Bringing Dr. Gregory Lunceford & New Wife on ‘Married to Medicine’ Saved Quad Webb’s Job?

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Quad Webb isn’t happy about Dr. Gregory Lunceford and LaTeasha Lunceford joining Married 2 Med.

Married to Medicine” fans already have a lot to say on social media about the upcoming season. Phaedra Parks joined the cast. It’s the first time Phaedra has been a main cast member on a Bravo show since being fired from “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” So fans are excited to see if Phaedra will fit in with the OGs. Interestingly enough, Dr. Heavenly Kimes said Phaedra adjusted just fine. However, she had to learn the differences between RHOA and “Married to Medicine.” Heavenly said Phaedra had to be called out for throwing rocks but hiding her hands. Plus, Phaedra got read for some of her actions even though she is liked by the rest of the cast.

Interestingly enough, Quad Webb‘s ex-husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford has returned. He just married a woman named LaTeasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford. She has joined the show as a main cast member. Recently, Quad opened up about this on Heavenly’s YouTube channel. She said she feels “disrespected.”

Quad stated the issue is she believes she was owed a conversation beforehand, but she did not get that. This bothers Quad because she sees herself as a staple of the show “since its conception.” But she wanted to also acknowledge that the cast didn’t make the decision.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes said the casting decision was necessary to save Quad Webb’s job.

Well, Heavenly recently interviewed Tea on YouTube. Tea talked about being asked multiple times to be on the show. She finally became confident enough to do it because of encouragement from Heavenly and Dr. Jackie Walters. Apparently, this detail made some of Quad’s supporters question Heavenly’s loyalty.

One person wrote, “But when Heavenly spoke to Quad she was supporting Quad in saying it was disrespectful and now Sweet Tea saying Heavenly encouraged her to come on the show!!! Were you thinking about Quad’s feelings or only your ratings? I’m disappointed 😞. That’s gonna cause some issues with you & Quad.”

Heavenly responded, “You’re mistaken. What I said was I understand how she feels disrespected, I still do … but at the end of the day we all made choices, she made hers. Quad and this lady have no beef. She didn’t date him while they were married.”

Another Instagram user said, “Dang Heavenly my first time being disappointed with you, this is why I don’t trust nobody I stay to myself because betrayal is real.”

In response, Heavenly wrote, “That’s because you’re not thinking about this the right way. Having Tea on the show gave them a reason to keep Quad … I’m actually helping them both.”


  1. Quad hasn’t noticed how long it’s been taking to “negotiate” her contract these last couple of seasons? Chile that’s the first sign someone is on the way out. I believe Heavenly.

  2. Quad made a choice. She could have chosen to leave. She is employee like the rest of them. They didn’t have to run anything by her that they didn’t want to. It’s wrong but its life

  3. Idk maybe Quad and her stans are looking at this from a very shallow perspective. The world didn’t stop when Quad and Greg divorced. He continued his friendships with the cast so this shouldn’t be hard to understand. His wife is friends with these people as well. This is an ensemble show. So it makes sense to cast people with authentic friendships and relationships. As long as they didn’t come for Quad while filming, this shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. Quad even congratulated them on their engagement because there is no beef.

  4. Good for Ms. Sweet Tea! Quad didn’t carry herself like a respectful Lady when she was on the show. I’m glad Dr. Greg moved on from her messy behind and I hope he and his new wife are happy. Quad thought she could do better, welp she didn’t!!! A lovely new home, but not a Man of Means in sight.
    Men don’t migrate towards loud, course women like Quad. Even Dr. Heavenly with her mouthy behind carries herself like a Lady.

  5. No HEAVENLY that’s not what you said you was on Quad’s side. now all of a sudden you gonna act like you didn’t say that. Heavenly you are real messy you are not a true friend to NO ONE not even a friend. I really feel sorry for you because one day these women that you are dogging you will need them one day and you better pray that they be there for are real FAKE

  6. Look at Ole Heavenly playing both sides of the road. Proof that Heavenly is not Quad’s friend, but we all knew that 😉. What will Quad do?

  7. Quad is too dramatic and I know it has to be exhausting to be friends with her! If Greg and his wife ain’t coming for her, then it’s no issue!

  8. This is the first time , I am agreeing with Dr heavenly. Love her for this. If the tables were turned and Quard had a partner
    It won’t have bothered her …if you’re not happy with bravo you should resign…. like Nene , entitled fools.

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