Samuel L. Jackson Gets Nasty With ‘Avengers’ Critic And Disses Fan?


Twitter continues to make celebrities look ridiculous, and a publicist’s job that much harder.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Samuel L. Jackson has to be one of the hardest working black actors in the business. Jackson continues to get roles in undeniable blockbuster films, and it’s clear that his fan base is partly responsible for the success he’s had for many years doing movies. He should be celebrating the most recent success of Marvel’s much anticipated Avengers film, which easily topped the box office opening weekend; but unfortunately, he was busy kicking Twitter ass for the one negative review he received amass the hundred of glowing reviews the film has already garnered from critics.

When New York Times critic AO Scott criticized the film and Jackson for “lack luster” appearances, Sam went in…hard:



As much as I appreciate Jackson as an actor, the response shouldn’t have happened. Yes, celebrities have a right to voice opinions, but film critics these days are pretty much useless. They don’t keep people from seeing movies. Besides, AO Scott most likely saw the negative review as a way to get a little publicity. Writers have no problem penning bad reviews to gain traction amongst a whole internet of positive reviews.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Sam also took a moment go in on a fan who felt the Avengers star had purposely dissed him at the Avengers premiere:


I vote that all celebrities get off Twitter immediately.


  1. I love Sam Jackson. The movie was awesome and most likely the bad review was out of hate or attention whoring. Glad he lets ole boy have it. It was surely one of the better Marvel movies for sure.

  2. This is hilarious. Look the movie was good, so good I’ve seen it twice already. Been a while since I’ve enjoyed a movie this much. So I can see why Sam went in, he knew that critic was on some bs. He has a reputation in the industry for being outspoken, so none of this is surprising. And as far as the fan goes, celebs don’t always feel like signing autographs. People have to remember that these people are humans too.

  3. Sam is wrong! That was tacky and yes celebs owe their fans for their success. He should have gotten over himself and signed the autograph too. I’m tired of these rude ass celebrities.

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