LAMH Recap: Louis Confronts Tiffany + LaTisha and Marsau Frustrate the Comeback Group

LAMH Season 6 Episode 10 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” the Comeback Group returns to focus. LaTisha and Marsau call another meeting with Comeback Group members to discuss details of the upcoming Black Business Expo. Things become tense when LaTisha and Marsau emphasize that no one will get paid. This frustrates Melody and Martell, and Kimmi agrees.

Kimmi also brings up a point that LaTisha and Marsau are doing all they can to avoid calling it a Comeback Group event.

Meanwhile, Tiffany ends up going to the hospital during her baby shower. When she returns home, she frustrates Louis when she plans to head to Washington DC for a business trip instead of taking her doctor’s advice with bed rest. Louis also tells her not to put him in any situation as what occurred when Martell confronted her about the questioning of Sheree.

Lastly, as Martell meets with a designer about a suit line, Melody meets with her attorney and expresses frustration with the inability to change her last name due to the open custody battle.

Here’s the recap for, “Unpaid in Full.”

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  1. Tisha and Marsau are trying to take the lead. However, they are trying to lead by themselves. When the show started Melody tried to assist Tisha with her come up. So, I am totally team Mel on this one. You didn’t name it The Comeback Group Black Expo. You named it the Blacque Expo. That in itself says enough. Pay me or NO!

    I didn’t like some of the reactions that Melody had in the past towards everyone. I know that it was her process of hurt and anger. Now, she’s gained her power back and she’s walking tall. She’s removing herself, speaking up when she needs to and moving forward with her life. The thought that Martell would go through a custody battle with her is unbelievable. Martell, everything that happened to your family falls on you. Stop it! You’re letting greed take over. You have a good spirit but right now, you’re letting your bad spirit lead you.

    Get it together! All of you have the potential to do great things without stepping or using each other. This season is a good turnaround but you’re throwing mess into it.

    Tisha and Marsau be careful! This show is not just about you. Don’t throw others behind you because you think you’re making the greatest progress, right now.

    I wish you all the best!

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