Stormi Steele’s Mom Goes off on Melody Shari + Sheree Whitfield Checks Tiffany Whitlow

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Stormi Steele’s mother still has an issue with Melody Shari.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Stormi Steele has been hinting at her fallout with Melody Shari on social media for months now. In fact, Stormi’s mother kicked it off first by slamming Melody in the comment sections of fan pages. LAMH fans were confused about the switch-up. But Betty had more to say when she made a guest appearance on Miss Wanda’s YouTube channel. Betty said that she and Stormi thought that a tweet Melody penned about Destiny Payton was about Stormi. In the tweet, Melody alleged that a cast member went to Martell Holt with a recording that led to drama.

Interestingly enough, Destiny went to Martell and played audio of an interview Melody did with TMZ. She was asked her thoughts about Martell’s romance with Sheree Whitfield. And Melody said she has no beef with Sheree. Melody also said that she wasn’t convinced that Martell had changed enough to be better in his current relationship.

Well, Melody may have thought that an apology and clarity about the tweet could resolve things between her and Stormi. However, in a trailer for the upcoming season, Miss Betty was not trying to hear anything Melody had to say.

In the clip, Melody says, “Miss Betty you got offended by a tweet that I did. I apologize to you for that.”

Betty says, “Oh let me shut you down with this. Now shut up.” She continues, “My direct issue with you is how you do things.”

Sheree Whitfield wasn’t here for Tiffany Whitlow’s question.

Stormi later tells her husband Courtney Beasley, “Friendship for me is like all about consistency. ****, oh we’ll talk. And he we are four months later, no talk.”

Another interesting moment took place between Tiffany Whitlow and Sheree. In the scene, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” OG didn’t like a question Tiffany asked about Martell.

Tiffany asks, “What is it like dating – I mean someone who already had like he has a reputation for being a cheater…”

Sheree claps back, “You know, I do watch your show. You cheated, too.”

Louis Whitlow doesn’t mind Sheree and Tiffany’s messy exchange. However, he takes issue with the way Martell and Marsau Scott confronted her about it. He asks Tiffany, “Two guys came at you about a conversation you had with a woman?”

He adds, “They gon get it all. It ain’t no backing off.”

To no surprise, Louis’ conversation with Martell and Marsau doesn’t go well. After Louis points out that Sheree didn’t need any backup from the men, Marsau says, “Tiffany should have gotten smacked for the ****!”

Louis is not okay with another man suggesting his pregnant wife deserved to be assaulted, “You crazy as ****!”

He also tells Marsau he’ll confront LaTisha Scott in the future as well since Marsau is fine with Tiffany being confronted by the men.

“The next time something happens, I’ma go to your wife. How about that?”

Marsau responds, “And you’re not gonna go to my wife. You know that.” Louis has had enough, “Then don’t go to my wife!”

Eventually, Louis and Martell nearly get into a scuffle over the matter.

LAMH returns Saturday, April 8 at 8/7 c on OWN.


  1. LAMH has gotten too fake for me and it’s a repeat of the same tired and very much forced storylines. Why am I supposed to believe a grown woman with a small child and a successful multimillion-dollar hair care line is so needy for a friendship like this? Carlos kicked Destiny and Wanda off just to make Stormi take over those boring storylines. Sheree and Martell clearly aren’t really together. And the fake outrage over Tiffany’s question will not carry the season. Why doesn’t Carlos understand that he’s killing his own show off? Stop it with the forced and fake beefs/relationships.

      1. Am I going to stop watching like the majority of the fans have already done? I just might. Nothing new is happening. It’s literally the same exact storylines it’s been. Boring! None of these reality shows are good anymore because they got away from being real.

    1. No one in their right mind will do it. Imagine joining the show after all the messy stuff that we have seen… no amount of $$$ $$$ is worth it for me to do it. My sanity and family are more important that the coins.

      1. We’re not talking about you we’re talking about in general. Find couples that actually know each other outside of the show for more organic experience

  2. This show has really run its course. Carlos said it would be fresh this season but it’s just more of the same. None of these people are friends either so why force their interactions?

  3. Carlos lives and breathes for the drama and wouldn’t have it any other way. The first season was the only real season of LAMH to me. It’s been scripted since then and it’s pathetic that these grown a-s people allow themselves to be portrayed in such a negative way, totally disregarding their successful careers and accomplishments for the love of money. They chose this path so I don’t feel sorry for any of them .

    1. PERIOD POINT BLANK – the 1st season was the only authentic one. I don’t think they will ever come be able to go back to that place, so cancel the stupid show already.

  4. The outrage over Tiffany’s question is definitely fake since Sheree and everyone else knows Martell still f-cks his side chick. Carlos needs to stop all this fake sh-t. I think he told Sheree and Martell to fake a relationship so he could get a RHOA crossover.

    1. Oh chile, Tiffany asked the question that we all want answered. I actually think she handled it nicely because the real question for Sheree is why she doesn’t love herself, why she doesn’t have a self esteem, who hurt her and at her big age, why isn’t she getting the help that she needs.

  5. Sheree and Martell’s relationship just doesn’t seem genuine. Wanda and Destiny’s storylines were just recycled and given to Stormi and her momma. Yikes. This used to be a much watch for me. Not anymore.

    1. Unpopular opinion, I think it’s real – she is the perfect fit for him, she doesn’t have any self esteem, doesn’t love herself and will allow him to do whatever he wants to do. She is coleslaw 2.0

      1. Men that cheat constantly need women with low self worth to make it work.
        Sheree is accustomed to turning a blind eye. This might actually work.

  6. Well I hate to say but That Tiffany is messing as h-ll and y’all need to get her and her husband of the show like and for Wanda messing a-s too .And I though Stormi and Mel was cool .here we go .

  7. I’m not going to watch this show anymore because yet again Black folks are being portrayed negatively and I’m beyond tired of it.
    This show started off really good but it started a snowball effect of sorts.
    Carlos King should be ashamed of himself.

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