Hair Care: The Big Chop or Transition?

Find the best method to begin your natural journey.

By: Amanda Anderson

So your mind’s made up. You have finally decided that it is time to give up the creamy crack and sport your natural curls. You have had a real boost in courage and you know that without a doubt that natural hair is the best alternative for you. The only problem you have now is trying to decide which pathway to natural is the best for you. And when it comes to forsaking the relaxers, there are only two real ways to do it: the Big Chop (BC) or transition. Here are pros and cons for both methods.

A lot of sisters opt for the Big Chop.

The reason why this method is so popular is because it does not require a long process of transitioning. You simply wait a month or two and cut out all of the relaxed pieces of your hair.

Some women who have chosen this route say that this method is the most liberating. A lot of women say that they feel absolutely beautiful after cutting out all of their relaxed hair.

When one chooses to undergo the Big Chop, they will have to sport a short afro for a year or so depending on how fast your hair usually grows. One of the most popular styles I have seen ladies do while rocking a short afro is to define their curls. The curly afro is one of the cutest styles of new natural beauties.

While there are many pros to the BC, there are also some disadvantages. With the Big Chop, you have to be sure that you are ready to wear a short afro. There have been some sisters who were not ready for the short fro, but decided to do a BC anyhow. This resulted in an emotional toll and this also creates a difficult process for newbies to get adjusted to wearing their natural hair.

Do not get a Big Chop unless you are ready to wear a very tiny fro. While the style is beautiful, only take this route if you are confident that you are ready to make the big change.

The other method that you can take is to go through the Transition process. In this process, you will allow your natural hair to grow in slowly while maintaining your relaxed hair. During this process, your hair will be very sensitive and it will require a lot of care.

While transitioning, you will refrain from getting relaxers and straightening your hair. Contrary to belief, it is not smart to straighten your hair while you go through the transition. By straightening your hair during this process, you could permanently damage your curl patterns. You must also keep your ends clipped and keep heat away from your hair.

The cons of this method have to be the difficulty it takes to find a hairstyle that will blend your natural and relaxed hair. You must also find a style that will protect your natural hair as it continues to grow.

Some protective styles include roller sets, straw sets, braids, twists, and weaves. However, braids and weaves can cause damage and strain new growth.

The better of these protective styles is the roller set, as the straw set is way too time consuming.

Be sure to consider each method and choose the method that works best for you.

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