Ashley Darby & Gizelle Bryant Explain Why They Think Nneka Ihim Told the Truth

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Nneka Ihim’s rookie season on RHOP includes a controversial feud with Wendy Osefo.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Wendy Osefo is baffled by her ongoing feud with newbie Nneka Ihim. Ashley Darby kicked things off. She told Wendy that Nneka brought the outcast rumors up to her when Ashley mentioned the blog post first. To make matters even worse, Ashley told Wendy that Nneka said she and her family were outcasts. However, Nneka said she didn’t know if Wendy’s family were outcasts or not. Ashley later realized she got her story wrong because she had too many drinks. Although Ashley apologized to both and confirmed she got it all wrong, Nneka and Wendy clashed anyway.

During the recent episode, Nneka alleged that Wendy’s mother called her family members outraged. Nneka was told Wendy was upset that Nneka told people they knew each other. And Wendy felt like Nneka was trying to use her to get on the show.

When things really escalated, Nneka alleged that Wendy’s mother threatened to curse her with a “shrine.” And Nneka would pay for using Wendy’s name to social climb and be on “Real Housewives of Potomac.”

After Wendy denied this and said her mother is Catholic and worships Jesus Christ, Nneka called Wendy’s mother a witch. She also called Wendy a *****.

The drama escalated further once Nneka got her husband Dr. Ikenna Ihim involved. He accused Eddie Osefo of unfollowing him on Facebook. Eddie was confused and this only angered Ikenna. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed. And the men did not come to blows.

Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby believe Nneka Ihim told the truth.

Ashley discusses all this with Gizelle Bryant and Mia Thornton on the upcoming episode.

In the preview, Gizelle says she thinks Nneka may have told the truth.

“I feel like it is a big accusation to say that a mother is praying against an entire family if it’s not true. And I don’t feel like Nneka would come into this group and make up that kind of lie.”

Ashley agrees. She explains her stance during a green screen interview.

“The reason why I didn’t dismiss Nneka’s accusation, even when she made it, irrespective of the fact that Wendy is my friend, is the way that Nneka delivered this information. It felt like with so much conviction, everything conveyed that she was speaking truthfully.”

She continues, “That’s a big reason why I haven’t really dismissed it altogether and just defaulted to not believing her.”

Meanwhile, Wendy and Eddie are out for a bite to eat. Eddie asks for a drink to unwind after the drama that occurred at pickleball. Wendy believes Nneka’s whole intention was to attack.

“Pickleball, it was too much. I think Nneka’s sole motive is to attack me within this group. The only time Nneka pipes up is if it involves Wendy Osefo.”

Gizelle goes on to tell Ashley and Mia that Jamal Bryant warned her.

“I was like Jamal, they talking about some demonic spirits and praying. He said Gizelle that **** is real.”

Ashley once again agrees, “Yes it is.”

Gizelle continues, “And do not play with it. There’s truth to what Nneka was saying.”

Mia and Ashley both label Nneka as smart while Gizelle once again says she believes she told the truth.

“She’s not going to make up stupid stuff for no reason. So I 100 percent believe Nneka.”

As for Wendy, she tells Eddie that Nneka has a lot to learn, “The fact that you’re Igbo and I’m Igbo and your agenda was to attack your sister…she got a lot of catching up to do.”


  1. Two of the most stupid and desperate t9 be relevant in life women on the trash bag of a show now. Gizelle mentioning Jamal Bryant coming out of her mouths is a joke. You are the mother of his children period. I would bet that’s where his respect for you if he ever really had any lies now. Ashley ditto. You weren’t even smart enough to get a ore nup and got a house with his name on it. You are a dumb as twerk queen who used your body and see to get your husband.
    Nneka sit your a-s down and learn the lay of the land. You irritate viewers and your husband looks like a d-mn fool getting bent put of shape over a face book flag. Remind me not to have you ever operate on me. Eddie played your a-s of well. Maybe you need to listen to Wendy and Eddie they got a good marriage and the children you trying to have
    Yes….you want her life Missy. And you too stupid to realize that bravo is playing a dangerous game of color dynamics in an attempt to address the color diversity issue brought up at the last reunion. It’s our nasty little secret and Wendy and Candiace brought it full frontal. If you don’t think Gizelle as one of the EP of this franchise is not seething thar this issue was highlighted by Wendy and Candiace and the result was Nneka….your not seeing the whole picture. Wendy is the target….

    1. Amen, Sephora59!

      On point & I concur!

      Nothing left to be said. Well, Ashley & Gizelle = Misery loves comfort even with your boy toy, Gizelle. You couldn’t get a mature man. A man with French braids and you’re how old?
      And Ashley, even your uncle thinks you’re as dumb as they come.

      Team Wendy and Eddie! A Class Act Team!

    2. I agree with everything except that Wendy played herself by denying the fact that Gizelle can pass for White at the last reunion!
      Darker women stick up for racially ambiguous women 🙄🙄 MAKES ME CRINGE. Gizelle is treated better and GETS AWAY WITH A LOT because of what she looks like!

  2. I just know Ashley and Gizelle ain’t calling a whole African religion they know nothing about evil like they weren’t married to straight up demons because they wanted to social climb. Whatever. They will never beat the colorism accusations. I can’t stand them.

  3. Ashley and Gizelle sound like idiots. Lawyers lie all the time. And desperate people will say and do anything for fame. Nneka already has a publicist. Enough said.

  4. Robyn, Mia, Ashley, and Gizelle are annoying and they have completely ruined this show. I honestly don’t even feel the need to watch it anymore.

  5. At least Ashley said she doesn’t know what to believe. Gisselle and Mia are going to believe anything negative about Wendy because they don’t like her. Gisselle using Rev. Holy Wh#re to verify information, when he was not truthful about cheating on her.

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