Lateasha Lunceford Says She Didn’t Watch ‘Married to Medicine’ Before Joining the Cast

Photo Credit: Bravo

Lateasha Lunceford is not getting a break during her first season on Married 2 Med.

Married to Medicine” stars Quad Webb and Dr. Heavenly Kimes have already had plenty to say about the current season although it’s only a couple of episodes in. Quad took issue with producers bringing Dr. Gregory Lunceford back. He is currently married to Lateasha Lunceford. She was introduced on the show while they were in the middle of planning their wedding. So Quad felt like this was a disrespectful move. And she should have been given a heads-up that they were joining the show. Lateasha said Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Jackie Walters were the main two people who convinced her to film. Interestingly enough, Heavenly has since said that she wanted Tea on the show for laughs and an opportunity for Quad to chew her up.

Well, most fans can agree that the recent episode was pretty rough for Sweet Tea. When she tried on wedding dresses, Phaedra Parks told her she had a pancake booty. Phaedra also said she needed to wear a girdle under her wedding dress. Heavenly also accused her of being in therapy for dating old men. This was a result of her friend saying they met via a Facebook group for Black women who date older men. Although Tea tried to explain it’s a taboo type of relationship and that having a community is necessary to deal with the pushback, jokes were made at her and Greg’s expense.

Some “Married to Medicine” fans feel the other women are being too hard on Lateasha Lunceford.

Phaedra joked that Tea needed a support group because she was “marrying Paw Paw.” Jackie brought up to Lateasha how Quad had the house painted years prior. And everyone appeared to get a good laugh at Lateasha when the price tag on her outfit became visible. As for Quad, she’s questioning the loyalty of anyone who befriends Tea. So this hasn’t exactly been an easy first season for the “Married to Medicine” newbie.

Tea has also been getting dragged by her costars on social media, too. Heavenly said she has the body of a “68-year-old woman.” And she’s a “country bumpkin” they need to upgrade. According to Heavenly, Tea won’t even want Greg anymore once she and the others get done with her. She said this to Carlos King on YouTube recently.

The treatment of Lateasha has resulted in a lot of conversations on social media. Quad’s supporters feel she deserves harsh treatment for stepping on a show they feel is Quad’s territory. Others have expressed it’s uncomfortable to watch a group of women attack another woman’s body, relationship, and position on the show on one person’s behalf.

A common comment about Tea that appears often is she knows what she signed up for because she watched the show. And since she is a fan of the show, she doesn’t deserve any empathy. However, Lateasha told an Instagram user that this was not the case.

The person wrote, “Being grown here, you’ve watched this show, you know how these ladies roll. They are heavy hitters so you gotta hit back Sweet Tea.”

Sweet Tea responded, “You’re wrong, I did not watch the show… I knew of the show and had to be convinced to come on the show.”


  1. It’s clear she didn’t watch because if she did, she wouldn’t be on it now. Married 2 Med is one of the worst shows to do because the women on there are mean as heck. I can’t believe they are in their 50s and 60s carrying on like that. Quad is too old too being the egomaniac she is. I hate how toxic this show has become.

    1. Quad to me is a narcissistic individual and it’s obvious that no one wants to marry her. Men have probably watched her from the beginning and saw the misuse of her ex husband and the lies she told him even regarding waiting to have a child and getting her way and actually tricking him. Nev was there a child, she did the doggy clothes line and fashion show and yet no child. Well that young woman most likely will, so sit back and take it like a woman Quad 🙏

  2. I just think it’s gross she’s been hired to be everyone’s punching bag and all these black people are completely fine with that and even think it’s hilarious.

    1. Shame on them to be so nasty toward Sweet Tea. It’s not her fault Dr.G fell in love with this young lady. Phaedra ought to be quiet with her freaky self also Heavenly can’t body shame anyone 👹👹

  3. Whether she watched or not, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like trash. I’m thinking about no longer watching.

    1. I don’t think ppl watch like that which is why they begged her and Phaedra to be on the cast. And the ratings are still pathetic.

    2. Amen to that! These are supposedly professional women who treat one another with disrespect and sheer hatefulness. What happened to supporting one another? I think it’s distasteful and another way to show how we have NOT evolved as people and our biggest enemy is not white American but ourselves. If we respected one another we wouldn’t allow this on television or real life.

      1. Exodus, you are so right! I hate the way they are tearing down another black women for 15 min of fame.
        I should say I am disappointed in Jackie but I am not! Jackie is a mean-spirited, jealous-hearted, two-faced women! She only associates with Heavenly and Quad for that matter because she can get them to do her bidding. When the show first came on, Jackie turned her nose up at Quad and Heavenly! Hell, she even said Heavenly wasn’t a doctor. If Mariah would not have stood up for Quad, they would not even associate with her.
        I truly saw how Jackie aligned all those women behind her to oust Mariah because she couldn’t stand someone else being tge queen bee!

        1. Someone who sees Jackie for what she is. That old hateful woman trying to fit in with the younger crowd. I’m so disappointed in her.

        2. You are 100% correct, Jackie is full of herself and the envy & jealousy is so profound in her… She tried it with Simone and saw that Simone battled quite well without her…She belittled Buffy and embraced Heavenly and Quad the Fraud as soon as she knew she could use them as ammunition against Mariah.. Jackie likes to throw the rock and hide her hand.. We see you Jackie and so did your Husband!!!

  4. They are dragging her but she’s everyone’s storyline so much so that she saved Quad’s job. Heavenly should be sending her flowers since Tea is her new deflection from her life and marriage. Heavenly bullies so she won’t actually have to show her life.

  5. She should have declined doing this show because being on it only helped those who hate her (Quad, Heavenly, Jackie, Phaedra). She gave them content because none of them have storylines. Don’t help your enemies.

    1. It’s reality TV👀 She could’ve declined. She knew that Quad was a part of this show. Bottom line, she is not on their level physically, mentally nor emotionally! Be careful what you asknfor!
      These Atlanta women are no joke! Welcome to The ATL Sweet Tea! However, I don’t condone mean girls!

      1. Umm I’m not sure why y’all keep coming for Tea’s looks when statistically most people aren’t beauty queens and the women on Married 2 Med had to be nipped and tucked for you all to deem them attractive. None of them are natural beauties with the exception of Toya. Simmer down my love.

        And what level are the other women on that Tea can’t make it to because all I see is old black women acting like clowns and bullies. That’s some impressive achievement to you? Tea is already better than them for at least being a decent person, something most of them aren’t.

  6. If she was some groupie of the show, she would not have needed to be talked into joining. People are being brainless about this woman just in the name of stanning Quad. So immature and pathetic.

  7. No shade but most people do not watch Married to Medicine. It is the ugly step child at Bravo. They may have heard about it but they don’t watch it.

  8. She may have watched lmfao but what does that gotta do with women old enough to be her grandmother hating on her like the rent is due? Especially Heavenly and Jackie’s a—ses . They’re more pressed than Quad.

  9. Surprise that the women are all treating
    Lateasha like they are, Quad name should not even be coming out of their mouth. Lateasha is better than all of them because she is being her. I will no longer watch the show

  10. When they get into the bully mode, I tend to check out. I’m giving it two more episodes to improve. Tea seems cool and really normal.

  11. Married To Medicine is always so dark now and I think that is why the ratings aren’t good anymore. A lot of people are tired and moved on because they realized it wasn’t going to get any better. They were right and I don’t know why I still watch anymore. 🙁 I don’t like how they are doing this young lady.

  12. Sweet Tea is the newbie and this is part of the initiation…Period! They haven’t said anything to her that wasn’t true and if they were being nice and super fake then the show wouldn’t be entertaining at all. She sat in the car and told Greg she wasn’t no punk and wasn’t gonna let the ladies make her feel inadequate …well let’s see what you got Latisha. She is giving them all of the ammunition with the “I get access to the money” comments and the “I can give you what you wants” dm’s. She said she didn’t watch the show, which to me makes no sense at all and I don’t believe. She has access to the internet, which is evident regarding her support group, she should have watched all of the episoded if M2M and came prepared for the ladies. We early in the season and from the previews it appears she finds her way and get the ladies together. I am loving the new season so far…oh and I must admit Heavenly is a guilty pleasure simply because she say what we be thinking all while keep her homefront gossip free.

  13. All the black reality shows are toxic because the producers think very little of black people and they believe we are too uneducated to enjoy entertainment of substance. There is nothing entertaining about a group of women ganging up one woman like this. Heavenly was one of the worst things that could ever happen to this show. Now she’s convinced her fans she’s good TV smh.

    1. C’mon now.. these women are grown and they like goin low, obviously money can buy alotta stuff just not morals, values, a conscience.. they all lie and do what they do for that check! If they held any self respect they would not have agreed to do any housewife show! But money talks.. And as we place blame, the husbands are worse cause they see how the bad behavior is reviewed by family and others.. Dr G knew full well what the new wife was walkin into.. it’s like the men are spineless puppets who’d rather risk character and reputation for..A BRAVO CHECK

    2. She said she didnt watch the show. So how the h-ll did ahe know Dr G wanted a baby. Even though she said she didnt watch the show the clips they show on instagram is enough. So I think she full of sh-t

  14. They are trying to turn M2M more like Real Housewives and I’m not here for it. RHOA and RHOP all they do is fight and read each other and they don’t show much of their lives. M2M was always better because it focused on real couples with real life issues. The beefs they had between the women were organic and not forced. Y’all are lying if y’all are saying this season is good. No it’s not! It’s fake and very forced. I mean they pushed this girl to do the show just to attack her. Like that’s all they are doing this season. Phaedra was unnecessary too. All she did was make it faker. Worst season ever.

  15. Quad divorced Greg and didn’t want children with him. No one should give a crap about who he’s marrying. The truth is Heavenly, Jackie, Phaedra, and Quad don’t need a reason to be evil. It’s in their nature. They need to leave that woman alone and get therapy for their years of bitterness.

  16. I am enjoying Sweet tea. I just hope Greg will protect her when needed. As we saw in the first episode her sister has her back. Quad showing up at h bachelorette party is so fowl, why would Phaedra bring her there. Greg, should be done with Phaedra. The ladies on the show bullies Sweet tea but you all noticed how all these women looked when the started too, they all have evolved over the years because they looked awful. Give this lady a chance and Quad, there is no longer a place for you, it’s time for you to enjoy that fine hunk of a gentleman you are getting to know!

  17. Not at all suprised by Heavenly and Jackie’s behavior. She has been a snob since the beginning, looking down on Quad and Toya, for not being doctors. Toya was better than Quad because she taught school.
    Quad was the orginal gold digger on this show, she married Gregory for the status of being a doctor’s wife and all the perks that came with it, the entire time lying to the man about having children.
    Leteashia and her friend must not old man younger woman is nothing new, been going on since Bible days. They are called May- December relationships. Tea better show Quad, Heavenly, Jackie, and Phadrea that Arkansas/Texas heat. Jackie need to worry about Curtis and his young woman, same for Heavenly and Damon. Quad and Phadrea need a man willing to be seen with them.

  18. Greg though he was introducing his bride to a group of professionals… Little did he know that theme left M2M year(s) ago. What’s currently being filmed is gutter behavior from old bitties getting a Bravo check to show the world Black women are indeed Angry, ignorant, non supporting, petty, and insecure. Phaedra’s addition to the show brought complete buffoonery. Between Heavenly and Phaedra this show is doomed to fail. Bravo producers you get two thumbs up. The destruction of young Black women who aspire to be professionals get a front row seat to the rewards of Bullying. This is very sad to watch.

  19. I love Sweet Tea! She is young and real! Exactly what this show needed because it’s been boring since Mariah left. This show needs a couple of millennials honestly. Especially since that’s the demographic they want more of viewership wise. I wish Audra wasn’t fired.

  20. Dr Jackie and Dr Heavenly both have a few body flaw(s), that they should never say anything negative about anyone.

  21. I agree with most comments Quad, Phaedra and Heavenly need to go. Jackie is suspect. They’re all so fake. Phaedra dresses like a clown looking so cheap. The show needs a makeover.

  22. The Million Dollar Question is “ Why is Quad still on a show Married to Medicine , when it is crystal clear she is a woman scorned & bitter ?

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