RHOA Reunion Highlights: Drew Goes off on Courtney + Sheree Needs Break from Martell’s Mess

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Sheree Whitfield needed space from Martell Holt’s drama.

Part 1 of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion aired tonight and the ladies did have a few heated moments. The episode began with Andy Cohen asking Sheree Whitfield about her controversial romance with Martell Holt. Martell is a cast member of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” His messy divorce from Melody Shari has resulted in quite a reputation. Melody filed for divorce due to Martell’s longtime affair. He went on to father a child outside of the marriage with his mistress. Interestingly enough, Sheree told Andy she had to cool off on the romance with Martell. And the reason why is she kept getting dragged into the “mess” and controversies he’s been linked to. So it’s time to put herself first.

Kenya Moore asked Sheree if she decided to back off because it was alleged that Martell threatened to leak old videos of him and Melody being intimate as a form of revenge. Sheree said she’s not sure what’s true and what’s not. So it just made sense to focus on her at this point.

A blank legal document didn’t quite land for Kenya Moore.

Andy moved on to Kenya’s ongoing divorce from Marc Daly. Kenya confirmed the divorce still isn’t final. They are currently going back and forth in court. Marc recently tried to file contempt charges against Kenya. He has accused her of trying to keep him from seeing their daughter Brooklyn Daly. Kenya also alleged that Marc cited the scene of Marlo Hampton kicking down the door during the Alabama trip. He is claiming this is proof that Kenya’s work environment isn’t safe for Brooklyn.

Marlo said she felt bad about the moment being used to hurt Kenya in court. She attempted to apologize but this didn’t move Kenya. Kenya then said when she subpoenaed Marc’s phone records, she saw Marlo’s phone number in the text history. And Marc told her she asked for dirt on Kenya.

She hands Andy what she claimed is a copy of a subpoena for Marlo to appear in court. But Andy noticed it was blank. Kenya said this was an error made by her team. But Marlo will be served soon, so she needs to prepare to show up to court. Marlo and Sheree Whitfield laughed.

Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield clashed.

Well, Sheree wasn’t feeling it when Kandi Burruss and Drew Sidora laughed at the shade Andy threw her way. He said that Sheree has a “very interesting relationship with bills.” Sheree and Kandi began arguing about She by Sheree. Kandi alleged that Sheree didn’t pay the designer who made her fashion show fashions. So they weren’t ever put for sale on the website. In response to this, Sheree told Kandi to mop the “dirty floors” at Old Lady Gang. And she said Kandi needs to focus on her businesses because she “keeps having shootings.” Despite the tension, Sheree ended the segment by giving Kandi a She by Sheree bag. Kandi wondered if someone had been writing Sheree’s reads.

Drew and Kandi argue yet again about the alleged kiss with LaToya Howard. At this point, Kandi is fed up with Drew suggesting she’s telling “Kandi koated lies.” She said she now believes Drew was the gaslighter in her marriage and Ralph Pittman was the one who was gaslit.

Drew Sidora let Courtney Rhodes have it.

Kenya’s dating life is addressed. A fan wrote in to ask why Kenya’s new boo Roi Shlomo wasn’t around much during the season. Kenya blamed this on comments Marlo made in a season teaser. However, Andy pointed out that the teasers were aired after they wrapped filming for the season. And Roi didn’t come around much while they were filming. Marlo laughed and said she thinks Roi only came around to promote his business on the set of Kenya’s commercial.

The most intense moment of the episode was the screaming match that took place between Drew and Courtney Rhodes. Drew went off on Courtney for accusing her of wanting Ralph Pittman to adopt her son so she could run off with women on his dime.

Courtney denied speaking on Drew’s son. Andy then reminded her that she actually did.

Drew told Courtney not to ever speak on her children again. And she’s nothing more than an “unverifiable” cousin to Ralph. As far as she’s concerned, they are done. Courtney is despicable in her eyes.

What are your thoughts on Part 1 of the reunion?



  1. Kandi really likes to drag the others and their businesses, but the moment something is said about her and her businesses they are trying to ruin her brand. Does she not realize that she is doing what she accuses them off? She doesn’t care about them just herself.
    Remember when she said the rumors about her sex life and plans would damage her brand? ( The rumor that she told repeatedly on camera and used to make money. ) Kandi has to aware that she could be damaging Drew’s brand. Kandi is not the good friend and person who people think she is.

    1. Trina you are exactly right, Kandi thinks of no one but herself, and doesn’t care anything about the rest of the women, eventhough people don’t like Marlo, she sees right through Kandi, and when she spoke on it, everybody attacked her for it, that was Marlos whole point is that Kandi cares about no one but herself, she should have found a better way to say it.

  2. Drew was activated and had THE best read. Not to mention, we all know that Courtney is Ralph’s sneaky link. It’s so obvious.

  3. All the Ladies were fabulously dressed but what was that concoction Courtney had on, it was poorly made & her breast appeared lopsided. Sheree needs to stop trying to get the fans to believe her clothing are authentic when actually they’re a knockoff from Shein, & please cool.it on the makeup, you’re looking like “clown!” I don’t think Kenya’s subpoena was blank, that was scripted w/Andy being shady as usual. Kandi may have been a tad lax w/her appearance on the show this season but don’t ever mistake her for not being about her money Sheree! You can take some tips, b/c the fans know your extravagant shindig was patronized by the show. I wished Drew would’ve stood up [got outta her seat] on Courtney, you don’t speak on anyone’s child[ren]. Anticipating Reunion #2, the claws should come out!!!!

    P.S. Regardless, of what’s being said about the RHOA low ratings, it’s the best of the Bravo franchise BOOM!!!💯

  4. The only one working is Drew. Everyone else is just there and not showing anything from their life. It’s time to revamp the cast. Keep Drew and hire others willing to work.

  5. I totally agree about Kandi. She’s Noone friend. However, everybody protects and rides for her. She does nothing no different than Heavenly Kimes. She throws a rock and hides her hand.

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