Toya Bush-Harris Slams Quad Webb’s Looks + Says She’s Not the Face of ‘Married to Medicine’

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Quad Webb has been clashing with Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris.

Married to Medicine” stars Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb have a very interesting history. In fact, the ups and downs of their friendship have played out on the show. During the recent season, Quad questioned if Toya had anything to do with Anila Sajja’s house being broken into. She also accused Toya of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. However, one of Anila’s former friends alleged that Anila actually made up the cheating rumor herself. And Quad just repeated it. Regardless, Toya felt like Quad crossed the line in a major way. She also accused Quad of having a history of slandering her coworkers after she falls out with them.

Toya also took issue with Quad’s treatment of Eugene. They had a heated moment at last season’s reunion. And Quad had no remorse about coming for Eugene’s masculinity. She has nicknamed him “Eugina.” Quad said the nickname fits because she feels Eugene likes to be in the women’s business a bit too much.

As for Eugene, he feels Quad actually talks about him and Toya a lot. So he has a right to respond to the direct jabs thrown his way by Quad.

It’s too late for Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb to hash things out.

Quad has a different perspective when it comes to her troubled relationship with Toya. While she appeared on Carlos King’s podcast, she said Toya crossed her by allegedly trying to get her fired from the show.

Well, Toya addressed all of this during her appearance on “Reality with The King. She didn’t hold back either. After Carlos asked Toya if there’s any woman on the show she wouldn’t mind joining her and Eugene in the bedroom, Toya said she isn’t attracted to any of the other ladies.

Carlos was shocked by this and mentioned that he believes Quad is a gorgeous woman with a very nice physique.

In response, Toya quipped, “You have not seen her without that makeup.” She continued, “No. That hairline starts at the ear baby, no.”

Carlos was completely caught off guard. He then asked Toya what is the real issue she has with Quad. She answered, “Honestly, I think that over the years, I think I’ve been very nice nasty when it comes to Quad. But I think that I could be nastier. And I think that I’ve held back for quite some time when it comes to her. I think I’ve been quiet as it relates to Quad. And she knows it.”

She added, “But when you start poking at the innocent bystanders like my husband, I think that you poke the bear. And I’m the bear. And I think that it’s getting to a point where I told her, I said, I was very clear. I said either get a man to talk to my man or it really is going to be Quad and I. And we’re just at that place now.”

The first season set up the stage for the current drama.

Toya went on to say that Quad took things way too far during the show’s first season.

“But with me, it started first season. Quad and I, we differed because she said I came for her when it was her and Greg’s (Lunceford) wedding. I made a comment saying I didn’t go to her wedding. Her wedding was called off. To me, that was very minor. You know, your wedding was called off.”

She went on, “But it was right after that she then announced on national television a lie that she said Mariah (Huq) told her. She said that Mariah told her that me and Eugene were drinking and driving with our children in the car. That was a very horrible insinuation and thing to say on national television.”

The situation made Toya want to quit the show back then, “And she had said it on TV first season. We were in a coffee shop. I was shaking. Literally, I wanted to throw that hot tea on her. And I went outside and I was screaming on the phone to Eugene. I was like…and I wanted to quit the show so badly after that. I went into a state of depression after first season.”

“It was like but girl you did not know anything. And you just put that out there having nothing. And this man was a respected physician. He was just starting his career. Really? And from that point on, it just changed the way I looked at her because she became that person that I knew would say anything on TV to hurt somebody,” Toya said.

Quad Webb isn’t the face of “Married to Medicine” according to Toya Bush-Harris.

Toya didn’t think Quad’s actions fit the theme of the show, “And that’s why when people say things like well she’s the face of the show, is she? Because I don’t know if that’s what ‘Married to Medicine’ really was supposed to be about. I know we need drama to make reality TV. But I don’t know if that’s the kind of drama that we want or that’s the kind of drama we perpetuate.

Carlos asked Toya who she thinks the face of the show is if it isn’t Quad. And Toya answered that she and Mariah Huq are.

She also said that someone told her that Quad is allegedly being sued by the married contractor she was accused of sleeping with.

You can check out the full podcast episode here.


  1. Quad does take things way too far. She’s dangerous because she’ll lie about anything. And she never understands the severity of the lies she tells. She definitely isn’t someone I’d ever be friends with.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how Phaedra Parks fit in with the ladies since she’s going to be on the show now….cause she’s supposedly dating a doctor…..Quad does too much to make sure she stays on the show….like at their last reunion…..she almost took over Andy’s job…..

  3. Toya, Mariah, Heavenly, and Jackie have legit arguments of being the face of the show. Mariah created the show and when she was on it, all the focus was on her. Toya has stepped into the spot since Mariah left. Notice how last season was all about Toya. She’s all they talked about, only Heavenly and Contessa had their own storylines separate from Toya. Jackie is the one Bravo cuts all the deals with. Heavenly exceeded Quad in popularity. Quad lost her crown years ago and she’s been frazzled ever since.

  4. Toya is a flip-flopper. She never had Mariah’s back on the show. She refused to acknowledge Mariah created the show but Carlos King politely reminded her Mariah created the show. I did not enjoy the interview due to Toya’s fake laugh. She suddenly wants Mariah back on the show because Simone made up with Heavenly & Jackie while Anila hangs out with Heavenly..

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