‘Belle Collective’ Star Latrice Rogers is Offended by Husband Telling Her They Aren’t Equal

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Fans have a lot to say about Latrice Rogers and Clifton Rogers’ marriage.

Belle Collective” star Latrice Rogers is a very successful businesswoman but it’s not her business acumen that has fans of the show talking on social media. It’s her controversial marriage. On the current season, Latrice’s friend and Goddess Lengths employee Joshy has been very vocal. He temporarily lived with Latrice and her husband Clifton Rogers due to a water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi. So he says that gave him a chance to witness the couple’s private interactions. And Joshy said he didn’t like what he saw. He went on to accuse Cliff of being controlling and disrespectful to Latrice. This came up again when Latrice and Joshy went to the club to hang out with a mutual friend.

Cliff showed up at the venue angry with LaTrice. He demanded that she come outside to talk. Cliff proceeded to snatch off her mic. And Latrice said in a green screen interview that Cliff felt like she lied to him. Apparently, she didn’t tell him that she was going to the club with friends. So that resulted in him showing up at the venue upset.

Latrice Rogers wants her husband to see her as his equal.

The situation didn’t sit well with Joshy or Latrice. Interestingly enough, Latrice isn’t feeling Cliff’s actions again on the upcoming episode. In the trailer, Cliff accuses Latrice of wanting to control him.

He says, “You want to put me in a box and control me. That’s what you want.”

Cliff continues, “You want me to be your muppet. I’m the head of the household. But you want to be equal to me.”

Latrice then asks, “Am I not equal?”

And Cliff answers, “Latrice, no.”

In a green screen interview, Latrice claps back at Cliff saying they aren’t equal, “It’s belittling me because I work my *** off like if not more. I definitely have paid my dues to be here and to be considered your equal. If I’m not your equal then I’m above you.”


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  1. Yuck. These women need to stop marrying these old men who are old enough to be their fathers and grandfathers. They like young women because they think they are easier to control.

    1. I concur. This marriage is doomed for failure. Why she married him in the first place then made the decision to be on nation wide giving everybody a front row sear to the emotional, psychological and possibly physical abuse clearly apparent in her marriage us b beyond rational reason. GIRL, get out while you still can. We don’t need to read about this cave man harming you. Reality shows kill marriages yours is dead already

  2. Cliff is not right with how he spoke to her, but if she acknowledged from the beginning of marriage he is the head as the Bible says then she should honor that. A man being the head is not meaning your less than him, it just means that he is responsible for things that concern his family.

    1. *Women better avoid those toxic, unequal , and disrespectful relationships. There I fixed it for you. You’re welcome suga.

  3. Wow all these reality show housewives have toxic relationships. Latishia is staying in a marriage with a man who not only cheated but is threatening that he is not going to accept it if she leaves. That’s the precursor to most murder suicides. Latrice is accepting a marriage where she is looked at as less than. SMH. This and many other shows are getting unbearable to watch

  4. Latrice is maturing and growing. I pray ypu continue to see her worth and value. From one married successful woman yo another you deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and be treated as your spouse’s equal.

    If he’s incapable of doing the following it’s best you leave and divorce because it’s going to worsen.


    Tiffany N. Harris, MPA

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