LAMH Drama: Kimmi Scott Calls Out Marsau Scott + Stormi Steele’s Mother Upsets Her Aunt

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Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott’s Black business expo was supposed to bring the Comeback Group together.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott were hoping that they could reunite the Comeback Group for an upcoming Black business expo. However, this hasn’t been an easy task. LaTisha and Marsau wanted Melody Shari, Martell Holt, Kimmi Scott, and Maurice Scott to speak at the event. But they didn’t want to pay. On the recent episode, the couple attempted to defend why they feel it’s best not to pay their Comeback Group speakers. They said that the event is for the Huntsville, Alabama community. And paying speakers goes against that mission.

Melody suggested they look into paying speakers through sponsorships. In response, Marsau said it’s selfish to want to be paid. So he refused to budge.

Kimmi and Maurice had an issue with the event for a different reason. They said that the expo was originally a Comeback Group idea. So they feel as if Marsau and LaTisha just stole it and claimed it as their own. And they didn’t think this was cool at all.

Kimmi Scott has some words for Marsau Scott.

Well, the conversation continues on the upcoming episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” In a preview, Marsau scoffs at making the event an official Comeback Group affair.

He says, “Once we put something under the Comeback Group, everything seems dysfunctional.”

Kimmi then claps back with, “You were the biggest dysfunction of the group!”

Marsau doesn’t seem to agree with Kimmi’s take. As for Maurice, the entire conversation confirmed why the Comeback Group didn’t work out.

“This is why we can’t come back.”

Stormi Steele will also have some drama on the next episode. Her mother and aunt clash because Bettie confirms Stormi paid $15,000 to bail her cousin Junior out of jail. And her aunt didn’t want this information to be aired out on television.


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  1. I’m here for Kimmi checking Marsau because he’s very manipulative and delusional. People aren’t selfish for wanting to be paid for their time and work. And Stormi’s mother is always angry. I don’t enjoy her scenes.

    1. I dont enjoy her scenes either,ur right she’s just angry and won’t listen to anybody else and she runs over stormi

  2. These mothers keep saying they are just defending their grown a-s daughters but the truth is they just love mess. There was no point in firing Wanda just to bring on someone who is much worse.

  3. Stormi’s mother has some major character flaws and a childish mindset. You’re supposed to help people out of the kindness of your heart, not to throw it back in someone’s face and try to embarrass them. Is she ever happy or kind? She seems so miserable. And once again, Kimmi calmly checks someone and I wish I had that super power.

  4. I’m happy Kimmi called marsau. Your description of him is spot on! As for Stormi; she’s messy and so is her momma. I want them both gone!

  5. Not everything should be aired out for the masses to make fun of and gossip about. Bette definitely crossed the line, judging by the disbelief on her sister’s face and her subsequent action. Throwing family under the bus just for a storyline and a check… that’s pretty damn low. Bette and Wanda are neck-and-neck for being loud, intrusive, over-bearing and inappropriate. 🤷🏾

  6. Mama Joyce, Wanda, and now Bette. “bitter hostile women All making money off their children. They make me puke when on the screen. Life has unhinged them mentally and their displaced anger and rage at life pours out of them and spurts on the screen for all to see. How pathetic they look.

    1. Amen. This is so true. I never seen mothers that are so mean spirited. Mama Joyce thinks Todd will steal all the money. Leaving mama Joyce with nothing. Kandi has just over spoil her mother? Can’t seem to keep her mother out her marriage. 😕 No matter what she said about Todd. He must really love Kandi. To put up with mama joyce mess. Ms Betty and Ms Wanda are just as nasty and messy in their adult daughters lives. Which I wait until 11pm and catch reruns of these shows. I rather watch Fast and the Furious movies or watch Netflix and chill. Both of the shows rating are low for a reason. Also, leave Melody alone and give her security from Martel. It’s Netflix time.
      God Bless

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