Fall 2010 Runway Report: The Hottest Fashion Trends Spotted on the Runway

Alexa Chung Fall 2010
By: Amanda Anderson

Fall may not have officially arrived, but every smart fashionista knows it’s imperative to get a glimpse of some of the most eccentric collections from the top fashion designers before the season gets here. Great intuition will help you distinguish what pieces to include in your wardrobe, but most importantly, runway watching can also spark your own innovation and bring the best out of your style.

Fashion Week included a large variety of trends, some classic and some new, but all in all, mixing and matching is essential to just about any outfit. Rather it’s a love affair with leather, bright colored leggings and skinny jeans, masculine chic blazers, or capes to die for; there’s truly something for everyone, if you’re willing take a couple fashion risks.

Here are the top Fall 2010 fashion trends straight from the runways.


Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2010
Ralph Lauren Fall 2010

I’ll admit, I’ve never been big on velvet, but if done right, velvet can be one of the most stylish fabrics you’ve ever seen hit the runway. And in this case, every hint of velvet during fashion week made me feel as if this look should work more than fail.

Capes and Ponchos

United Bamboo Fall 2010

Sure capes and ponchos were a big deal last fall and winter, but they’re back, and it’s only because they are so damn fabulous. Capes give a classic twist to mundane outerwear, while ponchos were major on the fashion scene a few years ago.

Big Pants

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2010

When it comes to fashion, bigger is always better. And when it comes to the pant, there isn’t a more captivating look than those big beautiful pants. Paired with the right stiletto, this has to be one of the best looks to hit the runway in a very long time.

Mixture of Patterns

Missoni Fall 2010

Contrary to the book of fashion rules, mixing patterns won’t ruin an outfit, but actually give it a little life. When Sarah Jessica Parker splashed on the scene in the sequel to the successful film adaption of Sex And The City brilliantly mixing patterns and high-end designer labels, no fashionista could resist the urge to follow Carrie Bradshaw herself, and re-create a look that is wrong in theory, but perfect in practice. You’ll need quite a bit of fearlessness, but this is a look that is simply captivating and proof that great fashion involves breaking a few rules.


A little masculine but plenty chic, will be the look for any woman willing to forsake the traditional for a touch of modern day fashion. A little masculinity works well for those willing to look to blazers to complete an outfit, but balance is key in this look. Great accessories will keep you feminine, and add a bit of classic to on overall ode to tasteful men’s fashion.

Colorful Skinny Pants and Leggings

Skinny pants and leggings are still fashion must haves, but it’s all about the color and attitude at this point in fashion. Go bright and go bold, and don’t be afraid to mix and match your tones to stand out amongst the department store clones.

Pleated Skirt

Probably the more sexy of the fall fashion trends, the pleated skirt is the perfect blend of sexy and goth. Great boots and dramatic statement jewelry will create a runway look you’ll love.

Art Inspired Pants

Designs similar to graffiti like images will make a plain pair of pants into runway chic. Solid tops are best to avoid overdoing such a dramatic trend.

Lots of Leather

Hermes Fall 2010

Expect plenty of leather from head to toe, as leather dresses, skirts, tops, and even pants will be combined more so than worn as separate pieces.

Belted Outerwear

Traditional outerwear garments such as cloaks, coats, and light jackets are a staple in fall fashion. But they will more times than not be paired with hearty waist line belts. If you don’t want to buy another coat, just find a great belt that you can mix and match with all of your outwear pieces.

While there were many fashion trends spotted during New York Fashion Week, these will be amongst the most popular. Find the trends that work best for you, and select pieces that compliment your body type.

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