Jennifer Williams Drags Vanessa Rider for Blasting Her Fiancé on ‘Basketball Wives’

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Vanessa Rider is already frustrating her coworkers as a BBWLA newbie.

Basketball Wives” newbie Vanessa Rider has already managed to rub a couple of the OGs the wrong way. She told Evelyn Lozada that she didn’t want to be around homewreckers. In fact, she believes Evelyn intentionally got with Carl Crawford while he was with his first baby momma, Amy Freeman. Evelyn said this isn’t how things transpired. She went on to allege that Carl wasn’t honest about his relationship with Amy and dated them simultaneously. Regardless, the drama took place ten years ago. Since then, they have all hashed out their differences and they have healthy co-parenting relationships. Evelyn and Amy even watch each other’s kids.

Since the matter is water under the bridge for Evelyn and Amy, Evelyn doesn’t understand why Vanessa made a big deal out of it. Although Vanessa apologized to Evelyn for handling things, Evelyn told her X followers that the peace between them was short-lived. Interestingly enough, Vanessa switched her focus on the recent episodes. She began to have questions about Jennifer Williams‘ fiancé after spending some time with the couple. What tipped off Vanessa’s red flag radar was when Christian Gold said he has an “almost one-year-old and an almost two-year-old.” In a green screen interview, Vanessa said this math didn’t add up. She did some digging and later told Jackie Christie that Christian changed his name. Vanessa also alleged that he was in prison for ten years and has a 13-year-old.

Jennifer Williams dragged Vanessa Rider on social media.

Well, Jennifer had some things to get off of her chest on X. It’s safe to say she isn’t a fan of Vanessa. A fan of the show posted, “It’s funny but I also thought @iamjennifer’s new boo scammed her for that dog $. @VanessaRider & @JackieChristie are spot on IMO. He’s shady. #BBWLA”

In response, Jennifer wrote, “How did he scam me when he paid for the dog? This dumb bish always in some business that don’t belong to her!!! Investigate getting a facial….. Leave me and my fiancé TF alone.”

She continued, “Ok y’all I’m tapped back in… So this dumb ***** thinks I didn’t know about Christian going to prison. I know the whole story and NO he didn’t do 10 years. There is nothing this woman can tell me about MY man that I don’t know.”

Jennifer said she had very honest conversations with Christian, “We don’t keep secrets, we have difficult conversations not surface ****. Furthermore, bish you went to jail with your crazy ***!! #BasketballWives”

She also said that Christian is even doing better than Vanessa and her husband Isaiah Rider.

“Lastly, my fiancé is doing better in life than you and your husband combined. He has had some challenges but came out on top! Investigate compounding your assets so you can look halfway decent on TV. Leave us TF alone! #BasketballWives”


  1. Vanessa is annoying and needs to focus on that sad marriage she has. But Jen does have a horrible track record with men. So I’m side eyeing Christian too.

  2. I am no team Vanessa but we all know Jennifer is a SCAMMER’S dream.
    .did she watch her show that’s on…I see she still have not learned two kids 1 and 2 and all of a sudden he in love with this COUGAR….the LIES the LIES

  3. Bro needs to explain his “almost 1 year old” and “almost 2 years old” kiddos. I’m seeing all kinds of red flags on just that. Vanessa does do her research tho! I just can’t get with her nosey ways. Jennifer needs to be careful. I really think Vanessa can take her! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Stop being so d-mn messy Vanessa. Whatever is going on with Jennifer and her beau is their business. Stay out of people’s lives and get 1 of your own

  5. Christian could be the exception but Jennifer has a knack for attracting scammers, criminals, and con artists. I think it’s because she’s very superficial and being superficial attracts those kinds of people. Either way, it’s strange Vanessa doesn’t see that she isn’t in a much better situation. Women have to pick better period. Wasting your years/youth with cheaters/toxic men makes no sense.

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