LAMH Fans Speculate Destiny Payton Was Fired Due to Carlos King’s Recent Comments

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Was Destiny Payton fired from LAMH?

People have a lot to say about the current controversies involving Robyn Dixon and the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” As we reported, Robyn recently responded to a woman’s claims of messing around with Juan Dixon up until January 2022. Robyn confirmed that Juan did communicate with the woman. And the situation was something that she and Juan had to really work through. She also mentioned that may have been one of the reasons why it took them so long to remarry. Interestingly enough, Robyn also said she may reveal much more on Patreon. Interestingly enough, RHOP fans have been calling Robyn out for this. And they think it’s unfair that she didn’t share any of this during the current season since Karen Huger accused Juan of having a girlfriend.

Well, another huge fan of RHOP is “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” Executive Producer, Carlos King. He has friendships with both Robyn and Gizelle Bryant. But that did not keep him from calling them out on YouTube. Interestingly enough, his comments made some LAMH fans suspect that Carlos may have fired Destiny Payton from LAMH.

Carlos said, “Couldn’t be me. None of my cast members could ever say that. Forget being on pause, you would be on the unemployment line. Handed a pink slip.”

He continued, “I wish any of my cast members would go on a podcast and say that because I would be like, well you don’t need to be on my show. Stick on your podcast, run up your Patreon subscribers because you ain’t doing this. There’s a reason why there’s certain people that ain’t on my show no more. I don’t play games.”

Carlos said that he’s someone a lot of people want to work with, “I know it’s a privilege to work with Carlos King. That’s why 96 percent of reality women are in my DMs begging me to give them a show.”

During the recent season of LAMH, Destiny was in the hot seat at the reunion. Kimmi Scott admitted that she’s been frustrated with Destiny because she won’t share much about her life on the platform. She’s even tried to get Destiny to open up more when they were filming scenes. However, Destiny chose to remain private. And that doesn’t make sense because Destiny signed up to be a part of a reality show.

Carlos also used the reunion moment to reveal that producers have told him that Destiny is too hard to work with.


  1. I think Destiny should make a move and be done with the show because it has become a mess and she should focus on her brand.

    1. No offense Natalie but what brand does Destiny have? If she was really business minded, she would have used the show to expand her businesses like all the others have. Destiny is lazy and entitled.

      1. You are correct, you have a business and you insult people that visit. Anyone that supports her is crazy unless they are trying to get a shot on tv. She should never have made the cut Carlos, send her packing please, as I am about to quit watching because of her lies and ignorance.

          1. Nah, you’re just full of sh-t. And you think you sound intelligent repeating all of Martell’s dumb a-s talking points. Melody ain’t got sh-t to do with this topic. Remove her cl-toris out of your mouth.

      1. Exactly, keeping confusion with Martell and his ex wife. Messy as h-ll. She should’ve exposed her new man more? Get a job cause she’s not a good business owner.

  2. I doubt she’s been fired. Carlos has some weird kind of loyalty for Destiny because she’s also from his hometown. Detroit I believe.

    1. Yeah I don’t think she was fired either. This is why Carlos needs to hush talking about Robyn and the RHOP girls. He is having the same issue on his own show.

    2. I have t soft spot for Destiny and Kimmy to. I really think Destiny misses her friendship with Mel. I do think Destiny should open up more and show more of the nice person she really is. Kimmy, she is a sweet heart. She trys to be everyone’s friend and be their for all. And I pray Kimmy makes it threw this cancer, and her husband continues to be by her side. Having a strong man truly helps. Positive vibes all.

      1. Destiny is no one’s friend, she’s not even a friend to herself!!! She betrayed Mel, she wants Martel….She’s phony…Tishia, better watch out!

        1. I also feel that Destiny is jealous of Mel and yes, I think she wants Martel. Destiny is very MESSY and so is Tish. Tish has no life, she’s also jealous of Mel. Tish can only run her mouth and run her shoes over. Destiny, should be fired, she brings nothing but glum to the program/show, give her a Pank(Pink) Slip. She’s soooooo messy. She throws a rock and hides her hands.

  3. I believe Destiny’s storyline should be more then just targeting others while keeping her business to herself and targeting others who question her for that. She really wanted to go after Kimmi but knew it would not be allowed. And I was glad Kimmi spoke up. Kimmi keeps it real. Love her.

  4. Destiny brings absolutely nothing to LAMH. She should have been fired the first time she was rude to production. How do you have the audacity to be hard to work with and still expect to stay employed?

  5. I love Destiny. She may have choose not to share so much because no commitment was made & now she said at the reunion . . . she has a patner.

    Destiny is time enough for the smart mouths, down to earth, keeps it real & she is good TV!!!!

    1. Girl what? How is Destiny good TV when her own coworkers (Kimmi) and boss (Carlos) are literally telling you she’s horrible at her job and she doesn’t share anything? Do you lack media literacy? Reality TV literacy? Destiny isn’t good TV because she gives…NOTHING.

  6. I think that Carlos is so messy I think that Destiny was so hurt by what happened with her marriage. If you look back you will see she was asking for help from her so called friend messy Melody who think she’s better than all the ladies carry on!!!

    1. Trash comment and it’s borderline ignorance. Melody was a true friend to Destiny and loaned her money without her even asking. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a dummy who turns on a friend who saw I was sinking and helped me without me needing to ask. Mind you, Melody gave her that money to pay her divorce attorney too. I hold on to people like that. The fact that Melody believed Destiny’s lies about her ex husband and cut him off out of loyalty just for Destiny’s dumb self to completely switch up on her because she didn’t have a storyline means Destiny is the fake friend. And yes, Melody is better than Destiny which is why she wasn’t fired. Of course you like the one person on the show who disrespected Kimmi while she had cancer and was an absolute rude person to producers. You’re the one with the character issue, not Melody.

    2. You don’t like Melody because she’s a gorgeous and confident black woman who is still standing strong after leaving a dog. Imagine liking Destiny, the perpetual liar, backstabber, failure, and entitled person who fails at everything she attempts to do. Couldn’t be me. I stan ambitious women who have the amount of confidence that keeps women like you jealous. Maybe that’s why you like Destiny since she’s the most envious person on the entire cast. Remember when she told Melody she was jealous she had a village to support her as a single mother? Eww! But stay mad, sis! We Melometers are happy we’re not supporting losers in blog comments. Ciao!

      1. “Remember when she told Melody she was jealous she had a village to support her as a single mother? Eww!”

        That was the moment I realized Destiny wasn’t a real friend to Melody. She’s very jealous of Melody and it’s disturbing.

    3. When did Melody say she’s better than all the other ladies? What did Melody do to indicate that she thinks she’s better than the other ladies? I think some of you project your own insecurities on her and it’s weird. So I want you to explain it to me so I won’t assume you’re talking out of your a-s. Maybe I missed something and you can school me?

      1. She can’t school you in anything but lies and delusions. Her comment is another example of my point: Destiny doesn’t actually have any fans, they are just Melody haters. Makes sense since Destiny has nothing to offer besides hating and obsessing over Melody. Kindred spirits and all that I guess.

    4. Oooh baby I see you believe all of Destiny’s lies. I pity you. Destiny isn’t the good guy in that divorce. She’s lucky La’Berrick has enough class to not tell the truth about Destiny. She slandered him a lot.

    5. Let’s not forget that Destiny did not even share that she was going through a divorce with her “good friend.”

    6. I fell out with Destiny the night of Mel big night.. taking Mel from her guest to talk about how she doesn’t have a village… wrong place wrong time!

  7. Melody has nothing to do with this post. If Destiny was fired, it’s because she didn’t want to do the job she was paid to do for the last 3 seasons. Can’t blame Carlos for that. Maybe Destiny should have focused less on Melody and more on showing her actual life on the show she’s paid to be transparent on. But stay salty Destiny fans! Y’all had a chance to make the boring person you said you like so much a success but her store and so called businesses are still failing and now she may be unemployed by OWN. My advice, focus less on Melody and more on the faves you claim to like more. They could really use your support!

  8. I started to think Destiny was fired after I watched that last interview Carlos did with Richie Skye. Richie asked him if we were going to see more of Destiny’s life next season and Carlos’ answer was well…yeah. It didn’t seem like she was coming back but we’ll see soon enough, won’t we?

  9. I hope she’s gone. She adds nothing to the show and the Holts and Scotts shouldn’t have to keep carrying her.

  10. People assume so much. He could have easily been referring to Mel. Her stands can’t seem to digest it but. The things he’s saying in my opinion, seems like he’s speaking to Mel’s behavior the last season.

    1. The correct word is “stans” and no one is assuming anything here but you. If you actually watched Carlos’ YouTube video before running on here to hate on Melody, he specifically said Melody, Martell, and the Scotts are the only ones who bared everything and did their jobs last season. It was Destiny specifically Carlos and Kimmi confronted at the reunion for being too private and being rude to producers. Don’t slander Melody because you have a jealous spirit you haven’t worked on. Seems like Destiny doesn’t have any actual supporters, y’all are just Melody haters. And that’s why Destiny continues to struggle. Congrats on making Melody the star of the show with your weird obsession though.

      1. Exactly. I love how bothered Melody keeps these people. They can’t do anything but lie on her because they have nothing else. LOL.

    2. And what show are you watching because it for d-mn sure ain’t Love & Marriage Huntsville. Hate or love Melody but one thing she always does is show her life on the show and she ain’t never had the audacity to be disrespectful to her bosses. Mel’s work ethic is insane too. Her momma raised her better than that. But Destiny, baby girl has a nasty attitude with everybody and she’s very lazy. She received more grace from Carlos than she ever deserved.

  11. If Destiny was fired, it won’t change much and we’ll barely notice because she brings nothing to the show and never did. F-ck her honestly. She’s lazy and her scenes are a bore to watch. I wanted to slap her when she was rude to Kimmi. Marsau had to remind her not to go there like she forgot Kimmi has cancer. Destiny sucks.

    1. You need anger management this is a reality show, not that serious.

      And your poor English and language use defines your self -value.

  12. Good. Now we can just focus on the cast members who are actually honest and transparent. Looking forward to seeing more of Stormi and her hubs, Martell and Sheree, Melody and her boyfriend and businesses, Marsau and Latisha’s business endeavors, Kimmi and Maurice overcoming cancer, and Tiffany and Louis having a baby. Bye Destiny!

  13. Being from the same town doesn’t negate the fact that Destiny is a mean- spirited problem for this show. She has no filter on her aggression. Carlos is a well-known producer and I doubt if being from the same town (if so) would be a great enough ally to cause doom for his show. She needs to go, if she’s not gone already.

  14. I won’t miss her if she was fired. Destiny is literally going through some stuff with her ex husband that would make excellent TV but she refuses to talk about it. So she shouldn’t be on the show anymore.

    1. She sabotages herself because she’s an idiot. I think she may give Martell a run for his money and be even dumber than he is.

  15. The same 6 people have been carrying this show since season 1 (Marsau, Mel, Tisha, Kimmi, Martell, and Maurice). Destiny just doesn’t fit. And she’s always aggressive so her scenes are cringe. This is the right call if true.

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