Bambi Responds After LHHATL Fan Says She May Be Enjoying Momma Dee & Scrappy’s Beef

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Scrappy clashed with Momma Dee over her disrespect of his marriage to Bambi.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Scrappy is completely frustrated with Momma Dee. On the current season, Momma Dee’s social media antics have caused tension between Scrappy and Bambi. In fact, Bambi accused Momma Dee of befriending Scrappy’s exes out of spite. Momma Dee is close to Shay Johnson. So after Shay gave birth to her daughter, Momma Dee told her supporters that she is the child’s glam mother. She also appeared on “Love And Hip Hop Miami” to film scenes with Shay. And she said that she wishes Scrappy would have married Shay. These actions have resulted in Bambi feeling very disrespected by her mother-in-law.

Momma Dee also caused a lot of drama when she told Shekinah Anderson that Scrappy told her he wanted a divorce. The news traveled fast. And it led to a major blowup between Scrappy and Bambi.

Scrappy also has issues with Momma Dee outside of his marriage. While he loves his mother, his childhood was rough. And he has trauma from Momma Dee’s days of being a pimp and drug dealer to feed him and his sister. During an emotional scene, Scrappy told Momma Dee that seeing the things she did back then affected him negatively.

Momma Dee and Scrappy’s relationship is strained. And some LHHATL fans think Bambi may have gotten some enjoyment from their tension. Interestingly enough, Bambi responded to this assumption.

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  1. Some things don’t even require a comment Bambi. Live you life and raise your kids and make your money. I understand where you’re at when it comes to Momma Dee. How can you have a relationship with her. She would really have to do a 360 and apologize and mean it for me to speak to her again. No one should have to endure this from their mother in law. I can say Erica tried to warn her about Momma Dee, I know Erica is glad she escaped that situation.

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