Melody Shari Responds to Serious Accusations Made About Martell Holt & Mistress

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Some LAMH fans are fed up with Martell Holt.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Martell Holt‘s divorce foreshadowed a very contentious co-parenting relationship. As it stands, Martell and Melody just wrapped up a nasty custody battle that played out in court. Martell decided to sue Melody for full custody because he didn’t have a say in who she selected to babysit their children during her time with them. In fact, Martell doesn’t like the fact that Melody’s brother Marcus Minnified often watches them. Marcus is a gay man. So Melody has accused Martell of homophobia. Regardless, Martell didn’t feel as if he was out of line for his perspective. However, Melody said that Martell’s actions are just an attempt to still have control over her life.

Melody also shared a similar theory while discussing Martell’s actions during their daughters’ birthday party. Melody decided to plan a bash for their daughters and Martell was not invited. She alerted Martell about this multiple times ahead of the event. And she even offered to have him pick up the kids after so he can have his own time with them despite it being Melody’s court-ordered time. However, he still showed up uninvited and caused a scene in front of attendees.

Some “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans took issue with the explosive scene because Martell went off on Melody, her mother, and her aunt. And OWN was also accused of not taking the matter seriously because of a controversial tweet penned by an employee. As a result, LAMH fans created a petition urging for Martell and Carlos King to be pushed out.

LaTisha Scott’s tea party plus-one made some messy accusations.

Well, the drama continues apparently. Hours ago, fans figured out that LaTisha Scott‘s plus one for Melody’s tea party, a woman named Karson, used to be cool with Arionne Curry. An old video of Karson supporting Arionne during an Instagram Live session made its rounds on social media. The backlash then resulted in Karson hopping on Instagram to clear her name. And she denied that LaTisha brought her on the show to be messy. In fact, Karson said that she fell out with Arionne a long time ago.

It got messier from this point. Karson went on to allege that she backed off from her relationship with Arionne because of something she allegedly told her.

Karson alleged that Arionne allegedly told her that she was in a bit of a pickle. Martell allegedly asked Arionne to pretend to be a man and create a fake Instagram page to leak an explicit video of him and Melody from when they were still married. In this alleged video, Melody is pleasuring Martell “orally.” And Arionne allegedly was frustrated because she didn’t know what to do. This allegedly freaked out Karson and she told Arionne not to leak the video before ending their relationship.

Melody Shari responded to the allegations.

After Karson made the accusations, Melody addressed it all on Instagram Live. She said she believes everything Karson said because Martell allegedly sent her a screenshot from the explicit video and threatened to leak it.

She was tearful as she talked about the allegations. Melody said that it feels like she’s been in a fight with a man for three years now. And if Martell did what he’s been accused of, she doesn’t understand why he’d take it this far.

The situation has a lot of people talking on social media. As for now, Martell and Arionne have not addressed the accusations.


    1. At least she didn’t post it but the fact that she even considered doing it is disturbing. This is the type of stuff that makes me unplug and read a book – just nasty

  1. This is a mess…just cancel the show and let ppl handle their business in private…not on national tv…it’s getting old… ALWAYS drama….

    1. @Bee “so he could be with the side chick in peace” That statement makes me laugh everytime I hear it. But it could never be fartherest from the truth! I agree 1000%…💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

      1. He just wanted to fool around but didn’t intend to pregnant that woman she trapped him now he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Sad

        1. Arionne said she was “tired of having abortions for them” this ain’t the first pregnancy, it’s the first one she kept.

    2. Martell didn’t think Melody would divorce him. He’s bitter because he’s broke and not living the fabulous life he once had. He resents all of that and so does his mistress. They were living off Melody very well.

  2. The fact Martell would ask his mistress to join a sneaky plot against his wife is very reckless and dangerous

  3. Any person that would come against another person because of something someone else asked them to do is crazy. Martel’s not even with her for real. This man needs a restraining order at this point he is dangerous. Leave this lady alone. What’s even crazier the world is watching this foolishness play out. Enough is enough.Restraining order.

  4. I agree mortell needs to quit show & move on with his mistress & she & him need to leave his ex wife along

  5. I truly believe that Martell has some mental illness and it stems from his upbringing and I fear for Melody’s wellbeing his is one angry queen. I believe his mother is scared of him and will cover up for him, and she has been all his life. He needs to be removed from the show.

    1. My thing is, I am so surprised and disappointed that OWN condones the abusive behavior of Martell on his ex wife and how no one is holding Martell accountable. This is the part of abuse that some many black women are not here today 😭

  6. All this sh-t is stewwwwpiddd as well as those who keep letting Carlos King EXPLOIT THEM!!! Throw the whole d-mn show away!!!

  7. I’ve always found Martel hard to stomach after this he’s absolutely putrid! How could a father of daughters be the perpetrator of such a violation against a woman. I think Martel have some serious mental and sexual issues that require intense psychiatric help. I think he may have been the victim of sexual abuse as a child. This would explain why he doesn’t want Melody’s gay brother babysitting the children. Nothing excuses his victimization of others! His mother needs to own her responsibility for not protecting him when he needed her the most instead of excusing the deviant monster he has become! His life is painful and unhappy! What kind of mother is ok with watching her child live like that? At this point Melody could go back to court present this new information she would be granted full custody hands down! I don’t like the turn Love & Marriage Huntsville has taken. It’s messy and uncomfortable I think it should be canceled. I’m canceling it from my DVR I just can’t anymore! The Scott’s been on my last nerve this finished it! LaTisha bringing someone formerly friends with side chick to Mel’s Tea Party. Stormi’s ghetto Mama…No Thank you! Bye Bye Huntsville!👋🏼

  8. If any of this was trueI
    It was a tape
    What a man and woman do is their business
    And IF he decided to do this
    It shows what he is…

  9. Martell is a narcissist and he is mad that Melody is striving without hin. The mistress is up set he is with Sheree and not her. She is now yelling women don’t mess with married men sweetie you should never opened your legs. Stormi mom needs to sit her azz down we don’t care about you and she rude. I don’t like her she has come off as ignorant to me and just rude, rude, rude.

  10. Martell so bent on destroying Mel, he didn’t realize leaking it will affect his kids. He cheated repeatedly, had a child and because he seen what he had, he is bitter and want to discredit Mel because he messed up a good thing. Childish

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