Fashion Designer Blasts Sheree Whitfield over She by Sheree Reunion Comments

Photo Credit: Bravo

Sheree Whitfield denied not paying her She by Sheree fashion designer.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield had a face-off with Kandi Burruss at the reunion. Sheree felt it was shady of Kandi and Drew Sidora to laugh at Andy Cohen’s shade. He told Sheree that she has an “interesting relationship with bills.” In response to the laughter, Sheree shaded Drew about the lawsuit she was slapped with by a woman she was considering hiring as the family chef. Sheree also shaded Kandi about a man named Johnny attempting to sue her over Old Lady Gang. However, Kandi and Todd Tucker have always said the business was inspired by her aunts. And they denied stealing the idea.

Kandi and Sheree ended up arguing over Andy’s shady moment. At one point, Kandi accused Sheree of not paying the designer behind her She by Sheree Fashion show looks. She went on to allege that this is the reason why those items were never available for sale on the website. Sheree denied this. She pulled out what she claimed were “receipts” that showed she paid the designer. And she went on to allege that the person she hired to handle everything paid the bill.

Well, the designer who claimed Sheree had not paid for her designs had more to say after Part 1 of the reunion aired.

The fashion designer said he was not paid for his work.

Tyre Lajuan said, “Mind you, this your third fashion show on national TV. This the first one that it actually…you got a standing ovation. Everybody congratulated you. I’m looking at the little show and I’m like ****! We did our thang, we made lil momma look good. You ain’t do ****, that’s me. Everybody’s jumping up and down for me. They don’t know they jumping up and down for me. But I made you look good.”

He continued, “And the fact that you ain’t acknowledge it, the fact that you ain’t give me no clout, the fact that you ain’t even try to say **** I appreciate you, thank you for doing it. Here, let me pay you this, let me pay you for your time and I’ma give you a tip too because you made me look good on national TV. Cause **** by Sheree been **** since it started. The first clothing line you had is when I built it. I built your **** really.”

Tyre alleged he was only reimbursed.

“I did not get paid for my work. I got reimbursed for my work. And I have the evidence to show that I got reimbursed for my work. We ain’t even get to the point to where, how much your labor is? What your time is? None of that.”

He added, “I just got reimbursed what I put out. In fact, I ain’t even get all of that. I just got $2000.”


  1. This chick has no professional nor personal integrity whatsoever! The nerve of Sheree to think people will work for free and like the designer said, she did not even acknowledge his work or efforts, at least do that. No wonder she has absolutely no meaningful relationships in her life, she is straight up trash. Trying to kiss Andy’s a$$ with that SheNews and she had nothing in there worth read anyway, oh I forgot, she can barely read herself.

    1. Ooooh! You said it, TNYCOLE!

      We know that she definitely can’t speak clearly. That’s why Sheree and Marloooow are friends. They understand each other’s language/grammar.

      Oooohwee! Sheree is just stingy and financially unmanageable. She is too cheap to hire someone who can help her budget and manage her funds. I believe both she and Marlooow have made some money but neither has much to show for it. Marlooow is selling the clothes that she’s worn and some of them were probably given to her by some designers or her Neiman’s card.

      It’s sad to see these ladies so envious of Kandi, Kenya and Drew that they will do anything to try and ruin their brand. In the end, you’re still going to lose.

      Get it together! You’ve been given an opportunity that most of us would love to have and look at what you’re doing with it.

      Best Wishes in Psychotherapy!

  2. I’m getting tired of hearing about She by this She by that like who cares at this point? So basically you waited until the reunion aired to see if you was getting a shot out before you pressed the issue about being paid? It definitely sound like you were more worried about the clout then the cash smh🙄

    1. He spoke on non payment weeks after the fashion show aired….he’s bringing it up AGAIN because it was brought up at the reunion……

    2. Did you NOT see the reunion??
      She is the one who brought forth the lie and called into question his integrity. And furthermore, he said it after the fashion show that he was not paid by her.

  3. Sheree knew darn well she hadn’t paid that guy for his work, all those bogus receipts , I’m overjoyed he put her nothing AZZ on blast, knowing darn well she hadn’t paid thanked nor acknowledged him at all, she’s always trying to be something she isn’t, SMMFH, another Nene always talking the talk but never have actually walked the walk, y’all could never Kandi has 80’s cash she doesn’t have to PROVE sh-t, it’s all in plain sight, you can say she is boring blah blah but she’s definitely a self mad woman, Sheree looks casket ready, all she has to do is lay down she’s done, Chile bye Sheree is absolutely clueless and narcissist to say the least believes her own lies, SMMFH keep doing you KANDI THEY DEFINITELY COULD NEVER.👏👏👏

  4. Sheree is so “PLASTIC” just like all that work she has had done! She should act her age instead of her shoe size, always whining about something. She wouldn’t want Bravo to not pay her for being a sh….starter so why didn’t you pay the designer for his hard work. Frankly, she knows she copied or got some of those clothing ideas from Shein, then placed a designer price tag on them. STOP THE FAKERY!!! Sheree can’t touch Kandi financially, that’s why she gets soooo mad when she calls her out on her BS Have 3 seats for your wide-a$$!!

    RHOA will never get better ratings as long as her tired, no-storyline, bone-carrying a$$ is in the cast BAH!!!!!

  5. Why do this information and other information only comes out when all is say and done. Also why do people continue to work with Sheree knowing she don’t pay people. Looking just like Drew.

  6. Sheree is getting more SHADY each and every day. I avoid this type of female. They have very bad vibes. I remember when RHOA 1st aired. I was glued to the TV each and every Sunday Sheree back then appeared to be the peasant of all the women now that she has a few years In she’s acting like she’s the queen tycoon of the show. Back then she appears to be poor as a Church mouse now that she’s been getting that BRAVO check it has gone to her head this is what happens when people get a platform and a few $$$$. They forget where they were in the beginning. She shows no humility nor great fullness. All she does is try and bring everyone down to where she is stuck being a jealous hater

  7. How can someone say what someone does when they don’t see it for themselves? It’s your side their side and the TRUTH!

  8. Looking Sheree website, the quality of the items aren’t worth what she’s asking. You see she and kids modeled all outfits before she doesn’t have to pay them

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