Queen B Attack: Foxy Brown Set To Release Lil’ Kim Diss Record

By: Taren Vaughan

Okay folks, so we all have been well aware of the constant diss fest that was been going on targeted at Rapper Nicki Minaj, with the obvious ring leader being Lil’ Kim. But supposedly, Kim is about to be in the same boat with Nicki as one female emcee is on the verge of going in on her…again. Rapper Foxy Brown, who has been M.I.A. for the past few years now, has decided that she wants to join in on the fun and put out her own diss record. And it’s directed towards Lil’ Kim.

Now where did you come from Foxy? We thought you were somewhere chillin’, laying low. Furthermore, I could have sworn the beef between her and Kim was squashed, over and done with a minute ago. Apparently, this urge for Foxy Brown to revisit the past did not come out of nowhere. She got the motivation to release the track after hearing a certain verse of “Black Friday” that set her off:

“This the sh*t the other b*tch almost got killed for”

Hmm, sounds like she could be talking about Fox Boogie. After all, she was the only other notable female emcee that has openly went head to head with the Lil’ Kim that most of us remember, or better yet, cared about. Foxy Brown has probably been trying to find a way to creep back onto the music scene. And she has possibly found her way to do so. She may even take it a step further and hook up with Nicki Minaj on a song; wouldn’t be too shocking if that went down.

So who will be next? Will we see Trina or Jacki-O try to bring life back to their past beef with Khia? This could even re-trigger some old battles that went down between some male emcees as well. Who wouldn’t like to witness another round of Jay-Z and Nas going in on each other? At this rate, we could see almost anybody get into an all out brawl on wax. The year of the diss records is upon us. I can see it now.

Foxy Brown’s diss record is set to be released on Christmas Eve. We’ll see if she still has it soon enough.

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