Ralph Pittman Defends Courtney Rhodes’ Controversial Comment on Drew Sidora’s Son

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Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman’s marriage woes played out on RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora is a hot topic on the current season of the show. Her marriage to Ralph Pittman worsened. This wasn’t surprising to fans who are well aware of the Tampa situation. As we reported, in Drew’s first season she revealed Ralph skipped town after they had an intense argument. And for months, he would not tell her where he went. Eventually, Ralph told Drew that he went to Tampa. He went there because he needed to “clear his mind.” Although Ralph denied cheating on Drew while he was there, many fans of the show weren’t so sure he was telling the truth.

Drew also said she believed Ralph acted inappropriately with a woman he hired to be his assistant. According to Drew, she discovered a text from the woman telling Ralph he should have taken her up on her offer to give him a back rub when he had back pain.

During Season 15, Drew and Ralph’s issues reappeared when they began to have disagreements over Courtney Rhodes. Courtney was introduced on the show originally as Sheree Whitfield‘s friend. Then at some point, Ralph and Courtney began saying they were cousins. However, Courtney has since admitted they aren’t actually related.

Before Drew was aware Ralph and Courtney weren’t actually cousins, she was told by Monyetta Shaw that Courtney called her the B-word. Monyetta alleged Courtney said this while she was discussing Drew with Sanya Richards Ross, Marlo Hampton, and Sheree.

Drew questioned why Ralph continued a close relationship with Courtney if Courtney was speaking negatively about her to other people. Ralph’s response was Courtney hadn’t done anything to him and that mattered more.

Ralph Pittman continues to back up Courtney Rhodes.

Well, Drew also felt like Ralph should have taken issue with the comments Courtney made about her oldest son. Courtney accused Drew of wanting Ralph to adopt her son so she could be with women on his dime. Drew went off on Courtney at the reunion about this, too.

Drew took to X to say, “I must always protect and stand for my children against this type of evil. I gave him the opportunity to shut his unverifiable fake cousin down for her disgusting comments made concerning my son, however, he refused to do so & it breaks my heart.”

She continued, “She meant to be nasty & rude making comments and dragging my child into this. KIDS ARE ALWAYS OFF LIMITS!!! That’s it, that’s all……we’re done!”

Ralph responded to Drew’s posts. He wrote, “It’s time to speak truth so let’s be real. You expect me to pay child support when he has a father that wants to play an active role in his life but you won’t let him. Your adoption request was only a money grab and control. Since the age of 3, I stepped up to fill the gap as a man and unconditionally provided from my heart without expectations.”

He continued, “I will continue being there but you’re not going to take advantage of me or use this show to get your way. I understand playing the battered victim role earns you sympathy on this platform but you will respect me as a Father. I love all my kids and have given them the world, including you. It’s about them now. #Respect”

Many RHOA fans are not feeling Ralph’s post. In fact, they have accused him of hypocrisy. They believe his book about fatherhood could be considered a “money grab” since he never adopted Drew’s son, despite writing about him in the book.


    1. My thoughts too! Ralph is going to regret acting like this one day and then again, being who he is…..He just may not! He’s definitely a biotch to me!

      As long as Drew was going for the ol’ okey doke (Tampa, etc) it was all good. Soon as she wasn’t taking it anymore she’s a problem.

      And what does Ralph do anyway? He talking about Drew trying to get money from him??? He seems like the type that would ask for spousal support. I’m going to sit and wait.

  1. He is just simply low down and dirty. She should realize she is really better off without something like him. Let him and his “cousin” gone.

  2. Ralph and Kourtney cousins alright KISSING COUSINS….and Ralph from one man to another you a P**** for that post …if he like your biological child how u NOT find a PROBLEM with the comments BOBBLE HEAD made.

  3. Ralph and his side chick aint fooling NOBODY. The nerve of both of them! Lying and acting like they’re family. He dont care nothing about Drew or her son.

  4. I like all of these comment and their all true. You’ve been there since he was 3 and didn’t see anything wrong with your fake cousin comment. Boy bye tell that to someone else. If anyone is a liar it’s you and Courtney, trying to be like Simon and Porsha but using cousins to make it a better watch, if yall was returning. Guess what ya’ll not returning so bye-bye. Also every person on the show with or without kids should have said something to her and him as well. It’s wasn’t about Drew in that moment it was about that child.

    1. Alright, Jackee! I 1000% agree!

      This season was so tasteless. I’m disappointed in Kandi and Kenya. At least Monyetta was the only one who spoke up for Drew. Ralph and What’s her stroke face should not be allowed to be on social media. If they can fire, Erica Mena for her comment then they can fire Courtnee looooodown and Ralph for theirs. Leave kids out of your mouth. All of you should let this be a lesson.

      And, I mean all! You are all showing just how emotionally immature you really are. Marlo apologizing to Brooklyn during the reunion. It is a seat in hell waiting for you. Let Drew sister become a friend of the show. I believe that she can teach all of you some things about emotional maturity.


  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Where’s the 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿. This man right here keeps coming up with some B.S. for everyone to see 👀, with his lying a**.
    I’m sure he was all in to be filmed 🎥 on TV to make a fool of Drew & his damaged self.

  6. Just a Weak man going back and forth with your WIFE on social media and I was also raised stick by your wife no matter what or who FAMILY IS MOT ALWAYS FAMILY AND FAMILY NEEDS TO MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS

  7. Honestly, I hope they don’t bring Drew, Ralph, or Courtney back next season.
    I’ve been over Drew and her lies for the past two seasons.
    Ralph is the definition of a disrespectful man and narcissist. And “cousin” Courtney just added more irritation to this season.
    I believe all of them are liars and doing the most.

    Bravo, please let Drew go already. Either being an OG back or someone else who isn’t full of s***.

    1. Honey, if you want Drew fired for being a liar, then the whole cast needs to be fired because every single one of them lies. I have no idea why y’all keep pretending otherwise. It’s weird. Sheree, Marlo, Kandi, Sanya, and Kenya were all exposed for lying this season.

    1. Ohh I thought u meant Tommy, LaToya Luckett’s ex! Like I said they’re all narcissists ( but not Tommy from Martin) 😅

  8. Ralph is less then a man in my book. Totally disrespectful to his wife. No she’s not perfect but he is a piece of CRAP!!

  9. Ralph said he spoke to her son’s father last season and he said he didn’t want Ralph to adopt his son and he want to be apart of his son’s life. I agree with Ralph and she needs to let his father be apart of his life Period. Drew is an actor and a liar.

    1. Everyone lies, so I’m not sure why y’all keep running with the Drew is a liar narrative. You’ve told lies in your life too. We’re all liars by definition.

      Also, Ralph himself has bragged about being a father to Drew’s son and even wrote a book about parenting him. Since he made money from the child, paying child support and continuing to provide for him as he’s been doing should not be an issue. His argument won’t even hold up in court. You don’t get to stop taking care of a child you’ve been taking care just because you’re divorcing.

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