Kimmi Scott Has a Different Perspective After Marsau Scott Says Melody Shari Isn’t Accountable

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Marsau Scott accused Melody Shari of never being accountable.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott had a lot to say to Melody Shari while filming the current season’s reunion. Carlos King asked Melody if there was any chance that she could mend her friendships with the Scotts. Melody is only friends with Kimmi Scott.

She went on to say that the issue has been that the others don’t want to be accountable for their role in the breakdown of their friendship circle. Marsau interjected and clapped back accusing Melody of never being accountable for anything. Interestingly enough, a YouTuber was able to provide receipts. And they put together clips of Melody taking accountability multiple times.

There were moments when Melody apologized to LaTisha, but she wasn’t receptive. So it kept Melody and LaTisha from moving forward. And this has resulted in Melody no longer wanting a friendship at all.

Regarding Melody’s disconnect with LaTisha Scott, Marsau didn’t mince words. And in one past scene, Marsau told LaTisha that she was the one not being accountable regarding her fallout with Melody.

Interestingly enough, Kimmi had an interesting response to the accountability discourse that took place at the reunion.

Kimmi Scott said multiple people aren’t being accountable.

Carlos had a question for Kimmi in a deleted scene.

He said, “The friendships that you guys had at the beginning is what attracted all of us to this show, is what attracted the network to want it. And as you’re watching your family and friend over here have this disagreement that seems to be going nowhere, how does it make you feel?”

Kimmi had a different perspective from Marsau. She answered, “To be perfectly honest, I think there’s a lot of accountability to go around.”

She continued, “I think we often start in the middle of situations and we don’t start at the beginning. I’ve always believed for some reason if we could get to the beginnings of where some of the issues started, they could actually be resolved. It’s always a conversation of, ‘This person did this to me first. This person did that to me first.’ It’s a hamster wheel.”

Kimmi thought that getting to the root of the drama would improve things.

“And so for a long time, I really held out hope that if we were able to get to the fundamentals of how some of this stuff actually started, as opposed to the reactionary stuff, that things would be mendable.”


  1. Kimmi always has the most accurate and honest read on things in the group. I just wish she kept that same energy with that husband of hers. I do not like the side comments he made during that segment about Marsau getting that pic from that woman. I don’t trust Maurice at all!

    1. What I understand Maurice is asking Marsau to be accountable for his actions also. Marsau likes to turn things around in hid favor

  2. I agree with Kimmi about getting to the fundamentals of where things started going wrong. However, we all know where it started. Martell! He cheated, cheated, cheated and then got the same girl pregnant. That would be heartbreaking to any woman. I don’t think Melody is really healing because being on tv and having so many people in your business doesn’t allow for smooth healing. On top of that, Martell is not the only cheater. So, now we’re in the attacking mode.

    It’s a sad situation all around. Although, my heart goes out to Melody. I do believe that she’s not being held accountable. She posts things on social media that triggers a response in others. She’s not that innocent nor is her mother. I think Kimmi and Maurice are the only ones that don’t put their feelings on social media.

    Social media was made for the younger generation. If you’re 30 and over, the only thing you should be putting on social media is business and uplifting stories. They created this monster and now more relationships are breaking up, marriages, business, suicide and the devil is having his way.

    I wish we could go back to the day when everybody just talked with each other or they just left each other alone. And, if Melody decided that she wanted take Martell back at some point, that is her business. Your marriage is your marriage and no one can tell you what to do in your marriage. You’re not the first couple that this has happened to and you won’t be the last, unfortunately.

    Don’t let the devil get you, please! I’ll pray for you and please pray for me.

      1. Twirl,
        I’m not sure if your question about believing Kimmi is for me but yes, I believe everything that Kimmi said. She was on point. I believe that her and Maurice are the only emotionally mature people on the show. They do not run to social media to talk about their issues with people.

        It’s a sad situation. Please don’t get me wrong. I like Melody. She’s a beautiful and classy woman. Martell messed up because of his emotionally immaturity. I’m trying to walk my own talk. Some men say they can handle a boss woman but when they are not where they desire to be they can seek power in other ways. I’ve been there.

        Mel is doing it and she has been gifted with some beautiful children. I would like for her to stop reacting like Kimmi said. That’s the accountability that I’m speaking about. People poke each other and then want to blame others. Don’t participate!

    1. I am sure that if Mel and Martel did not agree to air their personal matters on this love & marriage in Huntsville show, the show and the cast would be better off right now and going forward. I think they both really, really regret letting this happen only to see how bitter they both are of one and other!


    2. Kimmi, is the only level headed on on the show but she can sometimes be a little dense too. We must remember these couples knew and was around this woman that Martell cheated with behind Mel’s back…. The Scott’s brothers bought and sent gifts to Martel’s coleslaw on Martel’s behalf. What person would want to be friends with ppl like that…..Not Me. Maurice is not all that innocent and we all know hip, breath and whatever else Mel calls Marusa(sc) is not INNOCENT at all.

    3. I think you hit on the head. Melody is hurting and it seem like she’s mad at everyone. Hurt people hurt people.

      1. Nah, y’all just aren’t used to seeing black women have boundaries. So when a black woman rightfully decides to cut off bad relationships and friendships, it makes y’all uncomfortable and angry.

  3. That’s why the reunion was a dud for me. Producers could easily shut the sh-t down and started showing flashbacks to show the cast how full of sh-t they all are. But they didn’t. Whenever you have a group of people fighting, it’s never one person that deserves all the blame. It’s always going to be enough blame to go around because that’s the reality of contention in friendships. We know Mel ain’t no angel but what we’re not going to do is pretend she’s the only one who has done wrong. I watched the first season. And it all started with Marsau and Martell. So let’s start there.

    1. Why don’t they ever go to LaTisha’s fans and tell them she’s not innocent? Marsau’s? Maurice’s? Since when do people become fans of somebody because they’re innocent and have never done anything wrong? Perfect people don’t even exist. We like Melody because she’s a dope woman and she’s ambitious as h-ll! Of course I like someone like that. Her mother is beautiful and classy. Of course I like a mother like that. There’s never any question about why people like Wanda, LaTisha, Maurice, Marsau, Martell, or Kimmi. But Lord forbid we like Melody. She’s not innocent, so no one should like her according to them. What an envious position to take.

      1. Latisha and Marsau don’t have actual fans. Their fans are just Melody haters. Take Melody out the equation, and they don’t care about Latisha and Marsau anymore.

        1. And she really thought she was doing something when she came out with them puppets, like girl….have several seats

  4. LaTisha sitting up there like she just don’t want to hear anything that Kimmi is saying….That girl will for hold a grudge and it will continue to eat her up inside… That’s one thing I’ve often told myself….”I don’t hold grudges….I hold people ACCOUNTABLE!!!

    1. LaTisha just uses Melody to deflect because she doesn’t want to hold Marsau accountable for the misery he puts her through! I really think LaTisha is jealous of Melody because she wishes she could leave her raggedy marriage and flourish but she doesn’t think she’s capable! Sad!

      1. Absolutely! LaTisha knows that her husband is cheating. She also doesn’t think that she can survive without him. She doesn’t want the world to see her marriage dissolve. If you show me a picture of my husband’s back, I’m going to know it’s his back. She has consistently looked like a fool since season 1. Which wife allows her husband to go to Africa alone? Especially if it’s a trip that they talked about going as a family. And then she makes excuses for the inexcusable when it comes to Marsau. She went from living with one Bully, Wanda, her mother, to living with another Bully, Marsau, her husband. LaTisha is PATHETIC!

  5. Kimmi is right and you can tell by all the eye rolling Marsau, LaTisha and Maurice are doing that they weren’t trying to hear it. They want to place all the blame on Melody and Kimmi is telling them, NOPE! Martell cheated. He and Melody decided to work on their marriage. Marsau turns around and makes tasteless jokes about it even though the Holts helped Marsau and LaTisha while they were broke and homeless. LaTisha gloats and throws her little shade. Mel and Martell watch the playbacks, and they decide to clap back by pointing out that Marsau was right there cheating too. Instead of LaTisha confronting that, she deflects to Melody (like always) and she never takes her anger out on her real tormentors (Wanda and Marsau). Wanda gets involved because she’s a classless, overbearing momma wanting to be the next Momma Dee. Maurice plays MLK when he’s messier than Marsau on the low. And here we are. I never take commenters seriously on here that criticize Mel/Martell but have absolutely no criticisms for the Scotts. You don’t agree with Kimmi if you don’t think there’s equal blame. And you don’t agree with Kimmi if you think Mel hasn’t been accountable bc Kimmi’s whole point was – none of them have been accountable! The fact that Melody has even apologized is more than Marsau and LaTisha have ever done.

    1. Ms. Lady, u so nailed it!!! Especially in regards to Maurice, he’s not innocent at all and is quick to throw Marsau under the bus, but when it comes to potentially truth telling of his misdeeds, he deflects.

      1. I swear I can’t put the words in my head about Marsau on paper. He is just so manipulative. Poor Tisha is so blind to her husband doings but I guess it’s right when they say ignorance really I’d bliss. She would rather believe him and stay in her happy bubble. Good luck with that cause that bubble will burst eventually.

  6. And I’m also starting to see that the root of all the Mel and Van backlash always comes down to a few things: jealousy, misogyny, classism, and disinformation. That’s it, that’s all. I ain’t responding to any Scott supporters. I’m done engaging the clownery in 2023. It’s too many people playing stupid.

    1. Someone on here said that this show is full of examples of black classism. I now understand what they meant. And black classism goes much further than educational backgrounds. It’s more nuanced.

      1. They tell on themselves with the “Melody and her momma think they’re all that” replies. Makes me want to vomit. Some black people are so anti black it’s sad.

          1. I’ve watch the show from the beginning. Mel tried to help Tisha develop herself outside the home and Marsau shut it down. Tisha became jealous of Mel. Tisha is the person to put the Martell’s affair out there against Mel when they met at the coffee shop. Marsau is a messy bxxch. He keeps attacking Mel and her Mom. He manipulated Tisha as he usually does to attack Mel. Yes, Mel is hurting for this to have gone the way it has been. She has babies, facing publicly humiliation of an affair, Developed Business effected, Helping other’s to get on the show and they all turn their backs on you, “Coleslaw” harassing her, Mother in Law not holding her son accountable. H-ll, I haven’t seen anyone come to support her except they show Kimmi did one time. Although Mel is trying to continue to create an income because Martell can’t financially support; she is just about done. I don’t blame her. Enough is enough. Marsau and Tisha want Mel out of the show and Mel is fighting it. Destiny should have been gone two season ago. A store owner with no customers and a bad attitude. She adds nothing but drama. Tisha is definitely book smart but no common sense. If a counselor was helping her, her husband got her to stop seeing him. Total Narcissist. Marsau as a black man enjoys attacking Mel regardless of what she’s going through. He attacks her because he can’t have no control her. Remember the type of woman he stated Tisha was that appealed to him. He described Mel. Tisha is too weak for him. He’s not interested. It’s cheaper to keep her.

  7. Melody makes a lot of black women insecure. It’s actually pathetic to see. But delicious as well. This show couldn’t survive without Kimmi and Melody because honestly LaTisha is one of the most embarrassing wives I’ve seen on a reality show. Part 2 of the reunion was disturbing. I know the Scotts thought they succeeded in making Melody look bad, but I walked away with a worser perception of Marsau and LaTisha. Their whole marriage is disturbing. And Wanda’s meddling was vindicated. She has every right to not trust her son in law.

  8. This topic just showed me that a lot of grown folks have no idea what the word accountability means and it’s cringeworthy. How are you grown as h-ll and think that someone who has apologized multiple times hasn’t held themselves accountable? You can’t even apologize without being accountable. Apologizing means admitting when you’re wrong. THAT. IS. ACCOUNTABILITY. This is something middle schoolers understand…like what? I see now why Melody is done. To the people who don’t like her, what she does is never going to be good enough. So why give a f-ck at this point? I’ll be glad when she leaves this show so I can leave with her.

  9. It will always be Melody and Kimmi for me. I’m glad Kimmi never allows her relatives to make her go along with their childish mindsets. Truth be told, they would have all been friends again if LaTisha would’ve just accepted Melody’s third apology a year or so ago.

  10. Troll,
    I’m not sure who you’re questioning regarding the definition of accountability but holding a MBA, I am clear about the definition. The things we write on here are our own perception of how we see and hear things.

    I, at no point want to start name calling anyone. This is reality tv and I’m not in any of their shoes. Please let’s respect each other’s right to have a different opinion. Foul language is not the key.

    May God Continue to Bless Us All!

    1. Why do you think my comment written at 12:19 pm was about you specifically, Inger? I reply to people on here directly when I’m talking to them. I’m not sure what an MBA has to do with knowing what accountability means. MBAs aren’t even hard to obtain (this is why they are one of the most awarded degrees) and focus on business coursework, not literature and comprehension coursework. Knowing what accountability means isn’t a requirement for an MBA. I see college graduates not knowing basic things like the difference between their, there, or they’re all the time. Why are you explaining yourself to me anyway? My comment didn’t warrant it. It’s rude of you to type a haughty response to someone who wasn’t even addressing you.

      1. Latisha has an MBA and well…I’ll be nice. Anyway, having an MBA doesn’t mean you’re a genius with an expansive vocabulary. And frankly, being college educated doesn’t mean you’re smart either. I get what you were saying in your first comment Troll. I too was shocked so many people didn’t actually know what accountability means.

      2. Troll,
        Let me apologize for addressing you directly. The email came into my box as a message last posted by you. I am not a social media guru. So, I get it wrong sometimes. I would prefer to stop the dialogue because this is the part that I don’t want to get caught up in. I received your feedback and I again apologize for any discomfort that my words may have caused. May God Bless You!

        1. Oh, I understand the mix up now Inger. I was just confused because I really wasn’t coming for anybody on here. It’s the YouTube and fan page comments that I thought were wild. I think we all need to slow down and not jump to conclusions when we’re talking to each other on here. A bad exchange can get any of us banned from writing comments on here anyway. So I just wanted to clarify that I definitely wasn’t coming for you or anyone else. Have a good weekend Inger.

  11. Marsau just made himself look dumb with the accountability thing. The only people who didn’t see through it are the Melody haters. They are so determined to point out how flawed Melody is but we like her despite said flaws. We don’t care lol. This is what the 4th season? And I’ve never seen the Scotts take accountability for anything. Kimmi sees it too and I love that.

  12. I know people want the show to go back to what it was, but it’s not happening. I don’t think it makes sense to try to push Melody to be friends with people who truly don’t like her. Maybe a better concept would be accepting that certain friendships are dead. So it’s time to focus more on people’s personal stories and less on stale cast beefs.

  13. Mel is the type of woman Marsau would love to have.I always notice he has a thing for Mel Latisha too DIZZY yall see when she fell back Marsau told her not to do that like he was embarrassed…I think it’s SAD how these friendships just DISSOLVED…if they rebuild these friendships i think the show would be more successful.

    1. Listen, even LaTisha knows that Marsau has a thing for Melody. Why do you think she got so angry when Marsau called Melody and asked to meet with her “about their talk with Wanda”? That was some BS reason. He should have called the entire group back together, or called Martell and Melody together. No, he just wanted an excuse to see Melody. And this is not the first time LaTisha got upset about her husband communicating with Melody.

  14. Wow! This is what happens. Now we’re focusing on the definition of accountability with and/or without an education. I am the last person who hates on anyone’s accomplishments. I’m proud to be alive to see people of color on tv in any capacity. They are making money and for the most part, they are giving back.

    I am the 1st generation of college graduates in my family and I’m proud about it. By no means, does it make me emotionally or educationally better or lesser than anyone else.

    This is the part of social media where I don’t agree with the massive. Does that make me wrong? No, it makes me different and I stand on that.

    I’m not sure who I’m speaking to when I write this but Inger is my name and I’m a woman of color who knows the definition of accountability.

    Please let’s leave it there.

  15. Umm anyway, I appreciate this from Kimmi. Melody doesn’t let the hate from her coworkers get to her anymore. She’s done with all of them except Kimmi and I don’t blame her. She tried multiple times to move forward but that isn’t what Wanda, LaTisha, Maurice, or Marsau wanted. Time to move on!

  16. I can’t stand stans but Melody’s stans do make valid points at times. If Melody made an attempt to extend the olive branch multiple times and the Scotts didn’t accept, it’s not her who wasn’t accountable. And to be honest, none of them are innocent, including Kimmi and Maurice. Until they all accept blame, there is no moving forward.

  17. Not everyone watched LAMH from the beginning…my eyes were opened after Keke said that she and Melody were actually friends first. And LaTisha met Melody through Keke. That’s when I realized how much the Scotts lie and manipulate things to look a certain way on the show.

  18. Ok, so in the beginning, the show was supposedly to be about 3 couples who were associates, if not friends, who were entering into a business partnership and then at a dinner, Melody decided to shake things up by putting her husband’s infidelities out in public. THAT DECISION changed the whole direction of the show, because when the heat in the kitchen became too much for The Hilts they began to deflect by dropping vague innuendo about Marsau and his alleged cheating and quite frankly, it’s been a mess ever since, so Kimmi, there’s your beginning, not to hard to dig that root up!!

    1. Mel and Martell are on a reality show…they showed their real lives. I really don’t see how that changed the show. Tisha is so weak as a woman on the show and jealous of Mel, just an overall miserable person with a large miserable family lol. That is what ruined the show.

      1. Thank you! Even Carlos said we wouldn’t even have a show if it wasn’t for Mel and Martell being real! They did exactly what they are supposed to do on a reality show – SHARE! Everything was fine until Marsau and Martell got into it.

      1. Nope. Watched the whole season. We were talking about the root of the problem. Melody set the tone for the mess that followed because after that all the accusations of cheating by Marsau was made, just like the Hilts wanted it to, because they knew that a show about the couples doing business together would not fly or take off. That’s my take on where the relationships started to siur!!

        1. You’re literally going out of your way to place blame on Melody. You left out multiple events and then you said Melody revealed she’d been cheated on to “shake things up.” Why did you leave out Latisha bringing up the cheating first at dinner in season 1, catching Melody and Martell off guard? Why did you leave out the part about Marsau joking about Martell’s affairs? That’s why Martell said he cheated with 20 women. The only person on here who has the correct assessment on this is commenter Ratchet Queen. Ratchet Queen said Martell and Marsau are the root of the conflict and she’s correct. The women are only reacting to the conflict the men created.

          1. I just said this! Everybody on the cast was getting along until Martell and Marsau got into it. They caused all of this.

          2. Ok, so if I recall, even before all the cheating and accusations of cheating were mentioned, all of the couples had underlying negative impressions of each other based on ” moves” that had been made in “The Comeback Group. It was established from the start that these people were very competitive with each other in business….and then, it spilled over into the personal….and then it got more personal….and it’s been on ever since. Now, there was hints at a ” not so perfect marriage” of. The Holts. And it was Melody who started the conversation about relationships. She was basically Carlos king at the dinner table in episode 1, the “pot stirrer” is what I recall Kimmi referring to Mel as. So why was it ok for Mel to ask personal questions to the other couples, but when Tisha ask The Holts about ” deal breakers” she’s the bad guy. Melody didn’t have to speak on their problems, she chose to. So really, Carlos is the root of the problem, because the cheating rumors were already out there and he probably gave Melody the opportunity to bring it up before someone else brought it up on camera. So, yes memory may be a little faded, but NEVER trash!! And as Mel sis ” these were question that needed to be asked, and I loved every bit of it. Martell didn’t like it and lied and said he was not a cheater. Bottom line, The decision was already made to make their cheating another focal point of the show, and the business part became a secondary plot point. That’s my view on it. And again, I’m not placing blame on any one person, I’m just calling it like I see it. Tisha has always been on the defensive from day 1.

          3. You’re annoying me a little now. I literally said that LaTisha was the first one to bring up Martell cheating at dinner. And I said it was Martell and Marsau who started the problems for the cast, not LaTisha or any of the women. So what are you trying to argue about?

          4. Valerie, I usually don’t participate in the conversations on here about misogynoir, but I may need to. Martell and Marsau caused all of the drama back in season 1 but you’ll have people come on here and say it’s all Melody or another female cast member. I’ve had enough.

  19. Who cares? Melody doesn’t want to be friends with these folks. It doesn’t matter who started what. It’s weird people can’t accept when a grown woman doesn’t want to fool with certain people and moves on.

  20. I think that all of them except Mel have some sense cause Kim is mess she went and repeat words about Mel party knowing it was mess and then Latish husband he like Mel you can see this in his eyes when he is around her, but the show is nothing like it used to be the haters the fussing all the time it is not a good show.

  21. My comment is off topic but I respected the fact that Martel, all though brief admitted that he does miss the life he had with Mel and the kids… Mel even gotta misty eyed a little bit. I was rooting for them but he just really did entirely too much

    1. Anj’ela, I agree with you. Having been married and now divorced, I have learned that no one, absolutely no one can tell you what to do in your marriage. It is my belief that if they were not on social media and tv, Melody may have accepted the baby and moved on in her marriage. People say that’s not what they will do but let me state a fact. You don’t know what you will do until you are in those shoes. I believe Melody and Martell still love each other deeply. They have a lifetime connection and their children looks just like the both of them. It’s kind of hard to recover easily because of that. I wish them both the best. Stranger things can happen. They both can move on to different people and still come back together. It’s no ones decision but theirs. Best Wishes!

      P.S. The cost of social media and reality tv. Is it or is it not worth it.

  22. The reunion was nothing more than “Melody’s the one to blame” pileup. So sad & pathetic. I can see why Mel pays em dust.

  23. Right, I use to think Mel was the problem bc she does fall out with a lot of ppl but I know know she just aint got the time nor patience for foolishness

    1. Man this! I didn’t like Melody at all the first season. But then I started to notice that she has to deal with a lot of foolishness and gaslighting. And she still won’t let it break her. I’m completely a fan now.

  24. LaTish and Marcel needs to get a new storyline. Mel is a Boss keep doing you Mel leave mess with the messy

  25. I don’t know you but you said everything correct. Mel knew her husband was cheating before show started and if that girl wouldn’t had that baby she would still be with her husband and thats their business. She knew the young lady was pregnant and she did away with the baby. Mel continued her marriage had another baby husband thats fine. No one should be rooting for any marriage to break up. Same goes for Latisha and Marsau. Carlos continues to asked Tisha what are you going to do if you find out hes cheating. No women or husband know how they would handle a situation like that into they cross that bridge. I’m so over Mel and Martel, move on and co parent. No one said anything about Mel going live during production with the incident with Mrs.Wanda so, she get plenty of passes on this show. I wish them all well and would like to see black entrepreneurs making money. Any drama should be resolved easy not I want my peace, I’m good, then bring people on this show to degrade someone or prove a point. The Whitlows need to go. Period. Carlos King is too much and so invested. He was just on the phone with Sheree then get on there and tell Martel he’s worried about him and that he still love Mel. Stop it Carlos stay in your lane and let them move on.

  26. Ooooh! You said it! Thank you for your honest and mature message. I, 1000% agree with you.

    That’s it and that’s all. I don’t want to battle with anyone else about their difference of opinion. It’s okay to agree to disagree. This one, I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks, Sherry Booker!

  27. Again, nope. I have NEVER commented on Martell and Arionne, because, I don’t care about that situation, she’s not even on the show, so your confused. And, I don’t hate Melody or any of the cast members. I was offering my opinion about Kimmi’s comment. First of all, everyone on this show as far as I ‘m concerned brings it, on camera, and on Social media, that’s why we continue to talk about the show, but yeah sir, you got me confused with someone else. I would call out ANY cast member if I wanted to make a observation or point, DOES NOT mean I ‘m hating on that person. Really???

  28. Nah, I’m done. People can’t differentiate between an argument and a different outlook. I’m not argiung, just saying my interpretation of how things got started. I don’t want know smoke. And definitely not favoring men over women. Not even about that. What do I expect from somebody that goes by “Hater!!”

    1. I’ll leave you be because you said you don’t want any smoke. But yes, my name is Hater because I hate liars and stupid people. I like my name and will continue to use it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  29. This is for everyone on this site who is making comments.

    It is okay to have our own personal opinion. We have to learn to agree to disagree with each other. There are some people on here who are calling people out of their names because they have a difference of opinion.

    Please stop!

    Whatever you believe is your belief! If you feel and think you’re right, stand on it. You don’t have to talk about people whom you don’t know in any derogatory way. Some of you even call some of the cast members names. It’s not good and it can be very hurtful.

    Please, Please Stop!

  30. Melody does not always say anything about the others until they continue to come after her and enough is enough. Melody has apologized to Tish several times about the cheating aggregation in her marriage, but Tish has not been able to move on from the past. Also, Melody does not need to take Martel back under any circumstances. Kimmi, spoke the truth on the reunion, but she also needs to take accountability on the part that she plays in all of this, she can throw a rock and hid her hand,

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