Royce Reed Returns to BBWLA?

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Royce Reed has reportedly returned to “Basketball Wives” in some capacity?

Basketball Wives” has lost a lot of steam. Ratings have been on a steady decline as well. Some believe the departures of Tami Roman and Malaysia Pargo may have been didn’t help. Others believe the majority of viewers walked away because they didn’t like how things unfolded with OG. OG believed she was treated unfairly due to colorism. She also called Evelyn Lozada a racist for using a laughing monkey emoji on Instagram during their feud. OG wasn’t the first to take this stance. Cece Scott called Evelyn racist because she referred to Cece as “Ling Ling” during an argument. After Evelyn announced she was leaving the show, OG was fired. Evelyn has returned since the controversial season.

Well, the new season of BBW premieres in July. According to social media posts, it seems as if most of the cast will be at odds with Jackie Christie. Evelyn and Brooke Bailey appear to be the most passionate about disliking Jackie. Interestingly enough, Brandi Maxiell is back. She clashed with Malaysia the last time she was on the show. Malaysia blamed her tension with Brandi and accusations made by Jennifer Williams for being the major reasons she quit the show. She moved on to Carlos King’s “Bold & Bougie.”

While some fan favorites have left “Basketball Wives,” the Jasmine Brand is reporting that a couple of familiar faces are returning in some capacity this upcoming season. According to the publication, Royce Reed and Laura Govan are back. It is unclear what their storylines will be and whether or not they will have full-time roles.

Royce had previously been in the headlines for her messy co-parenting relationship with Dwight Howard and controversial legal issues. She was arrested a couple of years ago and charged with child neglect. The son she shares with Dwight isn’t supposed to have any contact with children at least two years younger due to a previous situation. However, he violated that rule while he was under Royce’s roof, so she had to turn herself in. According to the court documents, Royce’s son had an inappropriate s*xual interaction with the younger child of a man Royce was dating at the time. And he forced the younger child to touch his privates.

Royce pleaded not guilty and eventually agreed to do community service to avoid jail time.


  1. Let’s see how fake Evelyn and Jennifer is if Royce is back because both of them were getting into it with her when she left or was fired. I know it’s been some time but they were Mean Girl personified towards her Tami was the only one who was still on good terms with her.

  2. I think it’s evil that Royce knew their son had a history of abusing other children and she still offered her ex boyfriend’s sons up to him on a platter. Then she played victim in the Carlos interview. She’s something else and it’s disturbing.

  3. Oh oh wow 👌. I was EXCITED for Royces return but hearing all this maybe it was best she stayed where she was. Let’s see how this season plays out

  4. Royce had so much to say about Evelyn’s racism and colorism but she’s done a lot of evil too. I can’t stand hypocrites. I’d probably hate her forever if I was the ex boyfriend. She didn’t even feel the need to keep his kids safe from her son. She sucks for that.

  5. I wanted Royce back for years to get Evelyn together but I’m good on her now. If she was a man, she would’ve been cancelled. What she allowed her son to do is despicable. She’s no better than Dwight. They failed their son.

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