RHOP Recap: Gizelle Feels a Way About Candiace and Wendy + Karen Calls Mia a Liar

RHOP Season 8 Episode 14
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

During the latest “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Robyn’s Girls’ Trip to the Dominican Republic continues. Gizelle feels some type of way about Candiace and Wendy when she learns they “rolled their eyes,” when Gizelle spoke about her daughter going off to college.

Meanwhile, to lighten the mood, Robyn plans an evening of night golf. The next day, Robyn also sets up a game where the ladies get messy and speak about their sex lives.

Lastly, Ashley opens up to the ladies about why she hasn’t divorced Michael, and Mia and Karen have a back-and-forth when Karen accuses Mia of making up rumors about her marriage to Ray. 

Here’s the recap for, “Sun’s Out, Buns Out.”

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  1. Lemme preface this to be clear that I’m not defending or cosigning ANYTHING ELSE Gizelle does, HOWEVER, if she responded in that samr manner while Wendy was discussing her children it would be a problem. Gizelle is Gizelle however if yall are gonna say kids are off limits then that includes her’s as well.

    1. Wendy and Candiace didn’t do anything to Gizelle’s kids though so why are you pushing that lie? Why are you acting like Gizelle didn’t violate Monique’s child a few seasons ago? Gizelle actually said the child was a product of an affair that never took place. Meanwhile, no one on this cast has ever said anything despicable about Gizelle’s kids. And Robyn didn’t even want to invite Wendy’s kids to her event two seasons ago and Gizelle was fine with that. Candiace and Wendy did nothing but roll their eyes while Gizelle was speaking and I might have done the same since I’m also tired of Gizelle using her children as shields from warranted criticism and a means to not actually have a storyline. Gizelle is not a victim, she is literally the most privileged on that entire cast. You are falling for biased editing and producing.

      1. Thank you! Notice how they never show any flashbacks about the things Robyn and Gizelle do! The production company needs to be fired!

        1. I think the lead producer was just fired from the RHOA production team so maybe we will see changes next season.

    2. So you just decided to ignore the first sentence of statement that I purposefully capitalized expressing no defense of Gizelle’s behavior to write a whole dissertation on what Gizelle has done to others children (which contradicts your accusation of biased editing) as if two wrongs make a right? And I guess when you ignored my opening statement you DEFINITELY ignored me saying it was how Wendy RESPONDED to Gizelle’s CONVERSATION. So YOUR opening statement (which I actually read) is incorrect as I never said Wendy did anything to her daughters. It would seem if anyone is biased in this scenario it would be you. I hope your day gets better sweetheart cause that was a lot before 8am over a strangers opinion of other strangers.

      1. Again, Candiace and Wendy did nothing to Gizelle’s daughter. The fact that you think they did means you have fallen for biased editing and producing. Gizelle and Robyn have actually done bad things to their coworkers kids but you never see any footage from those times right? That is the issue and it’s why production needs to be reprimanded. Gizelle is not a victim.

        1. Miss staying anonymous I sense bias coming from you, why don’t you also talk about Wendy when she snubbed Grace when she was at Gizelle house party and she gave a fake apology at the reunion,be just and look at what they all do wrong, not just Gizelle, stop making excuses for Wendy and Candice because their skin is dark.

  2. It took some time but I’m finally at the point where I really can’t stand Robyn and Gizelle. They accuse people of doing the things they have actually done. Then the producers back them with what they show even when they are lying. I may be done watching completely if this doesn’t stop. It’s so gross.

  3. Are we expected to feel anger on Gizelle’s behalf when she has never given a f-ck about anyone’s marriage or children since RHOP has been a thing? F-ck out of here Bravo. They are really trying it this season. Nobody said a word about Gizelle’s daughters and never will. But we d-mn sure are sick of her using her kids to pretend like she’s a decent human being when she’s far from it.

  4. I cringe every time Gizelle mispronounces Nneka’s name. Then she has the audacity to use that young lady to do her dirty work. My goodness, Gizelle is awful.

  5. Wendy & Candiace are still nasty as He’ll. Don’t like either of them, never will. No kindness in either of them, and as of late, Karen has been very disappointing also.

    1. Wendy and Candiace have never lied about sexual assault, they have never lied about a child’s paternity, they have never harmed marriages, they weren’t married to predators and colonizers, nor have Wendy or Candiace ever caused harm to any child affiliated with this show. The fact that you ignored all of this and choose to dislike the darkest women on the show…yeah, you’re likely a colorist.

      1. You forgot Mia was a stripper, lies as much as she breathes and assaulted Wendy like a circus animal a couple of seasons ago. Like how are the light skinned women on this show escaping the “nasty as h-ll” label besides colorism? It is so blatant.

      2. So are you, and by the way Wendy did disrespect Grace when she was at Gizelles house party, and have made nasty comments about other people’s marriage, Ashley for one, you hate and dislike the lightest women, you’re no better than the person you’re criticizing, Miss Morgan.

        1. Colorism, as defined by Webster Dictionary: prejudice or discrimination especially within a racial or ethnic group favoring people with lighter skin over those with darker skin.

          Nice try but you can’t change the definition of words to shield your colorism, Jude. You are by the definition itself a colorist. And I truly don’t care or value anything you have to say moving forward. You have no power and ultimately, the only people who need to do a better job about the colorism on this show are the network executives and production company. And from what I’ve seen the past week, the shift is finally coming. Gizelle lost her first seat at the reunion, Ashley is on the chopping block for instigating a culture war between Nigerians, Wendy & Candiace did last week’s press run with Andy (Not Gizelle or Robyn), the head producer was fired for his biases, and Essence Magazine has them scrambling. Enjoy the reckoning my love. You’ve already lost and I’m so glad. 😘

    2. Just wrote all that for two women who haven’t been feeling Gizzy nor Juan’ s roommate at All. Colorist is though name.

  6. Wendy and Candice rolled their eyes simply because it was Giselle talking, not about the topic of conversation. Giselle, Robyn, and Mia have lied about the other ladies being cheaters, their husbands cheating, the father of their children, and just everything in between. They have bullied, and assaulted the other ladies, yet we are supposed to be upset when Candice and Wendy for eye rolls when Giselle is speaking NO. Giselle was just hyping Mia to go after Karen and Nneka. Giselle and her followers should remember some of Giselle, Robyn and Mia’s actions.

  7. Did anyone else notice that Mia’s entire back story with Gordon has changed? She was the money with Gordon and not Gordon. The rumor that Karen mentioned that Mia also changed, at first; 1. It didn’t happen. 2nd.It did
    3rd.It was before Gordon. 4th. Gordon knew.
    Mia still hasn’t gotten the point Karen was making they all hear rumors about the others, but you don’t have repeat them, encourage them, you could just be a real friend and leave them wherever you got them from.

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