Wedding Season: What to Wear to Those Pesky Summer Weddings

What to wear to Summer weddings.

By: Amanda Anderson

It is that time of the year…Summer Wedding Madness. If you’re the fashionable social butterfly I’m sure you are, you’ll have a long list of weddings to attend this season. You’ll have such a thick stack of wedding invitations, that you’ll begin to ponder why the hell you aren’t shoving those ridiculous wedding invitations down the throat of some other highly annoyed single woman. Seriously…what’s not to love (or marry) right?

While the path of a single woman may be full of fabulous fashion, stilettos fit for Carrie Bradshaw herself, and designers to die for; when it comes to Summer weddings, most belles won’t have a clue of what to wear. This in no way, shape, or form means you are one of the unfashionably challenged, it just means that you are like most people when it comes to weddings…exhausted and pretty much over it.

Before you write off the wedding and decide to instead call up your single girlfriends and make the city pay for all those painful weddings you had to attend, here are few ideas on what to wear to all those undesirable Summer weddings you’d rather skip all together.

The Informal Daytime Weddings

Brighton pleated silk-chiffon dress
By: Diana von Furstenberg

In the hot months of summer, a lot of weddings will be informal and held outside in the warmer months. A short dress will be a great choice for those who are feeling a little more stylish, while a skirt suit is perfect for the more conservative belles.

The Informal Evening Weddings

Angular-shouldered crepe dress
By Alexander McQueen

These are the perfect weddings to pull out your favorite cocktail dress. You can go the classic little black dress route, and keep it simple on the accessories; or you can be a little more fashionista and stay true to the trends with a beautiful floral print.

Semi Formal Daytime Weddings

Crepe-jersey draped dress
By: Julien Macdonald

A short dress will be your best option for a semi formal daytime wedding. Keep it classy of course, and make sure you know the difference between club wear and wedding appropriate garments. Most likely, if you could wear your dress to the club, you probably shouldn’t wear it to a wedding.

Semi Formal Evening Weddings

Dedra embellished jersey dress
By: Armand Basi

A classic style cocktail dress is the perfect choice for semi formal evening weddings. Don’t forget to include a string of pearls to stay true to formal style.

Formal Evening or Black Tie Weddings

Silk-crepe asymmetric gown
By: Issa

It’s all about the glam with black tie or formal evening weddings. Longer cocktail dresses work best, and they will have to be on the more dressy side of style. Shorter cocktail dresses are still appropriate, but they’ll need the right touch of glam to get a pass. Shorter cocktail dresses with beading or paired with glamorous accessories will make you one of the most fashionable guests of the evening.

Ultra Formal or White Tie Weddings

Ruffled silk gown
By: Valentino

Pull out your favorite long gowns and don’t be afraid to spice it up with flashy accessories such as a little fur and dramatic jewelry.

I mean if you are going to be tortured with a summer full of weddings, you might as well look fabulous while you suffer.

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