LHHATL Drama: Bambi Sues Momma Dee for Defamation of Character

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Bambi and Scrappy’s divorce has been a messy one.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Bambi said she feels she was attacked while filming the current season. She decided to pull the plug on her marriage to Scrappy. She believes he cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend Diamond. This is due to text messages she discovered. Scrappy and Diamond were on the Millennium Tour together. Bambi checked Scrappy’s phone. And she found text messages from Scrappy telling Diamond to meet him in his hotel room. So Bambi didn’t waste any time in moving forward with ending the marriage. This bothered Scrappy a lot. On the recent episode, he said Bambi was too quick to file for divorce over the texts. He suspects she was just waiting for a reason to leave because she didn’t really love him.

Bambi thinks Scrappy’s perspective is nonsensical. She explained that she and Scrappy were already having problems before she found out about the text messages. However, she already felt like Scrappy dropped the ball as a husband. Bambi didn’t feel protected by him because she felt like he allowed Momma Dee and others to attack her constantly. So the lack of protection on top of infidelity was enough for her to realize Scrappy was no longer the man for her.

Well, Bambi said more about the divorce during an interview with Amanda Seales on her “Small Doses” podcast. Not only did she confirm it was finalized back in June, but she confirmed she is suing Momma Dee as well.

Bambi is ready to face off with Momma Dee in court after they have been feuding for years.

The revelation was made after Amanda questioned how Bambi was able to be such a patient mother.

Amanda said, “Literally watching you with your kids is like a masterclass. I be like how is she so calm? What is it? How?”

Bambi answered, “I don’t know. People think I smoke weed but I don’t…I’m starting to realize my calmness and me being so passive when it comes to a lot of things is due to some trauma in my life, for real. I know that sounds dramatic but…”

Amanda empathetically interjected, “No it doesn’t. It’s normal.”

Bambi continued, “I just started to realize this year. People are like, ‘You let stuff go so much.’ I think if I just keep going and don’t have to deal with it, I just be like whatever, whatever. I don’t get offended by much and that’s not a good thing.”

Amanda then said that this mentality would eventually catch up to Bambi in a not-so-positive way. Bambi agreed. Then Amanda asked, “Well, how old are you?”

This is when Bambi confirmed she’s taking Momma Dee to court.

“Let’s not talk about this right here ‘cause I’ve been having some issues with…I know you ain’t been really watching this stuff.”

She continued, “Okay…my mother-in-law, right? I’m suing her for defamation of character because she just literally said two days ago that I used a fake ID when I went to jail and gave them the wrong age, and she’s just making a big thing out of…so let’s just…I know that’s a lot to…”

Momma Dee’s comments about Bambi’s recent arrest have only resulted in more family drama.

Amanda then said, “I just…can’t we all get along?”

Bambi said it’s too late for peace, “No, we cannot, ma’am. We are suing people.”

Weeks ago, Bambi was arrested along with Erica Mena and Zell Swag for a club incident. According to reports, Erica and Zell were play fighting. Club security mistook this for a real scuffle and intervened. Erica allegedly had too much to drink and became difficult to restrain. Zell attempted to get the club security off of Erica. And Bambi attempted to calm everyone down but police were called. Things escalated and Bambi was charged with misdemeanor obstruction.

After the news made rounds, Momma Dee hopped on social media to accuse Bambi of lying to police about her age and using a fake ID.


  1. You shouldn’t have to sue your own mother in law for her to finally keep your name out of her mouth. I have never seen a mother act the way Momma Dee does. I hope she gets the help she needs one day. Elders should be en sample of how to keep a family together. Momma Dee helped break up her family.

    1. Mama Dee has no filter. This lady didn’t only talk about Bambi but she also talked about her mother. The things this woman has done is unacceptable. This woman plays in the gutter. I don’t care for her at all.

  2. If history repeats itself, Momma Dee will start liking Bambi now that she’s not with Scrappy anymore. She did the same thing to Diamond and Erica. She will have an issue with any woman he cares about. He didn’t care about Shay, so Momma Dee never saw her as competition like she did Bambi and Erica. Her overbearing nature and dedication to being in his business is not normal or healthy.

    1. Her being over bearing now is because she’s trying to make up for all the trauma she did to her son when he saw all those horrible things while she was pimping. She had him in a super toxic environment, which scarred him and now she’s trying to make up for it but doing a very bad job at it.

    1. And you’re not innocent either baby and neither am I because no one is perfect. What does that have to even do with anything? Bambi isn’t a punching bag. She has every right to defend herself like everyone else. It’s so weird to me how y’all misunderstand everything this woman says. All because y’all stan Erica Dixon. Time to grow up!

      1. Thank you! Too many people are sheep and participate in groupthink. Bambi ain’t did nothing worse than anyone else on that show. Momma Dee lies. She lied about Diamond being pregnant too. Funny how people understood how problematic Momma Dee was when it was Erica she was picking at. Now they can’t see it. 🙄


        1. The same reason Bambi’s haters do too much. Everybody needs to go outside and touch grass. Taking this fake show too seriously.

    3. What she really is? Why are you being such a drama queen? You speak of Bambi like she’s a serial killer or out here eating babies. The hate ya’ll have for her is unwarranted and corny. Please do better. It’s childish. You can’t accuse someone of doing a serious crime and then think that isn’t grounds for a lawsuit. Momma Dee is wrong.

  3. Umm does Momma Dee not know she accused Bambi of a major crime she can go to jail for? Georgia doesn’t play about fake IDs and lying to cops about your age/name/dob. You can’t accuse someone of a crime with no proof.

  4. Wow! I agree with you all except for the one who says Bambi isn’t innocent. No, she’s not! But, if you have watched this show since her beginning you can truly measure her growth. Mama Dee still holds on to that pimp mentality and running everybody’s lives that let her. Where is Earnest? He couldn’t take it.

    Scrappy needs to grow up. He allowed all of them including his daughter to disrespect Bambi.

    I don’t know what Bambi truly went through but filing a divorce after text messages was extreme. So, I do believe that was the straw that broke the camels back. Maybe, Scrappy was trying to do something with Diamond but he wasn’t trying to leave his family. Men can be stupid. I do believe that Scrappy loves Bambi. Unfortunately, marriage isn’t easy and you truly have to think carefully before taking that step.

    I wish them well. Let No Man/Woman Put Asunder!

    1. I remember Bambi said scrap was not helping her pay the bills or take care of the kids. She said she would have her half of the bill money esp rent but he wouldn’t have his nor would he be home to help her take care of the kids and now he was on tour sending text messages to Diamond to meet him in his hotel room, I’m sure that was the final straw that broke the camels back.

  5. Momma Dee is ole and played out need to hang with folks her age And stay out of people business…. Matter of fact momma Dee were you bum a🤣🤣 husband at?? Give us that story

  6. Dramatic dramatic it’s red Kurt tv! Everything is fine gif tv ratings! Yes momma feels too much! But, everyone including the Bam knows momma Dee is extra! When was she not?? Did she think marrying scrap was going to make it any difference t??? So you see her, she now changes into
    The model mom lol, Now there how’s love and hip hop!!!
    You signed up fir drama Dee…..i mean Momma Dee lol! I feel bad, fit all involved. However, you all keep tuning in week after week gif more drama! Maybe we should all stop watching the show, Let them all go back yo
    Their normal lives. If Erica isn’t screaming and throwing drinks, if momma Dee us acting up, if Stevie J stops flirting. If Shikina don’t be messing, if Kendra and Joc aren’t going through their drama, cardi Red being messy also truthfully would any of us even eat h the show????? Hell, we all start following Bambi for being messy in the beginning episodes. We all followed them because of the turn up with her and him, her and Erica…. My point is every body stop! You can’t truly be mentally disturbed by all
    This.,, this is more drama so we can all tune in at watch it play out.so everyone can continue getting a paycheck! It’s not all that deap~ but, do wat you may so there will be a next season for you.. Of things are that bad and you can’t take all the drama. Quit the show? So everyone stays out your business. They’re more people other than momma Dee who is talking about your character!!! THESE BLOGS GO ON ON ALL OF YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY…. 🤷🏾‍♀️pray you make the best choice for you and your family….

  7. Bambi is an opportunist from the very beginning. She started in Basketball Wives and couldn’t make it. Bambi didn’t like Scrappy from the beginning. She is a come up girl! She had those babies and it still didn’t work out. She needs to focus now on being a mother. Nothing else

    1. So now Bambi is unlikable because she actually seeks opportunities and takes advantage of them like a smart person is supposed to? Bambi was on TV before she even knew Scrappy. She was on The Office. Did Basketball Wives and left. Then booked for LHHATL. Now she has multiple businesses. That doesn’t make her a bad person. Was she supposed to sit around on her a-s all day and let the government take care of her? Or pursue unemployed men to score more brownie points from pick me’s? Some of y’all are so eager to hate other women it’s pathetic. Clearly she did love Scrappy. She ain’t out here bashing him and he still loves her and called her a blessing.

      1. Standing ovation!!!!! I don’t get the hate for Bambi. Talking about her and Benzino – years ago! How many women actually slept with multiple guys within those same years. She could be acting a plum fool out here and just minding her business.

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