Arm Candy: B. Makowsky Handbags (Spring 2010 Collection)

Editor’s picks from the B. Makowsky Spring 2010 handbag collection.

By: Amanda Anderson

What woman doesn’t have a serious handbag addiction? I’m a fashion lover with a weakness for great handbags, and I just love designers that take the time to create quality handbags. I love my bags big, dramatic, and I am all about the accents. One of the hottest trends in handbags is color. Women everywhere are forsaking the traditional black and brown bags, and choosing bags in all different tones and sizes. The more dramatic, the better. And fashion designer B. Makowsky gets that.

Makowsky, like the legendary Coco Chanel, makes the perfect use out of pockets when creating his fabulous handbags. He may be a little new to the scene, but Makowsky creates the type of pieces that make you have to take a second look.

Here are some of my favorite bags from Makowsky:

B. Makowsky Pyramid Stud Leather Satchel

Just in time for the spring, this leather satchel is studded and simply perfect for daytime and evening wear. My favorite part of its design is how perfectly gathered the front of the bag is. The angled vertical zip pockets add the most stylish touch. This bag is $278.00 at Nordstrom’s. Get it here.

B. Makowsky ‘Ripley’ Gathered Flap Satchel

This glamorous hobo is far from average. Make a statement with the oversized rings and slouchy leather. The gathering of the sides make this bag chic, and it is a bag that is perfect for all day wear. This bag is $268.00. Get it here.

B. Makowsky ‘Soft Pleat – Medium’ Leather Satchel

Soft pleats and curved seams make this bag an excellent pick. It is best for day wear. The price is $258.00 and you can get it here.

B. Makowsky Pyramid Stud Leather Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are definitely back in this season, so what better way to step into this trend than with this lovely B. Makowsky bag? The front pocket is an absolutely adorable addition to the bag. It is $138.00 and you can get it here.

Well there you have my favorite picks of the B. Makowsky Spring 2010 handbag collection. He’s an excellent designer, and I have a feeling fashion journalists will still be gushing over his bags for many years to come.

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