Kandi Burruss Confirms Her Relationship with Drew Sidora Only Worsened at RHOA Reunion

Photo Credit: Bravo

Drew Sidora and Kandi Burruss’ friendship took a hit during the current season of RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Drew Sidora aren’t on the best of terms. Things took a turn after Kandi accused Drew of kissing LaToya Howard on the controversial Bolo night. Drew denied locking lips with LaToya. In fact, she also denied the accusations when they first occurred a couple of seasons ago. However, Kandi told Drew that she was lying because she saw them do it in front of her. As for LaToya, she has confirmed kissing Drew and denied kissing her as well multiple times. Regardless, Drew wasn’t feeling Kandi’s insistence to prove her to be a liar. In return, she said Kandi is the one who is lying. And Kandi took that really personally.

It’s been rumored that Drew and Kandi’s status only worsened when the cast filmed the reunion recently. Kandi actually confirmed this during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. When she was asked if they were able to hash things out at the reunion, Kandi said things only got worse.

Kandi Burruss and Drew Sidora had more tension at the reunion.

She said, “I feel like it got worse at the reunion. But I think what she does not understand, for me, I don’t really care if they kiss or not. You’re not gonna call me a liar, honey. And you’re not gonna say I made up stuff about you. I do not make up stuff about anybody.”

Kandi continued, “So I think that’s what really made me more angry and furious. And I’m gonna keep dropping receipts if you keep playing with me.”

Regardless, Kandi said the reunion was one for the books.

“I felt like from the time we started until it ended, it was everything.”

Andy Cohen recently said Kandi showed up to the reunion with one of the shadiest receipts he’s ever seen. Kandi clarified that it was more of a diss than a receipt.

“I don’t want to give away too much. But it wasn’t necessarily something I would call a receipt, like not oh Kandi did something. Here’s a receipt to show. It was more so a diss.”

Kandi also said she doesn’t think RHOA could do a complete cast overhaul like “Real Housewives of New York” just received.

“Atlanta is different. I don’t feel like you can do the same thing with Atlanta like you did with New York, just totally drop everybody and start all over. But I feel like, yes, of course, you can add new people.”

Interestingly enough, Kandi’s dream cast includes Porsha Williams and NeNe Leakes.

“I definitely would add back Porsha, I would. If there was any world where NeNe could be added back, I would add her back just cause she be having so much to say about us.”


  1. Kandi,

    I like you so very much and I have nothing but admiration for all that you do. However, I think your time is up. You’re trying to become messy and that’s not really you. HWOA has dropped too classless. Kenya can’t do it by herself and everybody else are truly followers.

    Whether Drew kissed the girl or not she’s going through a fragile time. So, as a friend why didn’t you just leave the subject alone. Maybe, she did and she didn’t want it to affect her marriage. Ralph is not Todd!

    I was disappointed in you this year. Marlo disrespects you all over and you’re chummy, chummy with her again but Drew is going through something so traumatic with her life/family and you basically kick her.

    I’m team Drew on this one.

    I wish you all the best of luck.
    If Porsha has had anger management, then and only then can she come back. Porsha has deep seeded emotional issues and she will cut you again.

    Best Wishes

    1. I agree…cuz Kandi wants everyone not to talk about her stuff. Far as I’m concerned it wasn’t bout u being called liar. You have never brought it up. If this how u treat friends its nasty.

    2. I totally agree. Kandi has become very messy and is showing a very negative side of herself.
      I hope she take heed to post like yours and reflect on some her actions. Drew is in need of some real friendships and support.

    3. I believe, if you read the article, that the main issue with Drew is she called Kandi a liar. She double down on that. Drew should’ve just let it alone. And where did you see Kandi being chummy with Marlo? When you’re a boss you sometimes have to stand firm in what you believe #teamKandi

      1. I agree, Kandi has always been truthful and with Drew calling her a liar, that’s like being cut with a knife! The divorce proceeding will tell us all we want to know about Drew and her appetite for the ladies.

    4. You said perfectly. Drew is a woman she could have kissed a million women, so what if she didn’t say anything. I feel for her right now, no woman or man should have to experience hurt and pain when it comes to marriage. Be a supportive friend and encourage her not drag her. I agree, Kandi is changing for the worse. I’m looking at her different now.

  2. There aren’t enough conversations about how terribly Kandi treats her friends. She said she’s doing the most because Drew called her a liar, but she was being a mean girl to Drew well before then. Like her saying and scene when Drew was crying about her marriage and that lawsuit. Marlo was right. Kandi doesn’t know how to be empathetic. And it’s disturbing.

    1. Kandi think is better than everyone on the show. She is going for the mean girl. She tries run her family like she does Todd act they are perfect family a lie. She a lie stated she want Porsha and Nene back.

    2. I agree with you Kandi needs to leave the show. So what if Drew did or did not kiss the girl why did Kandi have to bring it up. Kandi acts just like her mother! Horribly and do not care about anyones feelings, just like her mother!

    3. Marlo has no room too talk she totally disrespected Kenya every chance she could and now she pretending to be a good person please when ever she disagrees with someone watch out she’s coming for them

    4. I’m so disappointed in Kandi ,she had so much now she just a mean girl ,Leave Drew alone she’s facing her own problems where is the support if that’s how Atlanta women show friendship and woman empowerment it’s so sad.

    1. Kandi was really disappointing. What a low life of a woman. She used to be my favourite but then she couldn’t hide her real self. Not sure why Todd is sticking with her. The worst wife anyone could ask for. The way she has treated Drew is appalling. With a friend like that who needs an enemy. She wishes Porsha and Nene Leakes could be back; why not join them in the gutter. I’m sure Kandi is a major reason RHOA is becoming uninteresting.

  3. It’s funny hearing Kandi say how much she wants Porsha and NeNe back since she always loved ganging up on them for storylines. Now she’s doing that to Drew because she’d rather be a mean girl than show her real life.

    1. Please disconnect this show. It’s really not a positive look for our community as black women.

      The backbiting is the only way to keep ratings? Please end the ghetto behavior from women who really have what it takes to fly higher.

      1. You are so correct, but that’s how they get their ratings by making us as black women’s, looking and acting like a bunch of hood ghetto chicks, I wish if they continue with the show they would put a positive spin on they storylines, instead of tearing each other’s down .. we as black women’s should have enough sense to do better and don’t let them control our behavior just for a coin. It looks bad and a disgusting . Kandi thinks it’s her show that’s why she tried so hard to get nene off, and nene was one of the original cast members , kandi just have to be in control no matter who it hurts. Hell you saw how she acted with Todd, she didn’t like the ideal he was doing something for himself. If anything take kandi, off the show and rebuild it with new cast members like nene . Kenya isn’t much just a follower so if kandi gets off the show watch how Kenya turns into a snail

    2. Well I say a lots of money hungry grown women needs to stop acting like spoil simple air head brats.So you want someone to be a fan of that.Just messy women with mental issues.

  4. Drew is a very difficult to deal with, there is no reasoning with this lady, that is also why she has the problems that she has with her husband, I don’t blame Ralph I would get away from her too. With Drew you just throw your hands 👐 up and walk away or she will drive you insane.

  5. They treat Drew just like they did Porsha. So now after they ran off Porsha, they want to bring her back just to gang up on her again about her personal business while Kandi continues to not share her own. Drew isn’t the problem, Kandi is and has been for a long time. She’s a friend to no one and only cares about money.

  6. That SWV show showed me how nasty Kandi can be. Kandi is passive aggressive and just won’t come out and say she doesn’t like Drew. Meanwhile she has none of this energy for Marlo. Marlo was trying to ruin her business, brand, and reputation. That is worse than Drew denying what she did with her own lips. So what gives?

  7. This is why RHOA isn’t good anymore. Drew kissing or not kissing Latoya is not interesting. It was already discussed the season it happened. They are rehashing stale drama meanwhile Kandi still won’t tell us WHY her cousin was shot at her business. That is way more interesting.

    1. Drew repeats everything from meaningless conversations and makes a big deal out of nothing.
      Kandi appears to be no longer interested in the show or the girls…she is board with them

    2. Umm Kandi did tell us why he was shot lol. She said a employee came in to work late and drunk her cousin told him to leave he didn’t want to her cousin told him to step outside and they got to tussling and the dude pulled out a gun and shot him

      1. I’m sorry but that isn’t the full story. Who was the employee? How long was he or she working there? Why did they come to work drunk and what is their history with the cousin who was shot? And why is this not the first shooting at one of Kandi’s restaurants? And why hasn’t Kandi talked about the first shooting and victim?

  8. I think everyone has been coming for Kandi yes i know she always give her input but she don’t be lying.If anything these ladies should be thanking Kandi she give them a storyline all of them except Kenya Moore she is the show Marlo needs to be replaced.All she does is speak kandi name and Sheree girl u should be happy they brought u back. Ur just a follower u always someone shadow.Drew is a flipfopper she just a straight up lier.Yes she right she is an actress..Kandi I love u and Kenya u have my heart…U ladies are the real housewives of Alanta.

  9. Kandi does lie. She said she wasn’t going to divulge what happened at that Bolo party but she couldn’t wait to put Porsha, Drew, and LaToya on blast. She’s always telling someone else’s business. Kandi is a snake but gets a pass because her fans act like they’re in some kind of cult. Everyone lies, including Kandi. 🙄

  10. Kandi needs to stop using other people for storylines. What Drew does with her body is none of Kandi’s business. Kandi likes to use people like Porsha and Drew to deflect and not show her real life on the show.

    1. Kandi definitely helped to ruin Drew’s marriage. I can’t get over how she treated that gurl. In Marlo’s words “Karma is a b-tch”.

  11. They Judy need to shut the show. These ladies are too talented, smart and rich to be going after to each like high school girls for a vag. I know it’s a reality show but I’d find something else to do. Uts so tocic. All of them will say anything to stay on that show and have a storyline. They all have businesses for bags. Go do that.

  12. Is true Kandi needs to stop being so evil remember karma is a b-tch whatever goes around comes around you where so Kool before come back to us Kandi you where always so classy.

  13. Truth b told everyone has hidden truths but your eyes see what they see. Series has become boring no good story lines. I am team kandi make your money boo. Haters want what you got be blessed n no stress. Just saying its all bout the 💰

  14. I like Kandi but think she is NOT a loyal friend to Kenya and you can tell by her facial expressions when she interacts with Kenya. She only tolerates Kenya because Kenya wants to be friends. But Kandi sucks up
    to other women who have back stabbed her like Nene and Porsha, while Kenya has been a fan of Kandi’s all along and Kandi treats her so matter of fact like she can take Kenya or leave her. Kandi moves which ever way the wind blows and Kenya will find out she is not loyal to the ppl who really have her back. Karma will come for Kandi on that one because Kenya genuinely cares about Kandi and wants a real friendship.

  15. Everything everybody said about Kandi is so very true. I quit watching that show years ago. Damn yall still looking at that messy boo boo?

  16. How is Kenya the show. She’s measy and boring and has never truly had her own storyline. Just a Mean girl constantly stirring the Pot to generate conflict and airtime 🤦🏿‍♀️

    1. Finally someone said it!!! Kenya is very negative and always playing victim. And finally this season, Sanya called out the double standards the ladies have against Marlo. I love Marlo because she keeps it real and you can tell therapy has worked for her. And Kenya keeps testing her. I really feel if they remove Kenya, the show will have less drama. Have yall noticed plenty of times Kenya isn’t present, the ladies get alone so well?

  17. If it’s that much of problem w ladies , than stop the show . I’m quite sure there are other things that can be put on tv and can be entertaining as well. Not shows that have black men women boys girls sowing each other. We do enough by being on news every night for someone shooting another person ( black on black) so many stupid and uncalled for reasons. Put something positive on for a change.Maybe your ratings will go up.

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