent her a screenshot of the alleged video.

Some LAMH fans were outraged. They are calling for OWN and Carlos King to hold Martell accountable.

“Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans are talking about a controversial interview.

Well, Martell addressed the accusations during a recent interview with Queen Shiba Darling.

When he was asked if the video with Melody exists, Martell said, “She don’t know if it’s a video that exists, she doesn’t know that. I sent her a screenshot, I did.”

He went on to ask the interviewer if she looked at the text message conversation she was sent, “I sent her a screenshot of her and I. I did, I sent her a screenshot. Did you see that text message that my PR sent to you?”

Martell then said, “It’s almost like I was begging her to stop going online and saying stuff about me and dragging me. That was a year and a half ago. I said stop bullying me. And I think on her interview she mentioned that. But I’m like dang if I’m out here begging you to stop bullying me…and then I sent her a screenshot and I said, I don’t care if this ruins me or not. I said leave me alone. I sent her the screenshot. And I never said I was going to post a video. I never said I was gonna do that but I guess it kinda…it was saying that if you don’t stop I’m going to do that.”

And when he was asked if Melody knew she was being recorded, Martell answered, “If I have anything of course my wife – or my ex-wife would know.”


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      1. Yep! I gave him some street credit for being intelligent. Martell thinks that saying what he said doesn’t insinuate what he will do.

        I wish Melody would fall in love again so that Martell will no longer mean much to her (Just her kids father). I think that until then, there’s too much focusing on each other on both sides. Martell isn’t falling in love anytime soon. He will go through a lifetime of women he likes but it won’t last.

        It’s a sad story because their kids are so beautiful. I love seeing them all. Kids can feel your spirt. I ask G_d to Cover them with The Blo_d of J_s_s! Protect them father and keep them happy.


        1. I guess I am very confused on this comment. This woman is doing nothing in reference to wanting this man. This comment is bs. She is taken care of herself and her kids staying in her d-mn lane. I am not sure what more you pick me expect from this woman. Please just stop.

  1. I don’t understand why he just can’t be with side chick and live his best life. His anger for Melody makes no sense to me.

  2. Martell is a master manipulator. He lies and i believe believes his lies. He is fine but extremely disgusting. He’s a horrible person.

  3. This is what I don’t understand. He claims that therapy is helping him but its not. Anyone in therapy would not even consider doing this to the mother of their children! He will do this to any woman he is with in life when he does not get his way because he is not accountable and he is a narrcist.
    Then he still messes with Coleslaw, Sheree and now some chick named Belinda. His hands are full of nonsense but somehow he still finds the time to agitate Mel? But here is the worse part, what will those precious kids think of him when they watch this interview and read all the stuff he has done to her?

    He acts as if none of this will come back and haunt him? Trust, someone is going point out how he tried to blackmail their mother with revenge p-rn. Then Coleslaw cared about him being mad at her because she would not create a fake page and leak it.

  4. I just don’t understand does he think the worse he treats Mel or blackmail her she will say ok,!!! Ok!! Ok!!!!…I’ll come back to you Martel just shut up….
    Insanity is contagious with him …..cause he makes you crazy if you mess with him…..

  5. Martel is delusional. He’s still in love with Melody and she’s move on. Let it go and focus on your children. Sheree and Sidechick should be enough to keep him busy without him focusing on Mel. Your main concern is the welfare of the kids not trying to make Mel look bad.

  6. I am tired of the whole Melody and Martel drama they both give divorce a bad name. They can chose to move on or get back together but off the show…this drama I know affects their children and they don’t need to see it played out repeatedly on television.

  7. Martell is a fake, lies, and a cheater everything he had was through Melody no realtor license, no contractor license no education nothing except chase women and lied to them and when he gets in trouble then he runs to Mommy and she don’t help him bye telling how great of a person he is, no one tells him the truth but Melody, he showed what type person he when he Melody for custody, can’t make on his own, so go after the Mother of your kids.

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