Marlo Hampton & Manager Call out Kandi Burruss + Say Marlo’s Family Deserved More

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Marlo Hampton has been very critical of Kandi Burruss as of late.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton is a hot topic on social media thanks to her ongoing feud with Kandi Burruss. As we reported, Marlo made her intentions clear previously in an interview with Carlos King. And she said that while Kandi did advocate for her to get a peach, she still felt like Kandi had been “coasting” on the show for too long. So the point was to apply pressure on her and make her “work for her check.” Marlo just didn’t feel she owed Kandi any kind of loyalty. Regardless, Kandi said she was caught off-guard by Marlo’s behavior. She thought everything was good.

On the current season of RHOA, Marlo has more to say. She believes Kandi is refusing to speak about the Blaze incident in which her cousin was shot. However, Kandi said that she couldn’t say much because the investigation was ongoing. Later on in a green screen interview, she said more. She explained an employee came to the restaurant drunk. They argued with her cousin outside. And then they shot him.

Marlo said the whole incident really triggered her. This is because it reminds her of her nephew’s death that took place a couple of years ago. And he used to work at Old Lady Gang. She also went on to allege that the killer used to work at the restaurant. He was also her nephew’s roommate.

Kandi Burruss said Marlo Hampton hasn’t been telling the truth.

Well, Kandi responded to Marlo’s claims. She said that the person who shot Marlo’s nephew was never her employee. And it seems as if Marlo is using her nephew’s death to make her look bad. So this makes Marlo a horrible person. She also will go all the way off on Marlo in an upcoming episode.

On the next episode, Marlo has a conversation with her manager Tye about the situation. She says Kandi should have done more for her family.

“When my nephew passed, my family was shocked that Kandi didn’t do anything. They thought I was lying.”

She continued, “Girl, you were supposed to call my sister. You’re supposed to cater with OLG.”

Tye then says, “Now I understand that she may not have known him personally but if you run a business and you lose an employee, you send a card. You send a condolences, you send flowers.”


    1. Marlo will never leave willingly! She’ll have to be fired! I still don’t know why she was made a HW? She hasn’t even shown a boyfriend much less a husband! She’s beggin’ for attention even if she has to lie! Making up stories is her thing and playing the victim is her calling card after insulting all others around her! It’s pathetic, but most of the ATL need to grow the fk. up; esp. old lady Sheree! She lies constantly trying to survive being let go yet again! 😉

    2. She sure is. Jealous

      Marlo acts like somebody with issues,
      who hasn’t taken her medication.

  1. GIRL BYE! Why is she getting away with this behavior. I am truly puzzled. What has reality turned into? It used to be fun to watch. Now, it’s a takedown process. It’s a power trip. Marlo does not and is not capable of being in the star light. She has some more growing to do. She goes low, real low! The kind of low that could damage a person for life. She is not fit for tv. That is my unapologetic viewpoint.

    She was not a good decision for Bravo. Her mind is not wrapped tight. The sad thing is she’s an Aquarius, like me, Kenya, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and many other greats. It is unbelievable how deep her emotions go. She needs healing. Leave Kandi, Kenya, Drew, Monyetta etc., etc., etc. alone. It’s only a matter of time before it is Sheree and Sanya. You have no boundaries.

    I think with some therapy and healing in time you can be a star. Right now, any man you date is in trouble if he hurts you in any way.

    Best Wishes!

  2. I guess that investigation wrapped up to allow kandi to speak more on the incident, but I digress. Marlo it’s clear that your angry and may want attention. I can’t believe you are acting like a pick me. Kandi and kenya just don’t do you. Why would your family even question that. Would they have spoken to the police about that. Kandi is a messy wreck as it is, no need to add on.

  3. Marlo is really blowing this way out of proportion and seeking serious attention. She needs therapy/counseling, not RHOA

  4. I really think,Marlo’s peach need to be taking because she didn’t really deserve it no way.

  5. Truth be Told , Mario has always been a Snake crawling on her belly ‼️
    My question, Why is she still allowed to be on the show and continue to Bully People WTF 😳

  6. This chick is clearly delusional. Kandi doesn’t owe Marlo anything. I’m so sick of her atp. How are u, taking all these years to get a peach, say ur making somebody work for their check?! She must not realize how long Kandi’s paper is and she really doesn’t “need” a check

  7. Marlo, her family and team sound dumb as f-ck. Her nephew wasn’t even working at OLG when he was shot. I will never understand needy and entitled a-s people. Stay the f-ck away from me.

  8. Marlo is trying to stay relevant because she knows her days are numbered. Noone likes her, first she drags people down next she is praying for them, so phony. A little drama is OK, but she has something nasty to say about everyone. She needs to go.

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