Gizelle Bryant Blames Wendy Osefo & Candiace Dillard Bassett for Fashion Show Brawl?

Gizelle Bryant RHOP Reunion
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Gizelle Bryant seemingly blames Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Wendy Osefo for Keiarna Stewart getting into with Deborah Williams.

Real Housewives of Potomac” viewers are still processing the second part of the Season 8 reunion. There were controversial moments that played out during the episode. Robyn Dixon admitted she cooled off on Candiace Dillard Bassett due to the colorism conversation surrounding the show. Robyn doesn’t feel the conversation is fair because of her genealogy test. Gizelle Bryant completely dismissed it because she attended an HBCU and pledged a historically black sorority. In response, Wendy Osefo said everyone on the cast “does not have the range” to discuss colorism. When Karen Huger disagreed, Wendy said people weren’t even ready to ask why anyone might feel colorism is at play. This prevents the conversation from being productive.

Well, the drama continues for the group in the final part. In a preview, the ladies seemingly discuss the brawl that occurred at Ashley Darby and Gizelle’s fashion show. As reported, RHOP newbie Keiarna Stewart scrapped with Ashley’s friend Deborah Williams. Deborah isn’t on good terms with Candiace or Wendy. She accused both of their husbands of being flirty with her. However, producers didn’t locate footage to corroborate that.

In the trailer for part three, Gizelle says, “Deborah, Candiace, Wendy…everyone’s responsible.”

Candiace responds, “Wow. Y’all want me to be friends with this?”

Nneka Ihim also has a moment with Wendy as they address their ongoing feud. In the heat of the exchange, Nneka says, “Did you listen carefully, or do you just talk a lot?“

Wendy says, “Oh, are you angry?”


    1. Thank you Queen. The more innocent she acts the more exposed Gizelle is and yes I agree she is evil and obsessed with Candice!
      Everything is Candice’s fault, world hunger, her hang nail, Juan cheating on Robin, Karen’s car accident, Michael leaving Ashley, the reason Andy is gay……. Gizelle the word for today is accountability! Stop being a mean girl and be authentic.

      No evil deed goes unpunished.

      1. I concur. Just let her burn this show down and she does all the relationship so it seems to do. Anger emanates off her and bounces of the screen that energy. She needs to be detox and go back to her Christian roots…..I assume she had some after being a first lady of a huge church on Bmore? She moves under the banner I am the shit….admire and glorify me. It’s exhausting. Her hatred of Candiace is reminiscent of the same level of animosity she displayed against Monique. Heads up Gizzy…..all black girls rock not just you. Take a break. This season has not been a good one for you. Toxicity and pinning the blame and demanding accountability from everyone except stupid Robin…’ve even managed to take her down your foxhole…..pathetic. Just go away.

        1. Christian roots? She was married to a cheater who preaches, doesn’t make her a Christian, her heart is dark.

  1. Y’all love to bash Gizelle. But how we forget how Candiace has called black women roaches and threw a knife at Ashley.

    1. That’s cute but why didn’t you mention Gizelle and Robyn said a dark skinned man looked like he smelled like fried chicken and eats watermelon? Why didn’t you mention Gizelle’s father called a dark skinned woman a mammy? You left out Gizelle referring to a dark skinned man as boy repeatedly and calling Karen’s husband Uncle Ben. Yawn. Y’all gotta stop pretending to be dense because you want to hold on to colorism so badly. It’s loser behavior.

  2. Yes….totally agree with Sunshine. This show is a disgrace to black women. Why can’t there be positivity! Instead once again….angry black women! Once just once I would love to see black women doing great and amazing things….forgive me….that would not be what would garner “great ratings”! Oh well, I’m headed out to encourage and uplift my sisters!!

  3. No one has forgotten Candice calling Ashley a roach or throwing a knife at her, nor have we forgotten how antagonistic she was toward Monique until she got that head knocked. By these points we have seen Giselle and Robyn, be mean, hateful, and disrespectful toward everyone. Giselle has said hateful things to and about all of the women, even Robyn. Giselle has used everything and everyone as an excuse for her very unfirst lady behavior. They will never get beyond colorism until they admit to doing it, even if they are not doing on purpose. Pledging and attending a HBCU means nothing since they experience the same issues.

    1. Miss Trina colorism has nothing to do with a person’s actions, it just a fact that when Gizelle, Robyn or Ashley does something wrong they get ripped apart and Wendy and Candice whenever they do something wrong it forever gets overlooked and then people want to always scream colorism and blame it on Gizelle and Robyn, they are not the ones always talking about colorism, it is the dark skinned women that are always constantly bring this up.

    2. Exactly Trina. Most Bravo fans are racist and anti black so they don’t have the intellect to even discuss colorism in the first place because that would require actually reading books, something they don’t do. Colorism has been an issue for RHOP since day one seeing as black as DC is, first season Charrisse was the only brown girl there. They don’t even like the brown girls and only see them as accessories to use for their bullying. Look how quickly they dumped Candiace and Wendy once Monique left the show. Look how they only use Charrisse to bother Karen. Look how they never forgive the brown girls for what they do but forgive all the light skin women. I’m glad the ratings are bad. Won’t be watching next season.

  4. Giselle was way wrong to blame Wendy for any of that. Wendy acted like an adult, and didn’t indulge negatively with Deborah.

  5. Yes, as stated, this season was very hard to watch. I used to watch these shows hoping for upliftment of watching women rock together and supporting one another, good fun humor and occasional harmless keke. Its hard to find now. Now it’s allegations of assault, sexism, colorism, racism, etc. without the responsibility given to address the ramifications of each topic, real meeting of the minds and solutions that move them forward. Belittling each other is too common and has run its course …time for a new formula for the show or just let these shows go.

  6. Ya know, most of the time these characters prove that money isn’t always the answer. The little chihuahua ( Candace) is always in the midst of stuff. She’s a pot stirrer. Wendy, well draw your own conclusions. I just want to see some Black women loving and respecting each other like we know how to do.

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