Jennifer Williams Claps Back After ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Are Critical of Her Fiancé

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Jennifer Williams called out Vanessa Rider for putting her fiancé on blast.

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams probably figured the current season of the show would be peaceful for her since she’s in a good place with Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie. As we reported, she clashed with Jackie plenty during the previous season. In fact, she even slapped Jackie with a cease and desist letter. This was in response to Jackie doubting the legitimacy of her accusations against her ex. According to Jennifer, the man stole her Range Rover and allegedly scammed multiple people. Jennifer made a documentary about the situation. She took issue with Jackie saying she gave her some advice to move the project forward. Regardless, it’s all water under the bridge now. And Jackie has been supportive of Jennifer’s engagement to Christian Gold.

One person who has not been all that positive about Jennifer’s fiancé is BBWLA newbie Vanessa Rider. In fact, she saw red flags when Christian told the group about his background. He confirmed he has two young children. One is almost two, the other is almost a one-year-old. Well, Vanessa thought this was odd considering he’s on track to marry Jennifer soon. So she did some research. She later told Jackie that Christian allegedly spent ten years in prison. And he allegedly changed his name and allegedly has a much older child.

Vanessa now feels as if Christian could be scamming Jennifer. While she told Jackie she wanted to tell Jennifer what she found out to protect her, Evelyn and the others do not see it that way. Jennifer doesn’t either. In fact, she has accused Vanessa of being a miserable person. And she also said that she knows about Christian’s time in prison. According to Jennifer, they are very transparent with one another. So she wants Vanessa to mind her marriage.

Jennifer Williams checked some BBWLA fans.

Interestingly enough, some “Basketball Wives” fans actually agree with Vanessa. They have been expressing such on social media, too. Jennifer clapped back recently when it was said that Christian has major red flags.

One Instagram user agreed when someone else said that Jennifer has bad taste in men. The person wrote, “I said the same thing. It’s a shame but unfortunately, most women don’t learn. A 1-year-old and a 2-year-old is wild. My first question would’ve been where are those mothers and why u not with them? There are too many men legit men that have everything together out here for someone of her status to be dating the men she dates. She has access to millionaires with no kids. I’m so confused lol.”

Jennifer replied, “Why are you so concerned about someone you don’t know? That’s the real question!!! It’s the same mother and the relationship ended before me since you so **** nosey and think you know everything. And my fiancé is a millionaire, mind the business that pays you!”

Another person wrote, “She needs to choose better. The man has a 1 and 2-year-old plus a criminal record. She hasn’t learned.”

In response, Jennifer wrote, “Martha Stewart has a criminal record and still living her best life! What’s your point? You are miserable and want people to be miserable with you!”


  1. I knew immediately something was wrong when he said he had 1 kid under 1 yrs old. Jennifer needs to find a mature man at stop acting so boogie. As we get older the chances of finding a man on your level decreases. My experience which I must stress is mine alone, after 50 the men have quite a bit of health issues. They made have prostate issues, ED, gallbladder, diabetes. So we look for younger men and they have financial issues, young babies, lying and cheating. When I saw that guy I knew he was full of sh-t and good for nothing. Jennifer needs to pray for a man because her track record is not good at all. She is always liking for money and the men she is running into is looking for the same thing, do she gets used and scammed.

  2. Jennifer people gonna have a opinion you on a tv show (STUPID) no one really cares he will WALK U LIKE A DOG like they all have done….Every since the liquid was thrown in your face you been getting PLAYED… look STUPID CONSTANTLY and we don’t want another SCAMMED show…you should write a book on HOW TO GET PLAYED ON A REGULAR (STUPID)

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