Kandi Burruss Addresses Restaurant Shooting + Sheree Whitfield Throws Shade

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Violence took place at one of Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s restaurants.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker have been focused on making a dent in the restaurant industry. It started with Old Lady Gang. Todd came up with the concept. He was inspired by Mama Joyce and her two sisters. The restaurant took off. Kandi and Todd have now expanded to multiple restaurants, including a steakhouse. Kandi’s cousin Melvin Jones has also been pretty instrumental in the couple’s success since he’s the actual chef. The couple opened up about all of this while filming “Kandi & the Gang.” They were very transparent about the growing pains they have experienced, too.

To no surprise, it wasn’t easy to run restaurants during the height of the pandemic. So even though some customers had complaints about the staff, Kandi didn’t want to fire anyone. And she said that her employees were loyal during the pandemic. It was very important to Kandi to show that loyalty back.

Well, Kandi and Todd’s “Blaze Steak & Seafood” restaurant became a headline topic for a very controversial reason. A shooting took place at the establishment. And it later came out that the victim was actually the chef and Kandi’s younger cousin Melvin.

Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss couldn’t talk about the elephant in the room.

Kandi discusses this during the upcoming episode of RHOA. In the preview, Kandi and Todd go over the new menu items with Melvin. Producers then step in to ask them if they plan to address the “elephant in the room.”

Todd and Kandi tell a producer that they can’t really talk about what happened for legal reasons. Kenya Moore, Sheree Whitfield, and Sanya Richards-Ross address the situation in green screen interviews.

Kenya says, “Look I know the crime rate is rising in Atlanta but we don’t want it to be at any of Kandi’s restaurants.”

Sanya also voices concern, “It’s nothing more scary than hearing that something like that happened at your business.”

As for Sheree, she threw shade, “We don’t know when we go to Old Lady Gang if we’re going to get biscuits or bullets.”

The preview concludes with Kandi explaining what occurred on that scary day, “There was a gentleman…basically he came to work late and he came to work intoxicated. He got a little irate with my cousin who was the kitchen manager. They went outside. The guy shot my cousin.”


      1. Sheree may speak what’s on her mind but that doesn’t make it right. Just because you think it doesn’t mean you say it.
        Kandi, girl stop supporting people who don’t support you. I like when you asked the gold medalist what did you say after Sheree said what she said? Yes, that’s how you find out who really has your back. No one can talk about me to my friends. My friends are going to cut you off upfront.

        So, you got it Kandi! Remember who’s who!
        I fly above needs to be in rotation because those haters are still out there.

        Team Kandi and Todd till the very end of time.

  1. Sheree shouldn’t have went their that about the shooting in the restaurant that was serious ,it could have been worse, grow up Sheree

  2. Kandi has supported everything Sheree has attempted to do. So, that kind of shade that could put a damper on your business is way below the belt. Now I know why her and Marlo and hanging. They are just alike and neither of them can stand toe to to with Kandi. As a matter of fact, Sheree and Marlo looks like they spend most of their money on clothes, shoes and purses. They don’t look like they got savings or investments anywhere. They are truly dependent upon the housewives check. I would bet my life that Kandi isn’t.

    Sheree/Marlo, be very careful. KARMA IS A B___CH!

  3. Ole broke Sheree has to do something to try to stay relevant on the show so she can get money. She lives beyond her means. Some of these women on these reality shows walk around in the high priced designer garb and wont pay their essential bills. And they sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry or a bullet in order to maintain their lifestyles. What’s in your wallet Sheree?

  4. Sheree always conveniently forgets about the hit & run and shoplifting episodes of her life. And that she had a few mugshots in her day. Because your record was expunged it doesn’t delete your criminality, Sheree. #TheNerve

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