Courtney Rhodes Drags Drew Sidora + RHOA Fans Suspect She’s Ralph Pittman’s Alleged Mistress

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Drew Sidora has multiple people injecting themselves into her divorce from Ralph Pittman.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora is going through a messy divorce. In fact, fans had a lot to say about what unfolded on the show between Drew and Ralph Pittman during the Season 15 season finale. They went to a counseling session together. Ralph confirmed he moved out of their bedroom because he wanted to be “liberated.” Drew said she wasn’t okay with this because it’s not a healthy place for a couple to be. However, Ralph brushed her off. He went on to say that they know a married couple who did this and they are very happy. Drew then reminded him that this couple filed for divorce.

As the episode went on, producers issued an update to reveal Drew and Ralph filed for divorce after filming wrapped up. So production had to resume filming to get their takes on the situation. Drew accused Ralph of being unfaithful and disrespectful for years, thus finally reaching her breaking point. As for Ralph, he said that he couldn’t say much because his divorce attorney instructed him not to. However, he had his “cousin” Courtney Rhodes speak for him in a green screen interview. Not only did she accuse Drew of secretly being a lesbian, but she also accused Drew of wanting Ralph to adopt her son so she could be with women on his dime.

She also alleged that she has photos of Drew and Ty Young on her phone. As we reported, Mimi Faust accused Drew and Ty of having an affair.

Courtney Rhodes’ interview has people suspecting she is allegedly Ralph Pittman’s mistress.

To no surprise, Courtney received a lot of backlash for her comments. But she is receiving a lot more due to the things she said during her appearance on Kandi Burruss‘ “Speak On It.” She went in on Drew pretty badly. Fans are confused as to why Courtney is going so hard because Drew didn’t seemingly do anything to her to warrant such treatment.

Interestingly enough, one clip from the interview has RHOA viewers starting to suspect that Ralph and Courtney are allegedly lovers. This comes after Courtney told Kandi that she and Ralph aren’t actually cousins. But his best friend is her cousin. So they were just calling each other cousins but they aren’t actually related.

In the controversial clip that has people talking, Kandi brought up how Ralph defended Courtney when Drew and her sister Allison Jordan attempted to explain why being called a ***** by Courtney was offensive to Drew.

Kandi said, “Drew brought up the whole conversation about the ***** and Ralph basically said, ‘Well, plenty of people done called you a *****.’ So once again, Ralph was taking up but for you…’

Courtney responded, “Because I have been a better friend to Ralph in these last 6 months than Drew has been a wife in 8 years. Period.”

Kandi was caught off guard, “****! That’s deep.”

Courtney continued, “And I stand on that. Because I would never do the things she’s done to him and try to make him seem like this horrible narcissistic husband when she’s just been playing this whole victim role, trying to intentionally create these storylines and make him look horrible. That’s not okay.”


  1. Courtney was even in Ralph’s dressing room at the reunion. It’s obvious they are sleeping together. And Kandi really does move like a snake. How unfortunate.

    1. Karma is a b*. Kandi has to remember it wasn’t so long ago that she was in the hot seat with Todd and the accusations from her mother and friends. She should be more sensitive to any woman on the platform with relationship issues. Just wait until someone brings her a bone. That slithering will change to a victim. Kandi has always been a snake.

      1. Ms Joyce said those things bc she didn’t like Todd if anyone else said anything it’s bc Ms Joyce told them to say it. Todd loves Kand they been married a while noone heard anything .

      1. I said Kandi is moving like a SNAKE. Remember when Kandi said Sanya was a fake friend for not defending her and laughing when Marlo was dragging Kandi. Welp, that’s exactly what Kandi is doing in this video. Hope this helps.

        1. I don’t think that Kandi and drew are really friends right now. Especially since drew basically called her a liar. Now it seems like Drew is lying about a lot of things.

          1. Kandi isn’t anyone’s friend. And I really want Kandi and her supporters to stop saying she’s doing all of this because she was called a liar. Meanwhile, where is this energy for Sheree and Marlo who have said worse about Kandi? Kandi is obsessed with outing people. It’s not her business what Drew is doing. But this is the same woman who wanted all the ladies to wear vibrating panties men they were even married to could control. Keep defending Kandi. Those of us who aren’t in the cult see her clearly though.

  2. You know, this theory makes a lot of sense. It’s the only way I can make sense of why Courtney hates Drew so much because Drew literally did nothing to her. But side chicks always hate the wives.

    1. Agree, if my husband came up with. “New” cousin, you’ll have to explain to me the DNA blood 🩸 line. Ralph is calculating and Drew might be undercover, but to bring his possible side-chick in the mix and pretend she’s a cousin, is dirty pool.

  3. I’m glad everyone is waking up. Courtney and Ralph are Martell and Arionne 2.0 with even more audacity.

  4. Can someone explain what does Drew using Ralph to adopt her son has to do with cheating with a woman? Make it make sense

    1. Girl you know that’s side chick lingo… a devoted side chick will be ridiculously excited to bash the wife while her delusional arse forgets that if he cheats with you he will cheat on you. If you have to be a side chick don’t be a dumb ine

  5. As much as Courtney loves to talk about karma, hers will be a b-tch. There’s a special place in h-ll for women who hurt other women over a man.

  6. Oooh! Ya’ll are saying a lot. I don’t understand why Courtnation gets to have a voice. She just got here and she acts like she’s holding a peach. Girl, sit down! I was done when you were bobbing your head towards Kandi. It seemed to be scripted because why would you have that kind of confrontation in public with someone you don’t know. That’s not maturity at all.

    Whatever your relationship is with Ralph, you are FAKE & PHONY! You’ve been knowing him for 6 months and Drew has been married to him for 9 years now with kids. And, you had the nerve to make a comment about that’s why she wanted Ralph to adopt her son. Girl, don’t stand outside in the thunder and lightning because I guarantee you that you will get struck. Go and sit down. Catch up with Bryson who used to be fine as wine but looks like he’s fell down on his luck. Maybe, if he hangs out with some of the men, he can have a come up.

    You are the other hand wore what to the Gucci luncheon. You are out of your league. You are not qualified to be a housewife and you turned on Drew in your first opportunity. Who do you think you are? You look like you had a stroke (God forbid) but focus on you and keep your stress level down. Mind your marital/personal relationship that’s if you have one and let God handle Drew and Ralph’s marriage.

    You definitely are a snake but they got someone to put you in your place with nothing to lose and that’s Drew’s sister. So, jump if you want to.

    By Felecia! She not Ready!

  7. Somebody got to play villain and instead of sitting in the cut observing NO you wanna come for Kandi no reason Ralph suppose to be your so call cousin you call his wife a b*tch and then deny and your on camera NOW your a better friend to Ralph girl you do know your telling on yourself KARMA coming

  8. Kandi girl this definitely isn’t a good look for you at all. No matter what is going on, never sit there and get laughs over another woman’s pain. Courtney your day will come and I’m sure it won’t be too much longer before we see y’all in a relationship which is nasty cause you calling this man your cousin on national television 🙄 & Drew should of filed for the divorce when he was sitting their defending another woman for calling her a *****
    My least favorite housewife from this show is Drew & Ralph she not too far behind the rest of the ones you call snakes 🐍 J/S

  9. Hold on, wait a damn minute. How can she be his mistress and his cousin? I don’t believe it because I have my male cousins back the same way!

  10. Bravo should have done research on this “so called” cousin because she’s just being absolutely Judas at this point. Drew did nothing to her, and how it it all if a sudden, her and Kandi can be cordial enough to be messy. These women are pathetic

    1. Folks don’t have to like each other to come against you., if they see a mutual attack strategy., that’s what imps do.

  11. Courtney came on this show beefing with Kandi for no good reason, later she and Kenya had it out! Drew haven’t personally done anything to Courtney yet she have this smoke for Drew why?? She is a nasty snake in the grass for how she has gotten with Drew’s to drag and tear her down! She is moving just like a side chick. So I believe she and Ralph must be having an affair to go against Drew so hard and put all that toxicity about her marriage in the street! Please Bravo don’t bring this mean girl back on RHOA ! She is not for empowerment for women! She told some lies to get on this show!
    Kandi and Courtney talking about Drew and her sister’s mental state was cruel and insensitive!
    I fell out with Marlo for all the attacks she did to Kandi! Now , I see how Kandi is moving MarLOW did call out some things about Kandi that I now seeing! I think Kandi is vindictive!!

  12. I did not like Kandi, cuz she is very sneaky… Also, with Courtney, she’s going with Ralph. Ralph and Courtney using that Cousin thing is just a lie….

  13. Courtney and the other wannabes scrapping and scrambling to get a peach 🍑 they wanna be the ones to get into the limelight done had they touch now they want more

  14. I said from day 1……they were F***ing…..her whole demeanor exuded that fake cousin bs. Ralph has been suspect from the day the came to RHOA, his MIA shenanigans, hours away because you and your wife have a disagreement….GTFOH!!! Was probably with “Slutney”……but she’d get tagged real quick speaking on my children and as far as Kandi, she’s the biggest SLITHERING SNAKE EVERRRR!!! Anyone who trust Kandi……twirl on to a therapist with Kenya!!! #RHOA

  15. Don’t forget Bravo likes mess and they probably did do some sneaking around and found out who Courtney is! That’s why they gave her that small storyline so Drew could start putting her intuition to on point. Ijs

  16. Idk if Ralph is having an affair with her but she’s the cousin to his best friend (a female) right? Isn’t this the same “best friend” that Drew had problem with a couple of years ago??? Wasn’t she saying it was inappropriate or something. So maybe the best friend got a cousin that’s just bold enough to slide in to break them up! Seems like Drew was really trying to save the marriage. She even let him be apart of her success because we did not know about his ass before the show!!! He’s very arrogant and looks to me like he has nothing without Drew. Hopefully he doing be crying for alimony. The grass is not greener on the other side and that’s exactly the look he had on his face before he exited stage left!!! Drew has a PI can’t wait till those details come out!!! We will see who was really acting!

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