Lateasha Lunceford Responds to House Tour Criticism + Calls out Dr. Heavenly Kimes

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Quad Webb said it was disrespectful for producers to bring Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Lateasha Lunceford on “Married 2 Med” without giving her a heads up.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb recently expressed frustration regarding Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s return to the show. As we reported, Dr. G is back with a new wife, Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford. Although Quad congratulated Tea and Gregory on their engagement, she can’t help but feel like it was messy for producers to bring them on the reality show. In fact, Quad said the main issue is they didn’t give her a heads up. And not getting one is disrespectful in Quad’s eyes. Quad told Dr. Heavenly Kimes that she has been a staple on the show since its “conception.” So respect is owed when it comes to matters like this.

Heavenly later interviewed Lateasha. She confirmed she had been asked to join the show multiple times before agreeing to join the cast. However, Heavenly and Dr. Jackie Walters were the ones who made her feel comfortable about moving forward. In response, Quad’s fans accused Heavenly of being a fake friend. Heavenly went on to say that bringing Tea on “Married to Medicine” saved Quad’s job. And Heavenly believes she’s helping both women by having them speak to her YouTube subscribers. However, she did throw a little shade after Tea’s home tour video was posted to Bravo’s official website for the show.

She hopped on Instagram to tell her followers that she likes Quad’s latest home tour better. Heavenly said the tour was “the original” and “not a repeat.” Interestingly enough, this was likely a jab at the fact that Dr. G and Tea are living in the same house he shared with Quad.

Lateasha Lunceford doesn’t think the comparisons are necessary.

Well, Tea responded to the shade and criticism on Instagram Live. She was on her way to BravoCon.

She said, “Chile…you gotta let people do what they wanna do. If they wanna play around…if they wanna chit chat, compare and contrast people, let them do that. People ain’t got nothing better to do with they lives for real.”

Sweet Tea continued, “I did the home tour back in I believe was June. It was something quick or whatever. We’ve been decorating here and there…I did some painting myself as well. It’s been nice. I’m just making it my own. Y’all have to understand that when you move into a home or you move into any place, a tenant was there before you. You don’t know who they are. Basically, that’s what it was. Gregory was there. Somebody else was with him before that. But I wasn’t there. I don’t have no connection with that. And the house is almost paid off. Why would we go and buy a new house? Why? Right now?”

She went on to say she isn’t hood rich, “We could buy an investment property. Like I wanna go overseas. I would love…I’ve been telling Gregory to take me to Japan. I wanna go to…my sister lived in Taiwan for a bit…I’m trying to think outside the box. I’m not hood rich, I’m not blowing stacks and stuff like that.”

Tea feels like Heavenly’s storyline is making everyone else’s business hers.

“Her storyline is meddling in everyone else’s storyline. So keep that in mind.”

She added, “She got so much **** over there she’s trying to hide. She’s got so much stuff over there she’s trying to hide that she can’t. Remember I told y’all she hit her husband upside the head with a frying pan? And what does that tell you? She hides a lot over there.”

And when it comes to Quad, Tea says she doesn’t have an issue at all.

“I don’t have an issue…I don’t have an issue with her. It depends on the energy on the stage…I don’t know her. I don’t talk to her. I’m just showing up. I ain’t seen her since June, May, something like that.”


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  1. Like I said before Heavenly is very messy she smile’s in your face and talks about you behind your back. And Quad don’t have any problem with Mrs. G Heavenly is trying to start some mess between them.

  2. I believe her about Heavenly marriage. Mariah was going to bring real receipts but out of respect for damon she didn’t. This isn’t the first or second time hearing rumors about Heavenly marriage but Heavenly has a way to remove the mess from her and take on other mess conveniently. Why is folks coming for this women who is married to medicine. Wasn’t folks tired of quad the fraud , spreading malicious lies and have NO LIFE around Medicine? So I’m truly confused. They don’t owe quad anything and she should be glad she even on there still. Folks are showing they just hated Anila no matter what which is sad and unfortunate. Only a matter of time folks start complaining about phadera, I guess. I’m wondering when folks will get messy right along with Heavenly and Quad the way they conveniently spread these campaigns “for ratings “. It’s the selective outrage and just not owning it for me. Hope the new couple stays, sadly the other black couple didn’t. I thought they were a good fit too.

  3. Why waste money buying a new house, when you can just decorate? Hood rich would have wanted a new house. It didn’t take long for Lateasha to figure out Heavenly. Quad really thinks she is special after helping get rid of Mariah, she must be shocked to learn she not, lol. Quad and Heavenly used the new girl to go after Toya last season and where is she?

  4. Sweet Tea should live in the house and decorate per her design; Dr. G still lives in the house after divorcing Quad which screams Dr. G owns the house! Quad should not be on the show she’s not married to medicine anymore. Quad saying it was disrespectful for Brovo to bring Dr. G and his new wife on the show — Quad honey he’s a doctor that’s how you got on the show. Anyone that is not a Doctor or married to a Doctor should not be on the show it’s called “Married to Medicine” and I feel the same about “Housewives of whatever” if you’re not a housewife why are you on the show make it make sense. That my Ice Tea for today.

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