‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Raq Rethinks Her Choices + Kanan Aligns with an Enemy

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On the recent episode of “Raising Kanan,” Famous finally develops the courage to tell Kanan how that gun got in his backpack. Although the truth was weighing on him, all Kanan can see is betrayal. As Famous and Kanan’s friendship fizzles out, Ronnie steps in with a business opportunity. And Kanan isn’t able to turn it down when Ronnie’s hatred for Raq becomes clear. 

Kanan isn’t the only one in the family who wants nothing to do with Raq. Lou Lou detests her so much so that he turns down her offer to repair their relationship. Lou Lou blames Raq for introducing him to a life of crime as a child. And he has a lot of guilt about his role in her drug empire. 

Lou Lou’s biggest heartbreak was Scrappy’s death. At the height of his regret, Lou tells Scrappy’s mother that he could have prevented Scrappy’s demise but did nothing. 

Marvin has been busy trying to learn how to be a father to Jukebox. But their bonding time may be interrupted soon now that the feds have linked Marvin to his ex Toni’s death. 

Here’s the recap for, “Into the Darkness.”

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