Drew Sidora is Accused of Having an Affair with a Woman by Marlo Hampton & Sheree Whitfield

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton air out some messy gossip about Drew Sidora.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora is a hot topic on social media. Fans have a lot to say about the midseason trailer. The trailer showed a lot of interesting developments, including Sanya Richards-Ross confirming to Aaron Ross that they are having another baby. Aaron was delighted by the news. However, Drew’s scenes have grabbed more attention from fans because she’s been hit with new allegations. Before filing for divorce, Todd Tucker hired Drew to be the lead actress in his movie, “The Pass.” In the movie, Drew’s character has a steamy relationship with another woman. And according to the trailer, Ralph wasn’t happy about this at all.

Drew was tasked to do a very intense love scene with the woman. In one scene, Ralph makes it clear that he’s not happy that Drew kissed the woman.

He asks Drew, “Did you kiss her?”

Drew answers, “This is work.”

Ralph responds, “So you’re a method actor?”

In another scene, Marlo Hampton has a phone conversation in which she alleges that Drew was having a real-life affair with another woman.

“I can’t get over she’s dating a woman the way she was, ‘I ain’t never kiss a girl!'”

In a green screen interview, Sheree Whitfield says, “She was cheating with a well-known basketball player…That’s what the streets were saying.”

Drew Sidora doesn’t know how to answer questions about Ty Young.

Apparently, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust hopped on social media to accuse Drew of creeping with Ty Young. As we reported, Ty is known for playing in the WNBA. She and Mimi have been on and off romantically for years.

Later on in the midseason trailer, a producer asks Drew who Ty is to her. And Drew answers, “I don’t know what I can say and not say.”

Other interesting moments include Kenya’s tense exchange with Sanya. Kenya angrily tells Sanya that she wants Marlo to stop talking about her daughter Brooklyn Daly. And Sanya didn’t appreciate Kenya’s tone. Plus, Drew isn’t happy to see her former assistant Anthony at an event. She alleges that he threw a shoe at her.


    1. Agree! This season is very, very, very, very AWFUL! Sheree, Marlo, don’t have an storyline so they are being very, very, messy. Cynthia, Porsha, Eva, & Nene I’m sure y’all are glad not to be on this show it’s horrible. By the way let’s be REAL Sheree, Marlo, & Sanya, just mad that Kandi, really have more $$$$$$$$$$. It’s time to get NEW HOUSEWIVES like New York time for fresh faces.

  1. These grown women are so irritating….Every time they hear something, it’s always something the “STREETS” are saying…Well let me tell it,the “STREETS” has something to say about each and everyone of them!!! They take every rumor and run with it as if it’s true!! Just grown and messy!!

  2. Marlo mind your and stay out of others. You don’t have a story line but talking at your nephew who passed away a year ago. We all have lost love ones but, stop using his death for a line. So what if Drew had an affair with a woman or man, that’s not even news. Things like that are happening every day. Maybe because she’s married but wasn’t her husband hanging out in Miami with another woman?

  3. The fake lesbian storyline makes me cringe. I vote for a new City with a NEW BLACL cast!

    We are long overdue !

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