RHOP Recap: Gordon Accuses Mia of Cheating + Ashley Blames Candiace for the Club Altercation

RHOP Season 8 Finale Episode 18
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

On tonight’s season finale of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” those involved in the infamous altercation dealt with the aftermath once the cameras finished rolling. Kearny had to be rushed to the hospital after the incident, and some blame Candiace for the altercation. 

In fact, some of the ladies feel Keiarna’s injury falls at Candace’s feet. 

Meanwhile, Gordon accuses Mia of having a 10-year affair with a man he feels fathered Mia’s children.

Here’s the recap for “An Iconic Ending.

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  1. Now we all know Candice is all mouth no fight. Deborah knew that, which is why she confronted Candice about calling her names. Kieanra stepped up to stop the drama and got the worse of it. Candice mouth keeps writing checks her as can’t cash. Karen may have been right about Deborah waiting to start drama and Charisse was right that Candice has responsibility for her comments. Candice has been the source of both fights. Ashley should have thought about who Candice and Deborah are both fire mouths. Poor Gordon played from the beginning. How has Mia supported Gordon when it was his family business and she has been a Housewife for seven years? It hard to keep up Mia’s lies. The boyfriend is claiming that he could be the son’s father, she was doing both the whole marriage. She would have stayed if Gordon had not been kicked out of the business and cut off from the money.

    1. Nah, y’all sound crazy as h-ll acting like Candiace can’t talk sh-t without being assaulted when Robyn, Karen, Mia, Ashley, Monique, Gizelle, Charrisse, Katie, Nneka, Jacqueline, etc. have all talked sh-t and not been assaulted. The truth is most of you can’t take dark skinned women not being ghetto stereotypes. So you justify the violence done to them. The law is clear. You have no right to assault anyone if it ain’t self defense. The court of law doesn’t give a d-mn about name calling. Deborah was wrong and that’s why she will never be on Bravo again.

      1. No one is saying that Candiace can’t talk sh-t. I am saying she talks too much sh-t. Saying that Candiace needs to watch her mouth. Not one who condones violence. However, I understand how it happens. You are saying it is okay for Candiace to behave like a child instead of a grown woman. And once again, that is what she has done and then run and played the victim. Don’t think BRAVO doesn’t see the pattern.

        1. That is exactly what you’re saying and the notion is ridiculous. The whole point of Real Housewives is to throw shade and talk sh-t. This ain’t Zeus. You knew that when you started watching. But you want Candiace to not go low when these women go low and defame people with no remorse. Candiace has said no worse than anybody. Stop your pathetic whining and admit the real problem is your feelings are hurt because Candiace read your favorite and they were too stupid to come up with a witty rebuttal. That ain’t Candiace’s problem. That’s a you problem for taking her words personally. Bravo values Candiace and her reads which is why she left by choice and Bravo will have her back when she’s ready. What else?

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