Jennifer Williams Involves Lawyer in Feud with Jackie Christie + Jackie Goes Off

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Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams are feuding over respect.

Basketball Wives” stars Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams have been clashing quite a bit on the current season. Both women feel as if the other doesn’t respect them enough. In Jennifer’s case, she believes Jackie does whatever possible to “son” her. This is why she thought it was shady for Jackie to book her a deluxe hotel room instead of a suite when the group traveled to Sacramento. Interestingly enough, Jennifer’s reaction to the situation didn’t sit well with some fans of the show. They took to social media to accuse Jennifer of being a snob. Regardless, Jennifer didn’t back down from her stance.

Jackie felt disrespected by a comment Jennifer made in private regarding Jackie’s open house listing. According to Jackie, Jennifer complained about the property. And she told Jackie that the “white women on Selling Sunset” bring their A-game. So Jackie needs to step it up if she wants to be more competitive in real estate, a passion Jackie said she’s had for a long time.

Well, Jennifer and Jackie’s drama only escalated during the most recent episode. Jennifer was told that Jackie said she was a producer for Jennifer’s upcoming documentary. As we reported, Jennifer was working on a documentary about an ex-boyfriend. She has alleged that the man stole her Range Rover.

Jackie denied that she said she helped produce the project. She also said that what she did do is give Jennifer advice about how to move forward.

A cease and desist letter only worsened things between Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie.

Although Jackie told Jennifer that she didn’t say she was a producer for the documentary, Jennifer didn’t believe her. So it didn’t take long for the conversation to go left. Insults were exchanged and Jennifer didn’t like some of the things Jackie said about the matter.

In the trailer for the next episode, Jennifer confirms to Brooke Bailey that Jackie will be receiving a cease and desist from her attorney.

“I was having a conversation with my manager and my attorney and let him know what happened with Jackie. We have to do a cease and desist.”

Brooke expresses her shock. But Jennifer says this has to be done, “I have to protect myself!”

To no surprise, Jackie doesn’t take any of this well. By the end of the trailer, another argument occurs.

Jackie tells Jennifer, “I don’t deal with stupidity. I don’t deal with broke women tryna get some money.”

And Jennifer snaps, “***** I haven’t said two words to you!”

Jackie continues, “Told you and before you get your whole head ripped off…you should let me leave, you dirty *****.”

Jennifer responds, “Try it!”

Another highlight from the trailer is Jackie and Brandi Maxiell’s attempt to push Brooke to hash things out with her estranged husband. And Brandi tells him that he won’t really change until he gets help.


  1. It really feels like Jennifer and Jackie are beefing over absolutely nothing at all. This season is so bad.

    1. On the real I think Jackie Is Really Picking On Jennifer Because Of Mylaisa however u spell her name 🤣🤣Left The Show every since she left Jackie been on Jen a-s🤣😂 I love it I can’t stand Jen It’s Karma Boo🤣🤣🤣

  2. Why would entelligent women want to watch these grown women act a fool on TV.. Are the producers asking them to act like Classless street hoodlums. Christi’s husband is well respected and she acting like a fool. He should leave her. She’s had it out with all of them except the one’s afraid of her. BIG BULLY. Take this show off the air.

    1. Jackie husband has nothing to do with the situation so why should he leave her, you sound crazy that makes no sense. Jackie is no problem to her husband, they been married a long time he knows how she is. Stop making something out of nothing

      1. Jackie is an embarassment to any relationship. You make not like what others have to say, but we’re going to say it. Doug Christie must be needy. To be married to a hoodrat like Jackie is a complete sign of neediness.
        There are many classier women who don’t act like hoodrats and thugs.
        Jackie is tooooo old to be acting this ignorant.
        I bet you anything, people talk about Doug behind his back when it comes to his wife. Guaranteed they do!

        So, Doug has a lot ot do with his wife’s behavior. I guarantee you a major corporation would never tolerate the antics of their employee’s spouse. It’s a huge black mark on the company.

        1. No, Pie just has common sense and high emotional intelligence. Basketball Wives is a reality show that has been around for over a decade. All of these women literally fight, throw drinks, throw tables, etc. for a check. If you were really looking for class and sophistication, you wouldn’t be watching Basketball Wives in the first place. Please stop virtue signaling and do something better with your time. Doug is smart enough to not take what his wife does on a ratchet reality show seriously, and neither do the owners of the Sacramento Kings. Smart people understand reality shows are just for entertainment. You care about what people think of you. Doug is rich and doesn’t have to. It’s a you problem.

        2. You said that so eloquently. I don’t understand how Jackie has lasted this long on the show. Jennifer is WAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY classier than Jackie! Jackie is a whole grandma who doesn’t even care about her grandkids, except for the one with the daughter she had with Doug. Jackie is as GHETTO as they come.

          1. Jackie “lasted this long” because she’s an actual basketball wife, something Jennifer hasn’t been in two decades. With all this talk about Jackie being ghetto and all that, what exactly makes Jennifer classy? Wearing designer clothes? Jennifer is far from classy, that is why she keeps shacking up with criminals, thugs, and scammers. Classy women do not date thugs. Y’all have the lowest standards hyping up someone like Jennifer but calling Jackie ghetto. Jennifer is embarrassing.

    2. Wondering why you think intelligent starts with an E first of all. You must watch the show to speak on it. Although I do agree with you for the most part. I don’t think he should leave her. He knew what he had when he married her. She speaks her mind and is a lil bi-polar is all.

  3. If Jacki Christi is suppose to be the matriarch of the group then she should act like it. She’s all up in everyone’s business like she’s a therapist. Putting yourself in others personal affairs can get you hurt. It’s good to give advice. So give it and leave it the **** alone. If Doug being gone so much bores you, then travel with him. Stop being so messy. This is the side of Jackie I personally don’t like to see. And then you always threatening to kick someone’s a-s. Jackie stop being ghetto and act your age. Be an example to these ladies. They look up to you. You fight more than they do. Come on Jackie. Don’t let us down.

    1. Comments like these annoy me because they lack logic. It’s like you all do not realize how old these women are. Jennifer is almost 48 years old. Jackie is in her early 50s. Brandi is nearly 40, Malaysia is in her early 40s. Brittish is in her 30s. Brooke is 45. Duffey in her mid 30s. Angel her mid 40s. So none of these women are young and in need of role models. Then you pretend as if these other women are all peaceful and well behaved themselves. Stop it lady. The first half of this season Brooke and Duffey were trying to fist fight the twins and throwing glasses at each other. Please believe Basketball Wives was ghetto well before Jackie and the LA show came into existence. And Basketball Wives will still be ghetto after Jackie leaves because fighting is essentially the entire premise of the show. So your fake outrage is unnecessary. If you really wanted peace and positivity, you wouldn’t be watching BBWLA to begin with.

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