Erica Dixon Shades Bambi’s Business + Bambi Responds with Receipts

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Erica Dixon and Bambi’s feud isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Bambi and Erica Dixon have been feuding for years. In fact, Bambi came to the conclusion that the root of their issues is Scrappy. She suspected Scrappy may have instigated drama by telling them things to pit them each one another. So when the two women filmed “VH1: Family Reunion,” Bambi told Erica she would support her when Scrappy refused to. And this was something Erica appreciated tremendously given their history. However, the peace did not last long. Erica eventually told her Instagram followers that she was having co-parenting drama with Scrappy and Bambi again.

Well, Erica and Scrappy have made some progress. They even filmed scenes together for the current season of LHHATL. In one scene, Scrappy invited Erica to attend a session he had with his divorce attorney. Erica was asked how Bambi is doing when it comes to being a stepmother. And Erica said she doesn’t like Bambi and never has. She also said that she was enjoying the front seat she has to Bambi’s “karma.” So she didn’t mind supporting Scrappy as he was in the middle of divorcing her enemy. While some LHHATL fans understand this, others have been critical of Erica’s actions.

The criticism surrounding Erica’s current treatment of Bambi stems from the fact that Erica said the abuse accusations are keeping her from moving forward with Bambi. As we reported, years ago, Erica and Scrappy’s daughter Emani Richardson accused Erica of being abusive. She accused Erica of slapping her in the face. So Scrappy filed a police report and called for an investigation. Erica felt like Scrappy and Bambi just used the situation to attempt to get full custody of Emani.

Erica Dixon’s latest jab for Bambi took an interesting turn.

Fast forward to now, Erica holds Bambi responsible for the abuse accusations. She said Scrappy was just being Bambi’s “puppet” back then. So that is why she was able to forgive him even though she has no desire to move forward with Bambi.

Well, Erica recently caused a bit of a stir on social media days ago. She hopped on Instagram and shaded Bambi’s business while promoting her own. Bambi has a hair collection called Shimmer. Erica’s collection is called Klass 6 Hair.

In the caption, Erica wrote, “Those that can’t shine simply shimmer. Hair @klass6haircollection.”

You can check out the post here.

To no surprise, it didn’t take long for people to catch the shade. Some of Erica’s followers praised her wit. Others accused Erica of being childish and told her it was time for her to grow up.

Interestingly enough, Bambi seemingly responded by posting praise from her customer and track and field star Sha’Carri Richardson.

Bambi reposted an Instagram post of Sha’Carri showing off some hair she purchased from her Shimmer business. In the caption, Bambi wrote, “First they love you, then they hate you … then they love you again! Proud of @carririchardson_ ✨ ✨ ✨”

Sha’Carri has been in the headlines because she recently won the 100-meter championship, officially making her the world’s fastest woman.

Check out the post here.


  1. I remember when a few us on here said Erica is really pressed by Bambi and her stans said we were delusional. Welp!

  2. Women like Erica will never make sense to me. Does she not see herself as anything more than Scrappy’s baby momma? When does she move on with her life?

    1. I’m with you in this – she calls herself shading Bambi when she said something about Bambi being Scrappy second choice. Yes he gave you a ring but you all never married. Where is the father of those twins – he obviously doesn’t want her either because if things were cool with them, she woohave time to be in their business. When her and the twins father was cool, you didn’t hear from her or saying nothing about Bambi.

    2. This is what I want to know???????? Why do you continually assert yourself in this? Your daughter should be grown enough now that she has her own opinion.. To me this shows Erica honey you want to be revelent. BYE GIRL

      1. And not only that. Y’all’s daughter is grown enough to see you being messy desperate and ugly ASF!! What are you teaching her. And what is she thinking about all of the low down things you are doing? It’s crazy and Erica needs to think about what her daughter is seeing!

  3. Both need to definitely move on for the children, simply put they’re differences aside and lift one another up, leave the PAST BEHIND, because one couldn’t move forward, nor ACCOMPLISH, anything FIRMLY holding on to the PAST, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LADIES, MOTHER’S, LETS MOVE FORWARD, AND PUT OUR NEGATIVITY AND DIFFERENCES ON A VERY LOW SHELF, AND MOVE FORWARD, BECAUSE WHATEVER WE’RE GOING THROUGH IT DEFINITELY AFFECTS OUR CHILDREN

    1. I agree….those wigs were horrible ..that’s why she snatched it off and Bambi’s wigs aren’t always cute …quite stiff actually…I remember when she was talking to Rasheeda at the car and swung her neck like the chic’s on the shampoo commercial and that hair didn’t move….she had to move it with her hand…

  4. So so childish over a man/boy who would walk all over both of you. Mean, childish, and plain old rude. Always wanting to blame another woman, but will forgive a man, childish.

  5. Erica, you are playing yourself! Scrappy is an over grown boy…his mom runs his life. Who would want to be with a man who keeps his mom in between them?

  6. Erica shouldn’t even care what Scrappy is doing. She has twins with a married man. Maybe I’m just built different, but if I wanted to boss up on a woman I didn’t like, I’d do so by focusing on my money. I’d also have my own man to worry about. I don’t care what any of my exes are doing. Erica still wants Scrappy but he ran back to Diamond. I wouldn’t say this is Bambi’s karma. She left her cheater and is moving on with her life. When will Erica?

  7. I’m team Erica all day, she having the last laugh now. Remember when he was cheating on Erica with bam, everything was all fun and games, hee hee haa haa, but my my my how the tables have turned. It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun. She lost him the same way she got him. Now she stuck going thru a divorce raising 3 kids by herself…Erica was smart cause she didnt marry him. Don’t get mad at Erica because Karma is her b-tch😂😂😂

    1. Scrappy has cheated on Bambi, Erica, and Diamond. So was it Erica’s karma too when he cheated on her or is Scrappy just a consistent cheater? Erica was just crying on IG months ago about Scrappy not helping her pay for their daughter’s car. So if you’re saying Bambi is going to raise her kids alone as some type of karma, remember Erica has 3 kids she has to raise as a single mother too. These little reads and ki ki’s apply to your fave Erica too sis. 🥴

  8. Erica, you are playing yourself! The only reason you claim to never claim for Bambi is because Scrappy married her. True ya’ll was engaging but Bambi got the real ring & last name. Stop bashing this woman over a man. Second who wants to be with a man who keeps his mom in between them? Mama Dee didn’t like you either. Go look in the mirror and check yourself

  9. Congrats to Bambi. It’s a big deal to have a celebrity support her business. It’s weird seeing Erica use Bambi to promote her wigs though. Why does she need Scrappy’s “second best” to promote her business and have a storyline? That’s embarrassing.

  10. I hate that y’all d riding Bambi… The same b-tch who was kissing flava flav ewww pew gag af! Then ended up in the hot tub with Benzino yuck… She’s always been out for a N-gga with money… Scrappy was the dummy who went for the small teeth big gums having a-s girl

    1. Bambi wasn’t on Flavor of Love. So she never dated or kissed Flav. That was Shay. Bambi’s first reality show was Basketball Wives. She also was an actress and appeared on The Office. But any woman with a working brain should pursue men who have money…you think raising kids is free? And I doubt Scrappy regrets Bambi since they have 3 beautiful kids. All of Scrappy’s children are beautiful. You’re worried about Bambi’s face and gums but she has no problem attracting men so?

  11. Wow as an older woman who been there done that,wrote so pages in this book and it is just awful to see and read these comments As Black women we have to do better we’ve got to6, the world is coming closer to an end and we still Ying the same games, singing rhe sad songs and writing sad stories for the book of life. Everyone has an opinion of what Erica,Bambi and Sbcraps life should be like so I hope that the opinionated have great lives, with greT songs to sing and stories to write if I’ve learned anything in my 61 years of life it’s not to condemn or judge anyone unless I judge my self firs.My beautiful Black Woman pour everything into your own lives even the opinions and judgments you have about Everyone else.youll live longer happiier and wealthier if you do.Dont loose your soul on someone else’s BS. Stop coming at each other about their mess ,you sending your soul on a one way trip to hell and Erica,Bam and Scrappy are going going keep up the story line and keep collecting checks and singing all the way too the bank.

  12. This is for Erica you have 3 daughters and one daughter with special needs yet you can find the time to be in another woman business which means you not able to move onto another level of being anything but a jealous person what you do boomerang back to you you’re not leveling up

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