Destiny Payton Says Kimmi Scott Isn’t Transparent Enough on LAMH

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Destiny Payton was accused of not sharing enough during her time on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” alum Destiny Payton‘s exit from the show was controversial. This is due to the fact that she was actually called out at the reunion. Carlos King revealed other producers told him that Destiny was hard to work with. Kimmi Scott went on to say that Destiny’s weakness was that she didn’t like to share much about her personal life. This is an issue considering she signed up to be a part of a reality show. So Kimmi tried to help Destiny be more open when they filmed scenes together. However, Destiny still refused to share more. And this really frustrated Kimmi.

Weeks after the reunion aired, Carlos had a lot to say about Kimmi’s bravery on his YouTube channel. He said he was really impressed by how much Kimmi was willing to share regarding her battle with breast cancer. And she singlehandedly was the reason why he will be demanding more from the cast members of his reality shows. He pointed out that Kimmi never refused to film, even on the days that she felt horrible physically. So he wasn’t dealing with the excuses made by other people. It didn’t take long for some LAMH fans to suspect he was referring to Destiny and her time on the show was ending. These fans were correct seeing as Destiny is not on the current season of LAMH.

Destiny Payton had some controversial opinions about Melody Shari and Kimmi Scott during her latest interview.

Interestingly enough, Carlos recently interviewed Destiny. And she told him that she thinks her firing was unfair because other cast members aren’t transparent either. In particular, Kimmi Scott.

Carlos asked, “You think I singled you out and I don’t go hard on other cast members?” Destiny answered, “Absolutely. I was in the hot seat.” Carlos then quipped, “Cause you deserved to be in the hot seat.”

He went on to ask, “Did you feel like Kimmi was hard on you too at the reunion? She made the comment that you don’t share, you don’t give anything, and that it is frustrating.”

And Destiny responded, “I challenge that back to her. Cause realistically, what more do we really know about Kimmi?”

Destiny’s fallout with Melody Shari was also discussed. They are still not on peaceful terms.

Carlos asked, “Where do things stand right now between you and Melody?” Destiny answered, “If I could break this fourth wall, to be honest with you, that relationship was sacrificed for a storyline.”


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  1. I couldn’t even get through this interview. Destiny is such an angry person. The current cast is perfect. Carlos should have left her where she’s at.

  2. What did Destiny sign up for? If anything I believe her divorce shut her up & shut her down. I think it all was a facade with her. Maybe it was certain things she couldn’t disclose on the show or she’d be sued.
    So to me, I think she purposely started stuff to be removed from the show.

  3. I’m not a Destiny hater but she is definitely wrong.
    Kimmi is showing too much of her Toxic relationship.

  4. Kimmi is showing the entire world that she is desperate and her husband doesnt respect her. How much more does she want from the woman. She is also sharing her journey which is more important

  5. Destiny is just bitter. She had nothing to offer the show so, rightfully she’s off the show. She just wanted to take a swipe out Kimmi. We all know Kimmi and Melody are the most transparent ones on the show.

  6. Transparency is one thing, attitude is another!! Some attitudes should be checked at the door! Destiny should come back, just in a smaller role. A couple of them think they are bigger than the show! #ijs

  7. The not sharing enough was just a piece of the problem with Destiny. It was the rude, nasty and aggressive behavior that got her FIRED!!

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