Sheree Whitfield Says Kandi Burruss Could Have Hurt Her ‘She By Sheree’ Brand

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Kandi Burruss’ feud with Marlo Hampton has worsened.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton have a lot to say about Kandi Burruss on the current season. Marlo has confronted Kandi about her nephew’s death. She said that she and her family feel Kandi should have been more supportive since he worked at Old Lady Gang. She also said that the killer supposedly worked at OLG as well. Marlo said that the Blaze Steak & Seafood incident was triggering. So she has been calling Kandi out on the latest episodes during conversations with other people. However, Kandi will confront Marlo about this on the next episode.

As we reported, Kandi denied that the person who killed Marlo’s nephew ever worked at any of her restaurants. She also clarified that Marlo’s nephew was not working at Old Lady Gang at the time of his passing. So she felt as if Marlo was being malicious and just trying to attach her to an unfortunate situation to make her look bad. And in Kandi’s opinion, Marlo’s actions are deplorable.

Sheree Whitfield was critical of Kandi Burruss during a recent interview.

Well, Sheree has been shading Kandi in her green screen interviews. When she addressed the incident that happened at Blaze, she said they don’t know if they will get “biscuits or bullets” when they go to Old Lady Gang.

Sheree talked about why she has an issue with Kandi during her appearance on “Way Up With Angela Yee.”

She said, “She spoofed me but she also kept going on her show talking about my business. So we’re all Black women and we’re trying to make it. We’re trying to support our families.”

Sheree continued, “So I’ve supported Kandi’s businesses when I was on the show and off the show. I take people to their restaurants, I go to her plays. And I pay my own way and everybody’s way who was with me.

And she goes on to say Kandi could have hurt her brand, “That’s how you support your friends. But when you’re continuously coming on your platform and you’re talking negatively about my brand knowing it took a while to come out…but you’re talking negatively about my brand. And I never said anything about your brand. That could hurt my brand. So since you started it, let me finish it.


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  1. And, SHE could have hurt Kandi’s brand with her biscuits or bullets comment, so it’s a wash. That overly priced made in Taiwan clothing is already hurting on its own. I give it three years at the most and I’m being generous and her business will be bankrupted. Maybe SHE can get some business strategies from Martell…hahaha!

  2. Marlo needs to go away. She doesn’t deserve another response.

    Sheree has become a follower. She has poked fun at Kandi for years. Now that Kandi has started poking back and making money from it, Sheree is mad.

    Sheree, don’t hate! Take notes! Kandi has always supported you and I think she always will but you’re riding on the wrong team. Get it together!

  3. Kandi is about as messy as her bestie that nasty Kenya they are both full of sh-t thinking they are better than the other women on the show their a-s need they own show Née,Phaedra,and Porsha need to come back and shut them two old h-gs down

  4. It’s ready sad that Kandi, Kenya and Drew are betraying Marlo as aggressive. Their the ones that are aggressive. Drew is a little barking dog. She wants to be revelant. Marlo hnerver got aggressive Kandi did. The only ones that talked about fighting was the three of them. Let Kenya tell Marlo slashed several people’s face. They want to bring up her pass and call her names. Well let’s bring up Kandi pass. People said she was a h-e. Marlo tried to talk. The rest of them want to argue. I guess Kandi or any of them can stand alone. Oh and Monyetta why are you there. It’s really getting boring 😴


  6. Sheree and Marlow need to be replaced because neither of them has a storyline. They’re not discussing their businesses nor showing off their profits. They’re just two miserable envious old women with no storyline.

  7. ummmm Sheree…what brand? You lucky Shein didn’t sue you for selling their stuff as your designs. And Chile your money ain’t long enuff to be comin at Kandi…so go “sot down” somewhere cause you gonna need your coins to keep that house.

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