Phaedra Parks Invites Quad Webb to Lateasha Lunceford’s Bachelorette Party?

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Lateasha Lunceford is having a tough first season on Married 2 Med.

Married to Medicine” newbie Lateasha Lunceford is a hot topic just a couple of episodes into the current season. As we reported, she is married to Dr. Gregory Lunceford. The newlyweds being on the show is not sitting well with Quad Webb. Interestingly enough, Sweet Tea said that it was Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Jackie Walters who actually convinced her to do the show. Until this point, she and Dr. G had been asked multiple times to join the cast. However, Tea didn’t think it was a good idea to share her life on a reality show. But Jackie and Heavenly convinced her that good opportunities could come from being on the platform. Since then, Heavenly told Carlos King that she only wanted Tea on the show for laughs. Turns out the cast has been getting plenty of laughs from Sweet Tea. But some fans think she’s being bullied.

Interestingly enough, things actually get messier during the upcoming episode. In a preview, Sweet Tea invites the ladies to her bachelorette festivities. To no surprise, Quad was not invited. While everyone was enjoying their massages and having small talk, Heavenly apparently said Tea and Gregory should not get married. Dr. Simone Whitmore responds to this in a green screen interview.

She says, “Two days before the wedding you’re gonna say out loud that you don’t think they should be getting married. It’s messy as ****.”

Did Phaedra Parks invite Quad Webb to Sweet Tea’s bachelorette party?

Heavenly’s comments manage to upset Tea. Her twin sister is there to console her and remind her that the night can actually get better. At this point, Phaedra Parks receives a text message from Quad saying she is outside. Phaedra gets up to open up the door for her.

When Quad walks into the get-together, Heavenly lets out a hearty laugh. Meanwhile, Toya Bush-Harris and the others are in shock to see Quad.


  1. I do not understand why people like Phaedra so much. She’s fraudulent and mean as h-ll. She makes Heavenly look like a saint.

        1. The ladies of Atlanta kicked phay phay to the curb, exposing the lying punk she is Kandi was gonna kick that a-s, phay phay was visibly shaking, still starting sh-t, she doesn’t have a drop of fight in her , get her off

  2. Why would she do that? She wouldn’t want her fiancé’s ex showing up at “her” bachelorette party! The things these women will do for a dollar. And worst of all, make each other look bad. Just pathetic!

    1. I totally agree why would we want to look like fools i am saddened that one woman would do that to another especially a black woman

  3. Phaedra isn’t a good person so this isn’t surprising. And Quad looks corny as well for wanting to be there in the first place.

    1. Y would they want to b in the show when they knew Quad was on it.They are Messy and Quad don’t want that baby talking man so hopefully this will b their only season because I like Miss Quad

      1. Married To Medicine is not Quad’s show. She is an employee like everyone else. Greg and his wife are there because Heavenly, Jackie, Toya, Simone, producers and Bravo asked them to be on the show multiple times. In real life they hang out with the cast more than Quad does. They can get a check just like Quad. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Phaedra is a Sugar,Honey, Iced Tea started. She has a slick mouth and fairly agile mind. When she was on the other show, I wondered why her ex was acting a fool. She’s monies refuse and this lowdown dirty act showed it. However, I would have thought Quad would’ve had enough respect to not show up…

  4. So Quad was crying because she thought having Tea and Gregory on the show was an attack on her just for her and her messy coworkers to do all the actual attacking? I’m sick of these people.

  5. Wow this show really did become trash when Mariah left. They are all making Tea their storyline. It’s lazy and weird.

  6. Quad is miserable. How you divorce a man and tell the world he ain’t sh-t just to scheme and plot to film with the new wife? Phaedra hasn’t changed. She’s still evil.

  7. The fact that the cast, producers, and network thought bullying is the kind of entertainment black women want confirms how little they think of our demographic.

  8. So Quad wants to keep this job at any cost. What type of sad are you to show up to that event. Thats beyond messy its pathetic. Why is Phaedra there? They both have to cause trouble just to have a purpose

    1. Yup!!! They’re pretty disgusting! I can’t even waste an hour with these folks anymore, just do recaps and online blogs.

  9. Phedra is too messy. That’s why she got kicked from RHOA.. SHE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO ALL BLACK WOMEN. DOES A PAY CHECK MEAN THIS MUCH TO HER/THEM.B

    1. I don’t agree with with the comments about Quad nor Phaedra because when the rest of the woman find out what happen with Quad and Greg they all had negative things to say Tonya and Simoron need to be quiet because they don’t like Quad so anything she do going to be wrong and far as Tea , Greg wife to be like she said I closer to the money so what she all about so leave Quad alone because she going to be good

  10. I’m starting to repeat this same statement on all comments regarding RHOA and M2M… This is the exact reason I do not want Porsha to return to RHOA. They have been romancing and friending her so much lately, (especially since this last season had the worst viewership) they want her to come back only to bully her. They definitely aren’t happy for her that she and Simon are glowing around the globe. I feel it is a total set-up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy is in cahoots as all of his shows starring Black Women are becoming absolute trash!

    As soon as Lateasha came on, they went in on her appearance. Flashback to their first seasons and see what they looked like. Then, when she said she was happy about the money (being facetious) they all ASSUMED she came from nothing and wanted his money. Then on Veteran’s Day she shared her past in the service and as an I.T. Analyst. I didn’t see any of them in the comments being impressed or happy. These shows are starting to become all about crabs-in-a-barrel. Heavenly admitting she talked Sweet Tea into joining the show just to berate her is actually pretty disgusting! And Jackie is just as villainous.

  11. I so agree with you Phaedra is still the same messy, lying person she was on the Atlanta Housewives’. Quad better watch her back around that one.

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