RHOP Highlights: Gordon Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis + Gizelle Gaslights Candiace and Wendy

RHOP Reunion Part 3
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Gordon Reveals bipolar diagnosis.

The final installment of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion began with Gordon’s big reveal. He tells everyone that he was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. Gordon explains that with the diagnosis, he had multiple periods of manic episodes that influenced Mia to divorce him. In fact, Gordon believes that if he had been diagnosed and begun treatment sooner, Mia would’ve never divorced him.

Despite this, Gordon still believes that Mia did cheat on him with INC during the marriage. He doesn’t believe it was throughout the marriage.

Gordon blames outbursts such as taking Mia’s phone and locking her in a room on the disease. Mia also looked after Gordon when he checked himself in the hospital. In fact, Mia tells everyone she will always look after Gordon.

When asked if he’s heartbroken behind it, Gordon replies that he pushed her away.

Lastly, Gordon reveals that he dropped his lawsuit against his siblings for being removed as CEO in their company. He still owns shares within the company along with Mia.

Nneka and Wendy’s controversy is discussed.

Next, Andy discusses the controversy between Nneka and Wendy. He emphasizes that the production did not know about the “shrine call” before filming.

They have a tense conversation about whether Wendy knows each other. Andy says he feels Wendy knew Nneka before they were on the show because they had met a few times.

Nneka revealed that “Married to Medicine” producers contacted her husband to be on their show.

They then bring Ashley into the conversation, who mentions that the controversy was brought up to her before she brought it to Nneka in front of the cameras. Neither Nneka nor Wendy nor their husband wants to discuss it. But Nneka and Wendy continue their tough conversation. Nneka says Wendy tried to ice her out of the group. She also says Wendy should’ve had the same energy for Ashley.

Kieara joins the ladies.

Afterward, Kiearna joins the group as a friend of the show and explains how Wendy brought her into the group. Andy asks a question about Kiearna sharing a room with Wendy, but Wendy says that no one shared a room. Under their breaths, Gizelle and Robyn say they didn’t know that was going to happen.

Meanwhile, Candiace says Gizelle was being strategic in checking on Kiearna. Gizelle scoffs at this claim.

Lastly, they address Wendy calling Mia “slow,” with Mia saying they need to be mindful of buzzwords. Wendy’s “crackhead” was addressed, and Wendy apologized for making that comment.

Ashley’s divorce was addressed. Ashley says she wants to be married again. She also addresses the delay in filing, saying it felt easier to exist with him in the marriage. It’s mentioned that she and Michael were in a toxic place during filming and filed a complaint to expedite the divorce proceedings.

During their conversation, Ashley said she got comfortable with Michael financially caring for her.

They then discuss Ashley and Gizelle’s clothing line, which leads to the infamous incident at their fashion show afterparty.

The altercation was discussed with Gizelle gaslighting Candiace and Wendy.

Gizelle blamed Candiace, Wendy, and “everyone” who was involved. The situation became very gaslighting for Candiace and Wendy. Kiearna explains from her perspective what happened, including Deborah getting into her personal space. Kiearna says she was defending herself after getting hit in the head with a glass, which is why she’s seen throwing punches at Deborah.

Candiace explained her comments and said they occurred after Deborah got into her face. Mia explains that Deborah got into her face and said she squashed her situation. She says that Candiace should’ve taken the high road to avoid this.

As the conversation raged, Gizelle, Mia, Nneka, and Robyn confronted Candiace for her words to Deborah. They feel Candiace’s name-calling escalated the situation to a physical altercation.

Candiace defends her comments, saying she responded to someone going after her.

Ashley apologizes to Kiearna and says she and Deborah are no longer friends.

Kiearna, thanks Karen for supporting her as she was hospitalized for her injuries.

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  1. Prayers for Gordon as he continues his mental health journey. Nneka wanted Wendy to have the same energy for Ashley, who said she was sorry and didn’t know what she was asking Nneka. Nneka was the one who keep pushing the topic with her comments. I agree with Wendy, because I spoke to you at an event, saw you at a couple places does not mean I know you.
    Candice and Deborah were, and are , the only ones responsible for their actions and words. Karen stepped up for Keirna.

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