LHHMIA Recap: Shay Reconciles with Fabo + Marcus Confronts Safaree

LHHMIA Season 5 Episode 20 Recap
Photo Credit: Vh1

On the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” Safaree’s messy dating life has become a problem Marcus and Brooke Valentine can no longer ignore. Brooke’s pajama party was ruined after Eliza Reign’s hookup with Safaree was revealed to Amara. Their friendship is jeopardized because of this, so Brooke and Marcus take action.

Brooke gets Eliza and Amara to hear each other out. However, Safaree feels his image is being tarnished unfairly. So his sit-down with Marcus ends with a bizarre R Kelly impersonation that confuses Marcus.

Plus, a feud brews between Shay and Estelita. And Shay confirms she is back with Fabo despite his past transgressions and her family’s disapproval of him.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Shay you should just accept the fact that you have a brother who loves ❤️ and cares about you. Like you say you grown and can do what you want. I wouldn’t let any man back so easily regardless of how I feel about them 💯. They need to understand that they need to appreciate what they have.

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