Marsau Scott & Latisha Scott’s Son Calls Out Marsau over Treatment of LaTisha

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LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott’s marriage receives constant criticism from LAMH fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” couple Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott are used to criticism about their marriage. In fact, their marriage first came under fire thanks to Martell Holt. Martell addressed his longtime affair on the show. And after he watched some episodes, he wasn’t happy to see Marsau cracking jokes about the situation. In fact, Martell and Melody Shari weren’t pleased to see a friend make light of such a dark time in their marriage. So Martell got even by accusing Marsau of cheating with “20 different women.” In response, LaTisha confronted Melody about the accusations. They haven’t been friends since although Marsau and Martell hashed out their issues.

LaTisha and Marsau have denied that cheating is anything their marriage has been subjected to. However, speculation about Marsau’s faithfulness isn’t the only target of criticism. In fact, some fans have called out Marsau for things he’s said to LaTisha. And they believe that Marsau has been disrespectful with his choice of words while speaking to her.

Interestingly enough, it seems as if LAMH fans aren’t the ones being critical. On the upcoming episode, Marsau and LaTisha’s son reveals he thinks Marsau can be disrespectful, as well.

Marsau Scott is called out by his son.

In the trailer, Marsau and LaTisha are having dinner with their children. Marsau asks, “Do y’all miss your mom cooking every day?” He continues, “Well guys she can’t cook right now because she’s working.”

Their son then says, “I would never let my spouse talk to me like that.”

Marsau looks taken aback by their son’s comment.

In another scene, LaTisha confides in Kimmi Scott about the new development at Scholt. Apparently, Marsau has a new partner. And he’s given this person LaTisha’s desk.

“Marsau has a business partner now for Scholt, so he just took over my desk.”

The preview also shows LaTisha still may not be ready to move forward with her cousin Keke Jabbar. As we reported, their cousin pushed them to spend some time together. Although Keke expressed regret for her actions on the show, LaTisha isn’t sure she can trust Keke again.

LaTisha tells Keke, “I can’t let you back in and then you turn around and hurt me again.”

Keke will also have a heated moment with Tiffany Whitlow over comments Tiffany made about her fallout with LaTisha.


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    1. So true Lisa, Parents have to realize that kids don’t do what you say…they do what you do. Those girls are taking mental notes. It will show up in every relationship they have with the opposite sex. One day Tisha will learn that Marsau and others only treat you the way you allow them to treat you. She is so committed to superficial (the way things look) She cant handle the internal. Her denial is so deep its scary.

  1. Marsau didn’t say anything that was disrespectful!! He has, but not this time. Kids need to stay in a kids place.

    1. That let’s us know those kids hear and see a lot. He’s speaking up for his Mom as he see Dad is disrespecting her

    2. Exactly, from this short clip Marsau didn’t say anything wrong. They should not have their kids involved in this tv stuff cause then they will be mad when some viewers start talking trash about their kids.

    3. Just the fact that Marsau would use the kids as a way to try and make a point was putting them directly in that place as well as it being disrespectful. Can’t have it both ways. Ijs

    4. Sounds like his son is the only one who has any sense and has the balls enough to speak the truth. Whats sad is that this disgusting POS is an example of what a husband and father should be like, only breeding more narcissistic cold hearted cheaters to take the sanctity of marriage and family in vain!!! It’s pretty pathetic when children seem to have more common sense in their own parents!!! Hopefully they’ll learn from them and know what they don’t want in a partner by watching their parents!!

  2. You can’t be mad at any child for protecting their Mother period.
    I wish Tiffany would 😶 and stop speaking on people’s situationships.
    She’s not a counselor to give any advice. She’s meddling and stirring the pot…scraping the sludge on the bottom.

  3. I don’t think their son was disrespectful here. But LaTisha should take note of how her own children see things. It’s easy to write every piece of criticism off as people are hating on your marriage. But when your own children see problems, it’s time to get real with yourself.

  4. One word….Editing. it does not seem reasonable for the child to make that comment in THAT moment. I suspect it was said at another time but it was edited in there. Either way, that marriage is toxic.

  5. Marsau has never wanted Tisha to have her own and he always sound controlling talking to her, making her feelings not valid, not being supportive now he done moved somebody in HER office and didn’t even tell her

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