Melody Shari Throws Some Shade As LAMH Fans Speculate About Marsau Scott’s Teeth

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Marsau Scott is having a drama-filled season of LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is back with new episodes now that the show has returned from its mid-season hiatus. Marsau Scott has managed to rub multiple cast members the wrong way during the current season. The Blaque Business Expo became a source of conflict. On the day of the event, Marsau told LaTisha Scott he was going to ask Stormi Steele to pay a $100 booth fee. However, LaTisha warned him against doing this because no one told Stormi about the fee when they asked her to replace Melody Shari in the lineup. LaTisha had a hunch that bringing this issue up to Stormi on the day of the expo would not go over well. Regardless, Marsau did not listen to LaTisha’s advice.

When Marsau confronted Stormi about the $100 fee, Stormi was not having any of it. She told him it was unprofessional that no one told her about it beforehand so she could have had the opportunity to pay it on time. So she wasn’t going to hand over the money out of principle. Stormi later told her husband Courtney Beasley about the incident. He confronted Marsau for how he handled things. Courtney also became annoyed by Marsau not understanding his advice. He told Marsau to stay out of women’s business moving forward. Not to mention, the situation also resulted in Stormi and LaTisha exchanging words at one point, too.

Well, Marsau will have a messy scene with Melody during an upcoming episode. The scene was shown in the midseason trailer. And Melody didn’t hold back her thoughts about Marsau once he wrongly assumed she was about to cry over him being critical of her businesses.

Melody Shari shaded Marsau Scott during a recent interview.

Interestingly enough, this scene came up while Melody was promoting LAMH on Dish Nation. Melody got a little shady as well. The conversation started after she was asked about being accused of cheating on Martell Holt. Gary With Da Tea asked, “In the super trailer, people keep asking if you cheated on Martell. And why?”

Melody answered, “Martell says a lot of things. Here’s what I’ll say, tune in to the new season of ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ and get your answer because it comes out in there.”

Gary continued, “You know, I saw the trailer. Now the trailer tried to make it seem like you and what’s his name may have been talking. What’s her name husband?”

Melody responded, “Chile…Marsau?!”

Gary confirmed Marsau was who he was talking about. Melody then said, “Chile…ain’t nobody checking for Marsau. Listen, Marsau and I met up to have a little tea. And in that, we had a conversation but Chile…First of all, I love to have my men with all they teeth and all of them showing so that’s a no for me.”

Tamar Braxton added, “Let’s get to this chewing challenge.”

And Headkrack followed, “Not everybody’s able.”

Laughs were had.

Melody’s shady comment comes as “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have been speculating about whether Marsau may have gotten some new teeth.


  1. That’s nothing new… Maurice BEEN said Marsau paid about 30grand to fix his teeth….if ppl were paying attention…..

  2. I absolutely loved how Bro. Courtney handled Marsau. Marsau[to me]was low-key shaking because he kept sipping his drink. He told him to stay out of the women’s faces and business. Then a so-called jab back at Courtney for selling women’s hair care products 🙄. Courtney was just this side of slapping Marsau.
    How about Marty? Acting like he can move when he wants on a month-to-month lease. It was one thing not really wanting the builder’s license because he didn’t want to put the work în to get it. I bet ih he woulda paid someone to take that test if he could. He expected a bit too much from Chris. Chris is the negotiator, he can’t tell the owner what to. Chris will go back to the owners with a request then the owners will get the Sheriff with locksmith and change the locks. Marty is a squatter at this point.

        1. No, what’s weak is being so unprofessional that you forgot to tell the business owners you invited to your expo there’s a $100 fee well before the day of the event. Who does that? Marsau was unprofessional and Stormi was correct to not pay it. Not everyone will tolerate unprofessional behavior and disrespect. Marsau doesn’t even respect his own wife.

          1. Plus why should Stormi pay a $100? She was one of the speakers, speaking for free. He should have just listened to his wife and left that situation along. 🤔🤷‍♀️ Ijs

          1. Does your logic not also apply to Marsau? His own wife told him not to bother Stormi about that $100 because it wasn’t a big deal. So was Marsau acting broke when he made a spectacle over $100?

      1. Courtney and Stormi don’t need camera time. They are the wealthiest people on that show. Marsau was wrong. I’m not sure why you’re trying to twist yourself into a pretzel to act like he wasn’t. You have to be on point when you plan any event, especially a business expo. Marsau forgot to tell her about the $100 fee, so he should have just let it go.

        1. Stormi was right – fees are usually established and paid in full before events — so Marsau was wrong with fee and approach at event.

  3. We know Martel got his teeth did and Mel got new boobs. Tisha had a full mommy makeover including a BBL so why throw shade?

    1. Right! They act like it’s a big deal to get your mouth worked on, when all the women have had their bodies made over?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Mel most definitely got her booty from her last pregnancy with the last baby. There’s proof of that in the reunion. y’all always trying to put bbls on folks, she got that from that pregnancy

    2. You miss when Marsau said Sheree was an upgrade from Melody, looks better, bigger star, etc? Did you miss when he called her mom a sugar momma and lied about her having a sex tape? Melody shades Marsau because he deserves to get right back what he gives her. Y’all are only acting oblivious because y’all don’t like her. Marsau has disrespected every woman on that show. They can read him in return!

        1. I’m cultured, have an excellent vision, taste, and I’m beyond blessed. That is why I don’t get on the internet to hate on beautiful and successful black women. Work on that boo! You’re hating on a Friday, I want better for you. Ciao!

  4. Melody is handling busy business well by trying Tom stay out of mess. I applaud her cause I was sick and tired of her and Martel arguing all the time. She appears to be growing.

  5. Marsua is a straight punk. Like Big C said “Stay Outta Woman business”. Then he gave the barmaid a $100 tip. Marsua plays checkers, Big C plays chess. Game Over 🤣🤣🤣

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