LAMH Fans Call for Carlos King’s Departure + Ratings Hit Historic Lows for LAMH & RHOA

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The recent episode of LAMH didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans had a lot to say on social media about the latest episode. Melody Shari and Martell Holt are not in the best space when it comes to co-parenting. Things took a major turn after Melody invited Martell to join her on vacation with their children and mothers. Not only did Martell invite Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott to join them one evening without speaking with Melody first but he filed for full custody a short time after. According to Melody, Martell wanted control over whom she has babysit their children. And he particularly does not want Melody’s gay brother to babysit them while Melody is working. Melody has accused Martell of homophobia. Some fans agreed and came up with a petition urging producers to remove Martell from the show.

As a result of Martell suing Melody for full custody, a stricter court order was put in place. This has caused Melody and Martell to have to split up the major days with their kids. Melody wasn’t able to have the children during the winter holidays last year. But this year the court order did give her time with the kids on their daughter’s birthday. So Melody planned a birthday party. And she did not invite Martell to the event but told him that he could have the kids later despite it being her court-ordered time.

Martell Holt refused to respect the court order during the latest episode of LAMH.

Well, this was not good enough for Martell. In a green screen interview, Martell said that Melody adhered to the court order on all of his scheduled days with the kids. So she missed out on major days last year. However, Martell said he refused to do the same. So he intended to show up to the party even though Melody told him weeks ahead of time that it would be a private event he was excluded from attending.

Martell did exactly as he said he would and crashed the event. Melody and her loved ones told him that he needed to leave. And Melody reminded Martell that she invited him to the birthday party last year when they were on better terms. However, he chose not to attend. And he allegedly went out of town instead to attend the birthday party his former mistress planned for her oldest child.

Martell Holt is now making appearances on RHOA.

At some point, Martell became irate since Melody would not waver about him needing to exit. He screamed in Melody, her aunt, and Miss Vanessa’s faces. And while some LAMH fans supported Martell’s behavior, many took to social media to express concern. They questioned why none of the producers stepped in to protect the women involved. Plus, one of OWN’s employees tweeted about the situation as if it was a laughing matter. Although many took to the mentions to let the network know that the scene was disturbing and not funny, OWN has not deleted the tweet. And Melody made it clear that it didn’t sit well with her.

As for Martell, he has expanded to another hit reality show. And he can be seen on the current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” engaging in the drama as Sheree Whitfield‘s new boo. So he’s been doing interviews with Carlos King to promote both shows.

Well, some “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans are fed up. A petition was created and it is calling for Carlos to be removed as the show’s executive producer.

The latest LAMH petition made controversial accusations.

A lot of allegations were made, too. The petition creator wrote, “Carlos King has fostered a hostile work environment on the set. He has frequently allowed Martell Holt to harass and terrorize his ex-wife at work. There have been multiple times when Martell had to be held back by intervening cast members from physically attacking Melody, both on and off camera. Martell allegedly assaulted a female crew member on the set of Behind Every Man in a rage over not having contact with Melody. Also, his volatile behavior at the latest reunion allegedly included attacking Melody’s makeup artist. Martell recently showed up unannounced, uninvited, and unhinged forcing his way into a children’s birthday party while filming, causing a horrible scene. And Carlos has facilitated all of this.”

They continued, “Employees at any other workplace would be quickly terminated due to such behavior. People have been fired from reality TV shows for much less. But Martell has been given grace upon grace upon grace. Instead of holding Martell accountable, Carlos embarked on a joint press tour with him to rehab Martell’s public image. Carlos is even covering some of Martell’s financial expenses because he is broke. He is protecting and supporting Martell’s job and fake PR romance at the expense of the show.”

The petition has amassed over 1400 signatures so far.

RHOA is still sliding.

Interestingly enough, Carlos and OWN have attempted to refresh the show to a certain extent with a focus put back on business. This comes after LAMH fans claimed that the show became too focused on drama versus highlighting black people running successful businesses. However, the ratings are on a vast decline. In fact, the latest episode only pulled in 281,000 viewers. This number is much lower than the show’s previous historical low that occurred during the blackout.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” also had a very lukewarm season premiere. In fact, it brought in 835,000 viewers, making it the least-watched season premiere in RHOA’S history.

You can check out the petition here.


  1. I’m done with OWN completely as soon as Melody leaves the show. They truly disgusted me. And it really feels like she’s on the way out.

    1. Right! She made over $30,000 this month alone from her skincare products. Sis is definitely planning her exit and I can’t wait! Then we can all be free from this toxic show!

      1. Exactly 💯 And if we keep supporting Mel and purchasing her and Suga Mama products she can leave EXPEDITIOUSLY!! she definitely don’t need the show.

    2. See I’m the complete opposite. I love Mel but I will not support this trash show. Watching it guarantees nothing will change and Martell will continue to do what he wants.

        1. No, not really. Don’t blame me and mine for anything just because we watch! We ain’t got nun’in to do with all that mess!

        2. There has to be another way to raise viewer ratings other than promoting constant turmoil, disfunction and toxic behaviors. LAMH has definitely fallen from grace!

      1. Y’all made great points and I can hold myself accountable. I’ll sit it out and read the recaps.

    3. Martel was very disrespectful to Melody’s mother and Aunt he needs to leave why do they let him keep going on and acting like that he is a abuser don’t Oprah on the network why do they let him keep acting like that it’s terrible

    4. “Enough is enough”! It’s time to retire this and the “Housewives” platform. So tired of seeing fake narratives, that’s not uplifting, only degrading. I haven’t watched this mess in years, and this is the reason why.

  2. Removing Carlos won’t solve the problem. Misogynoir runs deep and I’m sure the other producers coddle Martell just as much. We all just need to stop watching. They aren’t going to change their outdated beliefs.

    1. You can see how messed up a lot of black folks are with their takes on the Meg and Tory situation. Black women are seen as the villains when we stand up for ourselves and the black men who are dangerous and problematic are coddled and viewed as the victims. It’s really sick.

      1. I am in total agreeance with everything u are saying…And I’m not a woman!!! I don’t understand how other black men can see that kind of behavior and think it’s acceptable…..They wouldn’t want their mothers… sisters or any female relatives to be treated that way….And it hurts my heart to see black females thinking Martell behavior is acceptable…. I’ll be d-mned if I allow any man disrespect my mother or any other female in my family like that!!! H-ll to that nawl!!!

    2. I agree, I really think we have milked everything out in #LAMH that there is. The Scott Boys all of them are Cavemen, Melody is only on anymore to sell her products and release her music. Tisha hates Mel but will never believe Marsau is a liability to her and not an asset, and that she could go farther in life on her own. Martell will never get over Mel, and will be mad and manipulative at her forever for it. Tiffany will have the baby but still not be happy in her marriage, her husband will eventually realize that and leave. Kimmie will beat Cancer and will eventually realize that Maurice is not worth the constant arguments, especially over Monster and Sex, and Carlos King will never reach Andy Cohen status, he just doesn’t have the same make up, and that’s about it. Pull the curtain shows over. Give us something new.

  3. I saw that clip where Carlos said Sheree and Martell saved the RHOA premiere. Then those ratings came out…the delusion is real!

  4. I’m starting to realize that Carlos thinks dysfunctional people make great television but it’s more nuanced than that. This is the same man who said Mia Thornton is a great housewife but she really brought RHOP down to the gutter. He thinks Martell can be a huge money maker but outside of the toxic Facebook crowd, Martell is extremely disliked.

  5. Carlos is really messing up his blessings to protect a degenerate like Martell. Make it make sense. LOL.

  6. I am disappointed with both shows. Both shows showcase Black’s acting a fool and not on the accomplishments of Black professionals

  7. I think most of these shows are losing their appeal because the older we get, the less we find negativity and toxicity entertaining. Carlos has a real problem on his hands but he’s too busy doing a podcast about Bravo shows.

  8. Didn’t Martell call Carlos right after he acted a fool at that party and brag about how he killed the scene? Carlos is a huge problem. He doesn’t care about any of these people, just ratings.

  9. I will not support anything Martell is a part of. Sheree and Carlos are wrong for giving him an even bigger platform to destroy.

  10. LAMH is dying on its own so I don’t think the petition is necessary. I doubt it will be around in 3 years. RHOA ain’t worth watching until they bring back who fans really want to see.

  11. Nah keep Carlos’ messy a-s right where he is so the whole world can see him for who he really is. Kandi told not one lie about him and smart people are paying attention. I no longer believe he left RHOA/Bravo by choice.

    1. He acts like a disgruntled former employee and loves talking about how he would produce RHOA like his shows aren’t dumpster fires right now. 😂

  12. These ratings are boo boo. But let Carlos, Sheree, and Martell tell it, they are stars and reality tv gold. 😂

  13. The silent majority stopped watching LAMH a minute ago. Let all the deadbeats and pick me’s support this mess.

  14. OWN has done a complete 180 and it’s sad. They canceled Queen Sugar and Greenleaf and chose the ratchet route. I’m not surprised the ratings aren’t good. They don’t understand their audience anymore.

    1. Absolutely, I loved the Greenleaf series and was looking forward to another one. Unfortunately, LAMH was great when it started but now it’s trash, such a disappointment!

  15. The ratings say it all. If these people and producers want to keep playing in our faces, they’ll keep losing viewers. Reality shows need to go back to the basics. Producers should not be trying to create drama because they need a juicy scene. People can smell the fake and start tuning it out. We all know Carlos told Martell to go to that party. And that’s really messed up.

  16. I wish Melody and Martell could find a way to get alone. They are the show. I don’t watch it any more. I stopped years ago watching Atlanta.

  17. I really thought they were turning LAMH around but it’s still terrible. It’s unfortunate because season 1 was great. It’s like Carlos decided to just focus on the mess and it’s weighed it down. It needs balance and he needs to stop babying Martell. Their relationship is very unprofessional and inappropriate.

  18. Carlos and Martell act like they are in a romantic relationship…pay attention to the body language and how Carlos sat on that stage and cried over Martell.

  19. I’ve stop watching both shows too much back stabbing & some of the cast is very callous & trifling.It pains me to see them putting each other down.If this what gonna happen in the near future I refuse to watch grown people acting stupid all for the sake of television.Both shows needs to be terminated I thought better of OWN

  20. Have you folks noticed how Carlos and Kenya Moore have the same cartoon laugh. Maybe they should do a show on Zeus together..

  21. Regarding the show content of LAMH, it seems that when men hate women (Martell and Carlos do) the show’s content is the result of that hate; what is being shown can’t be the best results. I signed the petition but I haven’t watched since Wanda brought her ignorance on the scene

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