Falynn Pina Alleges Porsha Williams & Simon Guobadia Were Dating Before RHOA Meetup

Porsha Williams RHOA
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Porsha Williams is returning to RHOA amid her pending divorce.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams is currently going through a messy divorce with Simon Guobadia. While neither has yet to reveal what led to their split, Simon has been clear about his new disdain for Porsha on social media. He’s taken shots at Porsha’s mental health. Simon has also called Porsha out for still living in his home. He sent a cease and desist letter because he doesn’t want her filming RHOA on his property. In response to Simon’s actions, Porsha’s attorney said her client wouldn’t be participating in mudslinging because she’s aiming for a clean end to their union.

Interestingly enough, Simon isn’t the only person with plenty to say about Porsha as of late. His ex-wife Falynn Pina has been talking as well. During an interview, Falynn alleged that Porsha’s ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley told her that Porsha and Simon were messing around while Falynn was filming for RHOA. So Simon and Porsha were allegedly pretending to meet for the first time on the show.

Falynn told Baller Alert,

“That was definitely a ploy because they were already together…they were dating for a year while I was happily married. And that came from Dennis’ mouth.”

She continued, “He came to me, he apologized. We met up at Cru one night. And he wanted to talk to me about business or whatever. But I guess it was bothering him and he apologized for everything. He was like Falynn I thought you knew the whole time they were ******* around, he said all of Atlanta knew.”

Falynn also claimed that Dennis told her that Porsha allegedly said Falynn was fine with her messing around with Simon.

“He was like I’m so sorry, he was like now it makes me look at my baby momma a certain way because she told me the whole time you knew about everything and you were cool with her sleeping with Simon.”

Falynn said she didn’t know Porsha before filming. She told producers Porsha was the cast member she wanted to film her first scene with. She now believes Porsha and Simon already knew each other by this point. And they were allegedly sleeping together for a year while she was clueless.


  1. Porsha isn’t a girls girl so sleeping with married men wouldn’t be a big deal to her. I used to like her a lot but started to notice how mean spirited and selfish she is to her own family members and friends. No substance just pretty. She’ll do anything to get a rich man. I’ve aged out of liking people like that. Falynn should be grateful Simon is out of her life. He’s certainly not a prize. Out of his own mouth he said he cheated on every woman he’s been married to. Then there’s the scamming and fake wealth. Porsha did Falynn a favor.

    1. All of this! Porsha is male identified and gullible! I can’t stand women who don’t care about other women!

      1. I don’t know what I don’t know, but I do know that you should never take the word or words of an embittered EX⁉️

  2. I believe it and thought this was the case when everything first happened. Simon is a self admitted serial cheater. He probably cheated on Porsha too. Marrying him was a huge mistake for Porsha and Falynn.

  3. If Porsha feels she has a good thing then that’s what she’s going to RUN with. She already said that about what she THOUGHT was going to happen with Dennis and look what happened.

  4. Man Bravo really dropped the ball with this because this could have been great TV but they always let Porsha run away from any accountability. Now most don’t care about this situation anymore. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. Falynn keeps talking about Porsha and Simon cheating while they married, but she forgot so was she, Jayden the baby daddy. I understand she is making coins for all these interviews but she is innocent either. None of them are.

    1. That’s the part that kills me. People haven’t like Porsha in a while. Even if Porsha was with Simon (and I’m not ok with cheating in a marriage) but this woman had a whole baby that happened during HER marriage to Simon. She was the one lying and lying saying she didn’t cheat. She looses that “boy”friend and haven’t found her next she hooks up with Dennis for a business venture and talking all over SM about Porsha better be careful about running into her. Dennis got me looking at him sideways because it seems shady and I thought him and Porsha was doing better especially since Pilar is older and shouldn’t see bs between mom and dad. He waits until she’s in the middle of the divorce then all over the place with Falynn. Seems like he been waiting for a lick back and he better be careful because Falynn looking for the next baby daddy and Dennis is a cheater as well. Lol

    2. Exactly. I’m sick of Falyn trying to play victim.
      Pregnant by the help, but wants the light shines on Porsha instead

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