Kenya Moore Calls out RHOA Producers for Season Finale Edit

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While some RHOA fans are enjoying the season, others are very critical.

The current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is a hot topic on social media. While there has been plenty of drama and controversies to discuss, some fans are not happy with how things have been playing out. They do not feel every cast member is getting equal screen time and focus on their personal lives. In fact, some have even said that they feel as if Kenya Moore had a noticeable drop in screen time. Earlier in the season, they also felt like Kandi Burruss wasn’t getting a fair edit in an attempt to upflit Marlo Hampton during their feud. Interestingly enough, Kenya told her X followers that she wholeheartedly believes producers protect Marlo often with their editing choices.

She said even more during her interview with Carlos King. Kenya said that while it looks like other cast members are protected, she has never been protected on RHOA. And when people wanted to come for her on the show, producers were okay with this. During another part of the interview, Kenya said Marlo is being favored by producers. She said this alleged favoritism made her less enthusiastic about filming scenes.

Kenya went on to say that she’s contributed a lot to the success of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” So she isn’t happy with how things are going behind the scenes.

Kenya Moore isn’t happy about the editing of the season finale.

Well, hours ago, Kenya had more to say on X. She posted about opening up her new spa and salon. And she confirmed footage from the launch didn’t make it into the season finale. So she told her supporters where they could see videos and photos from the day.

In response, an X user wrote, “If this is actually her spa, there’s a conscious business decision she’s made to not have it featured on the show. The way their contracts are structured, any of their businesses that receive a lot of screen time, Bravo gets a percentage of the pie.”

Kenya spotted the post and told the person they were wrong.

“Completely false. I wanted it seen because it’s marketing and the show FOLLOWS my life. My salon spa opening has a beginning, middle, and end. The end (opening and completion) was intentionally deleted while others were focused on that fell out of the sky #RHOA.”

Another person posted, “Production seemed to have heavily marketed all of Kandi’s business adventures. They marketed both her restaurants as well as the movie that was just released.”

Kenya agreed, “#facts ALL her businesses. You can’t pick and choose and show random scenes that don’t support a full storyline #RHOA #kenyamoorehairspa.”


  1. I definitely will say I’m with Kenya đź’Ż% on this one!!! They show everything that Kandi does,they promote her multiple businesses…I really do believe Kandi has the producers in her pocket…just pay attention to it..

    1. But Kenya was the one who told NeNe she was being phased out. NeNe said Kenya was the only one who kept it real with her when everything was going on.

  2. When the show comes on and it about Marlo I turn to another station, there is nothing about Marlo worth watching he took in her nephew and played a row about them, if Marlo stays the show is not worth watching

    1. Me too, Odessa!

      I turn the tv when a scene with Marlo comes on.

      I just can’t take it.

      She is a bottom bum b_____, like Kenya said! Watch her facial expressions! Marlo is never happy, geniunely!

      That’s my truth!

  3. Nobody is interested in Kenya’s Spa. I don’t blame them for deleting it.

    I only watche clips of the show waiting for something interesting to happen.

  4. I am team, Kenya as well as most of the ladies. This was not a good season to watch across the board. To be honest, seeing your interaction with Miss Brooklyn was the only happy upbeat moments and Sanya interacting with her son which turned a little sad but happen again.

    Bravo needs an overhaul! Marloooow is at the top of the list to go. She doesn’t even have a genuine smile. She truly does wear her feelings on her sleeves/face and she can’t hide it. She is jealous of all of the ladies because she hasn’t put in enough work. Selling resell clothes and now building a Foster Home Foundation. Your anger issues should not be connected to any foster home until they are addressed and healed. What are you going to pass on?

    You spend more than you bring in, I’m sure. So, social work will not accommodate your lifestyle and I don’t think you’ll take a fashion cut in order to help people.

    Kenya, continue to build your empire and if you want another baby use a surrogate. If Mark agreed that the embryos are yours who cares whether he wants it or not. Do you need something from him? Let God and Let God! There’s another man out there that will love to be with you, Miss Brooklyn and her sibling.

    Do you and please, please, please let Mark go? Pay him to go away! Is it worth your time anymore? You say he’s a FaceTime dad to Brooklyn. So, what else do you want from him?

    I’m wishing you the best and I pray that all of you ladies find other things to do.

    1. Your absolutely correct, marlo in my opinion hasn’t brought nearly half of what these other women have brought to the table, these ladies have brought table’s, utensils, wall pictures, salt and pepper shakers, even floor mats, Marlo hasn’t personally brought anything/ nothing but pure drama, she’s definitely/ clearly JEALOUS of ALL THE OTHER WOMEN, and want to be each and every 1 of them in her very own naraccistic way, in my opinion she’s TEN FACED, she jumps on what ever wagon that can pull her, she’s totally clueless in my EYE’S, and so with this being said, they better pay very very very close attention to her, because seems to me as if she’s trying to sabotage, these LADIES one by one, and will go to great lengths in doing so, this is just the beginning, and in my opinion she’s definitely just getting started, Marlo brings drama, acts very childish, and hasn’t grown in my eyes, at all, she’s definitely too negative for me, and ANYTIME, you have to keep a close eye on someone as her, WATCH OUT, it’s most definitely something about what’s going on with the show, and how all of a sudden she’s receiving all this Attention and airtime, watch how the drama unfolds NEXT season, just WATCH!!!!

  5. If they’re going to promote everything Kandi and Todd do 100%, they need to do the same for everyone else. It’s that simple. Nothing more nothing less.

  6. Kenya is absolutely right. If she didn’t have anything of value to bring to the show, they wouldn’t have kept her. Besides bringing the entertainment of her wittiness and her backbone to not be bullied, the onset of her hair care is intriguing. Her products work and smell amazing. Why wouldn’t Bravo want to showcase that?

    1. Most definitely. That’s why they shouldn’t have been so shady when she was going through it. The industry will always be cutthroat.

  7. Kenya this is retaliation for you calling all the ladies b-tches some seasons ago. Find another platform to be on.

  8. Girl go to sleep!! Marlo is great TV why you think she has been around 10 years plus… Now Kandi….. ummmm nooooooo

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