OWN Releases Preview That Shows What Led to LaTisha Scott & Nell Fletcher’s LAMH Blowup

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LaTisha Scott and Nell Fletcher will clash again on the upcoming episode of LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars LaTisha Scott and Nell Fletcher have bumped heads in the past. However, things really get tense between them during the upcoming episode. Fans probably recall that the issue between the ladies began after LaTisha asked Nell if she dealt with cheating in her marriage to Chris Fletcher. While Nell answered the question and confirmed Chris cheated in the past, she felt like the question came out of nowhere. As for LaTisha, she figured the question was appropriate since she was getting to know Nell and Chris. On the next episode, LaTisha offends Nell yet again with her choice of words.

In a preview, Nell and the other ladies hang out with LAMH newbie Latricia.

LaTisha says, “Well, Latricia we’re happy to have you hanging out more. These girls are feisty and…”

Nell responds, “I think everybody can be feisty.”

LaTisha then adds, “Especially Nell because they give you **** all the time. But you know what at the end of the day, y’all make us better.”

Nell asks LaTisha, “Why would you say that?”

LaTisha continues, “And she’s a mentor as well.”

After Melody Shari Rodgers agrees that Nell is a mentor, Nell returns to her original point.

She asks LaTisha, “But why would you say I’m feisty?”

LaTisha answers, “Cause you’re feisty.”

Nell flips it back to LaTisha, “You don’t think you’re feisty?”

LaTisha replies, “No, I do not.”

Melody disagrees, “That’s feisty what you’re doing right now.”

Nell is on the same page as Melody, “Yeah, exactly. The **** you said.”

The preview shows the calm before the storm. This conversation eventually turned into a confrontation in the supertrailer for the new episodes released weeks ago. Nell snapped and didn’t even want LaTisha to touch her.


  1. I really don’t care.

    I’m not sure what needs to happen but Realty TV is turning me off. Can you put something more meaningful on TV.

  2. Tisha is nerve wrecking a total Nutt trying to be someone she’s not , Marsau remodeled their home because she will never get one built on the land and now she thinks she’s tough , Girl sit your worly bird 🐦 arse down somewhere

  3. All of the Scotts are beginning to appear messy, even Kimmie, and she used to be the more reasonable one. Instead of attending Nell’s party focusing on celebrating, they started asking Nell’s kids about the situation with the daughter that is estranged. It was not the time or the place nor any of their business. They should have asked Nell or Chris at another time if they felt it was. Latisha was trying to act like she was so bad trying to pump up her chest up to Stormy and Nell but if something had jumped off, her mother, Wanda, would try to come to her defense as if she was a toddler. That liquor had her acting like a complete idiot.

    1. I agree. Kimmie definitely is getting messy. They ask tbe most inappropriate questions. Just nosey. The new couple just give up all their tea. They never asked why are you all asking so many questions about our lives. All of them need to get it together especially their marriages. I wish they woukd get back to business 😕

  4. Tisha has been out of pocket. She is extremely judgemental living in her glass house not wanting anyone to throw stones. This season and last, she is letting her roots show. You can see the DNA of her mom and Kiki coming out even though she has tried to disguise it for a long time. The way Marsau treats her, she has no room to talk about any one’s relationship. And she is packing on the pounds again. Her stylists should be more tasteful in handling her extra baggage so her weight gain isn’t so obvious. If she wants to look as sexy as Melody, Stormie, Kimmie, Destiny, and even Ms. Nell, who looks amazing, she either needs to put in the work, or adjust her wardrobe. She is really looking like her clothes are too small and is showing too much flesh, in an unattractive way this season. She looking good a while back, but she must be doing some nervous eating worrying about her happy, nearly perfect marriage, husband, sex life, and home life! Sorry Tisha, you’ve become that gnat that is just annoying and keeps hanging around. The woman would do much better without your energy as the show would do better without Martell’s adult mama’s boy energy! It is so annoying. I think
    a lot of viewers are over it!

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