Rapper Makes Explosive Accusations About Shaunie Henderson

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“Basketball Wives” fans shared strong opinions about the reunion on social media.

Basketball Wives” creator Shaunie Henderson showed up to the reunion to set the record straight for Jackie Christie. At the time, Jackie had been accused of talking behind Shaunie’s back. It was alleged Jackie didn’t like being left off of the show’s billboard. So she said she was going to slap Shaunie (Jackie was able to prove that it was Brittish Williams who was upset, not her). Jackie denied making the comment on the reunion stage. Regardless, Shaunie reminded Jackie that her name shows up in the show’s credits. So she could appear front and center of the billboard if she chooses to.

Shaunie and Jackie’s exchange resulted in a lot of discussions on social media. Some “Basketball Wives” fans don’t feel like Jackie’s OG status is respected enough. Others feel like Jackie owes all the credit to Shaunie since she created the show. However, Jackie believes she deserves some respect for the success of the LA show.

Accusations about Shaunie Henderson have BBWLA fans confused.

Interestingly enough, Shaunie is a hot topic on social media again. A rapper went viral due to some messy accusations.

While Luce Cannon appeared on “No Jumper,” he alleged Shaunie is allegedly his sugar momma.

“She was like a sugar momma to me…on crib. So at the end of the day…”

The accusations continued, “She’s going to be mad as **** when she sees this. But at the end of the day, Shaunie O’Neal, she knows what’s up. I ******* her two weeks before she got married to the pastor. She was like..no, she told me she was like, ‘I need some good **** before I go down the aisle. I said, ‘I got you.'”

The rapper went on to also allege that Shaunie paid him, “She was like I got $10,000 for you. I said, ‘That’s not enough.’ And I pulled up and she gave me 50.”


  1. Jackie needs to go she is to old for the bullshit she tried to ditch out. What they are saying about Shaunie is BULLS***

  2. I guess 2024 will be the year where everything done in the dark will be forced to the light. Well then!!!

    1. I don’t know why but something makes me want to believe that Rapper. Shuanie doesn’t have to a honest face to me. She likes to brag about being a boss and a side trick is a boss move. I mean, just look at the men.

  3. Why can’t what he’s saying be true . He is very particular about what happened and how much she paid him . The way he called her his Sugar Mama makes me believe it happened more than this time . I believe him . Shaunie isn’t the preachers wife type of woman . Sorry. She should have stayed away from The show . She isn’t exempt

  4. I believe him. I went to Shaunie’s IG and there is no statement denying what this man is saying. All I see is her posting about how much of a boss she is. So she could have cleared her name and let us know this man is lying on her character. But she chose not to and preferred to reaffirm being a girl boss instead. I absolutely believe this man is telling the truth. It makes sense when you remember Evelyn is her best friend and she has a wild past with Shaq.

  5. Even if it did or didn’t happen that’s a B!$(# move .. Keep your mouth shut about your business.. Men have always been accused of talking more than women… You got your 15 mins kick rocks sir talk a lot…

  6. She’s not the typical “First Lady”. She’s always on social media hyping herself up. I believe him.
    My heart goes out to Pastor Henderson just for the fact of having to process this.

    1. Pastor Henderson is hiding behind his collar because he definitely like MEN.
      Why would his ex wife be put under a Gag Order where she can’t say anything
      about their marriages at all. He was caught with the Choir Director having an
      Affair. Shaunie doesn’t look or act like a First Lady in a Church, but the “New
      First Ladies are First Tramps”. Shaunie always trying to act all high and mighty
      but you were MARRIED to Shauq’s Accountant. Then y’all started sneaking around
      on your HUSBAND. So Shaunie wasn’t innocent in anything, the same way she got
      Shaq was the same way she lost him. Shaunie is nothing short of a whorer and I
      believe she paid that $50K to the Rapper.

      1. 🤫😊I am with you on that pastor Henderson is definitely into men, and Shaunie is not all that she pretends to be she is not a first lady in my eyes, she surely doesn’t seem like she is a happy woman with the pastor her and ho-zada are friends because their just alike ho-zada slept with Shaq and if Shaunie thought that Evelyn was going to admit it to her she’s stupid as h-ll.

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